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Gran Turismo 5: Pre-Order of PS3’s GT5 and Release Upset

Earlier today we revealed yet another delay for Gran Turismo 5 which is very frustrating to those of you have already pre-ordered your copy, therefore we thought we would see what our readers thought of the delay.

Obviously as Gran Turismo 5 has been a long time in the making and there are a lot of loyal fans out there who will buy the game no matter what, however I’m wondering if anyone has had enough of the delays and has now decided to cancel their pre-order.

I managed to get some hands-on time with Gran Turismo 5 at the Eurogamer Expo 2010 and it played well without any frame-rate issues, however in my opinion the 3D wasn’t as good as I would have expected, perhaps this is one aspect of the game developers are unhappy with.

Obviously Polyphony Digital will know when the game is ready and whilst a delay is frustrating for consumers, it is ultimately a good thing in the long run, as I would prefer a bug free release than an unfinished one.

Has this delay caused you to cancel your GT5 pre-order?


  • Marky187

    I pre ordered mine on 17th of november and I STILL haven’t received it needless to say I won’t be ordering anything else from!

  • Cliff

    I have been waiting for GT5 to be released. I pre ordered it 3 weeks ago and then I just found out that it is delayed again. I will not cancel the order but I am disappointed. Anyways, my thought is that Sony should do something for the people who pre ordered. Sure, we get 2 cars from getting it at Gamestop or wherever but after multiple delays they should do something to say, "Thanks for sticking around and having faith in us and our product".

    That's just my thought.

  • Jason

    I purposely forgot about it untill last week when I pre ordered it hearing tha Nov 1 was that date. This sucks cause now it's on my minda again. I will keep it though. My PS3 has been in storage for a year waiting on this game. Hung it up after I beat Fallout 3

  • Redline_Me

    GT5 is the reason i bought a PS3 and i have waited this long for it. I am very bummed by the news, i was really looking forward to letting COD collect some dust. I have it on pre-order and it will stay that way until the day it comes out, be it this year or in 2 years.

    BTW it will destroy Forza when it comes out and will continue to do so even when Forza has new releases.

  • CapableMetal

    I pre-ordered it for the first time back in February when it was slated for a March release date, which was pushed back to September shortly afterwards. On the one hand it is incredibly frustrating but at the same time I found an amazing deal on GT5 and a Logitech G27, both for insanely reduced prices (£225 for a £50 game and a £250 wheel!). I wouldn't have found that if they hadn't delayed it!

  • Sorny

    With the way this has been going we'll all have PS5's and when they release the PS3 version of this game we'll have to wait until the conversion to holograms is complete before we can play it on our new systems.

  • PermanentlyAngry

    I am actually looking forward to the reboot of NFS way more any way, this delay just helped me realise that. You know what I wish I felt angry or even had kept the faith, but really Yamauchi is a joke. He's been indulged by the big wigs at Sony far too often, one man doesn't make a game, and despite what people think and say, he's not a perfectionist, he's a coward, he knows there's much better competition out there now and he's not willing to put himself up against the competition, simple, as, that. I've played GT5 at the Beta room event in Birmingham UK and truth be told, it was average at best and the 3D was no where near as polished as KZ3 or Motorstorm Apocalypes at the same event. Bothered? Nope.

  • PermanentlyAngry

    Yes I had GT5 on pre-order and no I don't have it on pre-order anymore. Reason is because I'm angry, you know what Sony would be happier if I was. Fact is I realised, after hearing the news that the most delayed non-event in the history of gaming is yet again to be delayed even more, that I just didn't care anymore. I'm just not hyped for it. I popped Forza into my 360 and actually had fun with a game somebody decided to release. Sad thing is for Sony I found many more people playing Forza 3 online who felt exactly the same way. Its not that the brand is tarnised its just that we don't care anymore.

  • marhorn

    Waited too long! Forza is now the king of racers!! Viva la Forza!

  • chuck

    Was a huge gran turismo fan… had all previous series. Just cancelled my order. I may get it later on, maybe not… kind of don't care as much anymore. whatever.

  • Nolin

    I cancelled my order just a few hours ago. Lost my interest.

    • luca

      your crazy!!!!!!!!!!

    • James

      You can't have been very interested in the first place.

    • Rasta

      Really? You lost interest cause it might be another month to play the game? I was about to pre-order it this week, and I still will once I hear a new release date, but that just sounds petty if you actually lost interest. Ya can't be serious dude, either you never had interest or you're just very fickle, and if you waited this long for the game to come out, what's another month or so?

      • guest

        novenber 24 is official release date the countdown is running u better be there on wednesday to pick it up

  • To tell you the truth I don't follow games or systems day by day anymore. Back in the day when you heard about a game or system getting released you expected it to be perfect and work flawlessly. This day in age, you buy a system or a game and you can't expect anything anymore. After 6. . . Yes, no joke, 8 XBOX360's (hardware failure) and 2 PS3's (hardware failure) I have given up on the thought of a company releasing something they know won't be a failure. I am so happy to hear they would delay GT5 for the sheer fact that they MAY want it to be perfect. You can polish a turd. . . but in the end it's still $ H ! T.

    P.S – I have a GT5 pre-order (won't canel)

  • fuckyoutup


  • Mike

    No biggy, as long as it's out before Christmas I'll be happy. We've waited this long, what's another month or two. As long as the developers are happy with the final product, we have to remember that they are the experts. It's easy for someone who hasn't dedicated a crap load of their time and money on a project to pick it apart.
    Gives us more time to tweak our sim racers and get them ready for the day GT5 finally releases.


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