Google Invests In Wind Power: What Next?

By Peter Chubb - Oct 13, 2010

With the recent news that Google is to invest in wind power, we cannot help but notice how the company that first started off as a search engine is now moving into hardware. It is no secret that Google aims to increase its portfolio, and not just in social media – which it seems to be having trouble with.

This has certainly been a busy time for Google, the past week alone we have learned of several projects that they are involved in. We know that they have been working on getting their Google TV off the ground, and the recent announcement of the Logitech Revue and the four Sony Internet TVs certainly shows their commitment to this program.

One of the strangest projects that Google has been involved in is a driverless car. Their aim is to have a car that is able to drive without the need of any input from a driver, more details on this can be found in our recent article.

These are just a few things that Google is involved in, and we expect that there are many more that we do not know about. We wonder what is next from the search engine giant – although we might have to stop calling them that soon?

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