Criminals Target Facebook: Status Updates Help Robbers

By Jamie Pert - Oct 13, 2010

A recent blog post on iClimber looks into how Facebook status updates could perhaps be used by criminals to plan robberies, this is even more of a concern now thanks to Facebook Places.

In iClimber’s article they mention robbery suspects who may have targeted 50 potential victims because of their updates on Facebook, obviously Facebook privacy settings can hide information from certain people, however you never know if all of your Facebook friends can really be trusted.

A few days ago I went on a weekend break with my partner and we both announced this on Facebook, collectively we have over 1100 Facebook friends, however a lot of these are people we no-longer see or know all that well, which means there are potentially a few hundred people who knew that our house would be an easy target for the weekend.

The thing you must remember is if a friend comments on your status their friends can see it, which obviously means that this information could get into the wrong hands pretty easily, obviously you can’t live your life not talking about holidays and trips etc (on Facebook or in normal conversation), however perhaps think twice about your Facebook status next time.

We would love to hear your comments on this article, will you think about your Facebook status next time you go away? Or will you just ignore this advice? Has your Facebook got you in trouble?

Source: iClimber

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  • Why would you tell the world that you are going to be away from your home for (whatever) days? This is one of the worst scenarios you can get! If tyou don't know every last one of your facebook frientd, what would you do?? Do you leave the key under the doormat? Give me a break, how stupid can you get??"

  • nurse

    I think about this all the time. THis is why I didn't post about my trip to Europe till I got home. In our area the teams come in and have a party.