CDMA iPhone for India: Hope for Verizon

By Peter Chubb - Oct 13, 2010

Whenever we hear rumors of a CDMA iPhone we automatically think of Verizon Wireless, but have you stopped to consider other carriers? The reason I say this is because two wireless operators in India are reportedly in talks with Apple to supply a code division multiple access version of the smartphone to their customers.

The two carriers are Reliance Communications and Tata Teleservices, which as we know use CDMA technology. There could be a certain amount of truth to this rumor, as it is thought that handsets of this type have already started production.

According to WSJ – who has been covering news on the possible Verizon iPhone – people close to the negotiations said, “Tata has been in talks with them [Apple] for four to five months now.” If this is the case, then maybe the same goes for Big Red as well?

Romit Guha And R. Jai Krishna from Wall Street Journal does warn us not to expect huge sales from these iPhone’s in India, as CDMA only has a 20 percent market share compared to that of GSM. However, we would like to point out that 20% would count for 134 million users; so the iPhone could have a good percentage of that.

Do you think that we are now reading too much into every bit of CDMA iPhone released news in the hope that Verizon gets the Apple’s smartphone?

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  • Yash

    A quick call to their Croma managed official store in Mumbai and some coaxing revealed, there would be an announcement in the next 2 weeks.