BMW N54 Turbo Engine Faces LawSuit Over Unintended Deceleration

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 13, 2010

It seems that BMW’s popular N54 six-cylinder twin turbo diesel engine has come under fire, with unhappy customers complaining about reliability issues.

Debuted in the 2006 E90 335i, the 300 bhp N54 engine was said to provide 300lb-ft of torque. When it was released, the German manufacturer claimed that it would have almost no turbo lag, and increased fuel economy with an even bigger increase in power. BMW then applied the unit to it’s 1, 3 and 5 Series models, also passing it on to the Z4 and X6.

Unfortunately the issues raised by customers have left BMW with a pending lawsuit. Legal firms working on the case state that BMW have produced an engine that which suffers from serious defects. The issues raised consist of failure with the high-pressure fuel pump which in some cases causes the loss of power, the vehicle then dropping into ‘limp mode’. There is also defects with the design of the turbocharger units, this fault produces unusual noises from under the bonnet and throttle lag. BMW’s software update to address this issue meant that the turbo’s had to be adjusted so as not to run a full capacity.

We will keep you informed of details to the class-action lawsuit, but for the time being hit the link below to see the full press release involving legal firms, Kershaw, Cutter and Ratinoff, LLC of California.

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  • JCK

    Please note that this is a gasoline, not a diesel engine as stated in the post.