Apple iOS 4.2 Beta 3: List of New Features so far

By Alan Ng - Oct 13, 2010

In case you are unaware, Apple recently released the latest beta for the upcoming iOS 4.2 software update, but as usual, it’s for developers only. We have a list of some of the new features that have been found within the update so far.

As reported from Apple Insider, the beta is now available to download as of yesterday, and is also identified by the official 8C5115c build number.

So far, new features include 17 new SMS ringtones, with names such as “Sherwood Forest,” “Tiptoes”, “Calypso,” and “Choo Choo.” There is also a new updated version of the modem firmware according to Apple Insider.

The latest beta of iOS 4.2 also disables some features that were present in AirPlay on iOS 4.1. These include the actual AirPlay button on devices, and there is also a bug specific to printing with AirPlay.

If you are a developer and have spotted any other features of iOS 4.2 that we should know about, get in touch with us below. Full report over at Apple Insider.

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