World of Warcraft: Patch 4.0.1 – List of Changes

By Jamie Pert - Oct 12, 2010

We told you yesterday that there were major clues pointing to patch 4.0.1 dropping at the end of play today, and we we right. This is where WoW slides into that little phase we like to call Cataclysm, and the world is sundered forever. But what changes in patch 4.0.1? Read on to find out.

With patches come changes, and with changes comes excitement and disappointment. I’m pleased to say that the majority of changes reflect the former but some might otherwise disagree.

If we were to summarize the patch changes it would go something like this. PVP players participating in Arena Season 8 will end, due to the changes in balance across the board. Flexible raid locks will come into affect, guilds are now limited to 1,000 plus other changes that officers will need to take note of.

Badges will be converted into the new system, our mana regeneration has undergone some major reworking, and if you ever get lost making your way to your corpse from the graveyard and realise you are completely lost, you can now use the return to graveyard button.

There are also major changes to the glyph system that we already know. Prime glyphs come into affect, significant class changes are also implemented meaning change in rotations, rationalising that mana and keeping an eye on those procs.

Reforging has also been added meaning now we can now get rid of that pesky extra hit for some haste or crit and we can also use the streaming launcher if things get desperate.

For the full list of changes from the official World of Warcraft website, click here. You can also check out the patch round up via the source below.

Are you ready for patch 4.0.1?

Source: WoW Insider

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  • chris

    so after the the blizzard update thing wont finish and ive tried 3 times now.. i says i have to free up space and ive deleted so much crap already…

  • felix

    can you tell me the new realmlist and patchlist ? please

  • josh

    can anyone send me the patch notes I am at work and would love to read them but cant access any site that has them if you can help its thanks

  • Dex

    This is a nice pre-xpac patch. I think it is going to be cool(once the expanded maintenance ends) to try out focus

  • Dex

    This is a nice pre-xpac patch. I think it is going to be cool(once the expanded maintenance ends) to try out focus, holy power, reforging, etc. Cata seems huge though.

  • Dex