Windows Phone 7 Phones vs iPhone 4 vs Droid X: Specs Compared

By Jamie Pert - Oct 12, 2010

Microsoft’s Press Event is now closed and we have been given the list of the Windows Phone 7 devices that will make their way on to the market in November (with one exception). But do they have what it takes to compete with the Apple iPhone 4 and even the monster Droid X?

WP7 devices have a lot going for them, they span across different manufacturers ranging from the popular HTC to the impressive Samsung and LG ranges. All come with 1GHz processors, much like most smartphones in this day and age and come with upwards of 256MB of RAM.

Just think back to the times when PC’s came with 8 or 16MB of RAM. Phones are powerful things these days.

Back on track, you can check out a spec comparison in the image below that contains six Windows Phone 7 models alongside the iPhone 4, the T-Mobile G2 and the Droid X (courtesy of PC World).

(Click for full sized version)

From the specs, you can see that Microsoft have tried to cover all aspects with different models. Slide-out keyboards, touchscreen, HDMI, front facing camera and 5-megapixel cameras.

But is this enough to win over iPhone or Droid X consumers?

The Windows Phone 7 OS still has issues, the omission of copy and paste being one (although this is to be resolved in the future) and no Adobe Flash support like iOS.

Then there is the problem with Apps. Microsoft have already revealed some that will come with the launch, but could Microsoft gather the resources and developers to compete with that of Android and Apple who have over 100,000 and 270,000 apps respectively.

Only time will tell for Microsoft, but do you think they can compete?

Source: PC World

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