Windows Phone 7: Is The Zune Player Dead?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 12, 2010

With Microsoft now firmly establishing themselves in the smartphone market alongside Apple and Android, much debate has arisen about the future of the Zune player, and if Microsoft will continue to manufacture it.

If the Windows Phone 7 series are successfull, my guess is that Microsoft will integrate most of what makes the Zune so great into their new smartphone devices, together pairing up with the Zune service that they have provided in existing WP7 models.

But lets take a step back just a second. Just last month we heard a few rumors that Microsoft were secretly planning a new Zune HD that would battle the iPod Touch — as well as lots of ‘secret’ projects revealed by Microsoft themselves. We still do not know what they are.

No matter which way you look at it, the Zune HD was a very good piece of competent hardware. It’s stylish, sleek, good looking, easy to use and most importantly, it just works. Unfortunatly, it has been shadowed by the success of the Apple iPod range which could see Microsoft convert to a new strategy where they would dive into their biggest strength to continue the Zune service — software.

Software is where Microsoft excel, and what better way to promote Zune than on their sexy new smartphones. It would make sense to focus on the phones themselves for now and incorperate the Zune service into it because one thing is for sure — Apple have won the MP3 player war. Creative, Samsung, and even SanDisk have given up hope, now it’s time for Microsoft to change their tactics to be able to compete.

These are just a few of my personal views (with a little help admittedly), but what do you think Microsoft should do? Is the Zune dead? Will the service live on in WP7?

Source: PC Mag

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  • IH8iPod

    MS Needs to put more support into the Zune. Incentives to accessory manufacturers and developers. There IS a place in the MP3 market for the Zune. Just like the iPhone didn't supplant the iPod. The W7 Phone shouldn't replace the Zune. The price is right, they just need to provide more. Why spend $180 for a zune that has 12 apps total available when I can spend a little more ($40) and get an iPod touch with 100,000+ apps available. Port some of those new W7 apps over!!!

  • William Lone Fight

    The Zune is the Betamax of the MP3 player world. It's only future is being salvaged for the W7 phone. Quality aside the marketing war was lost. Of course didn't I read that the company that made the MacIntosh was now (counting the Ipad) the biggest maker of computers. Maybe a ZunePad from Microsoft. . . .