Windows 7 Phone: Your Mobile Brand?

By Peter Chubb - Oct 12, 2010

Yesterday was a big day for Microsoft, as this was the first day that they publically got their mobile OS business back on track with the unveiling of Windows Phone 7. In total ten handsets were shown to the media by Steve Ballmer from four different brands: Dell, HTC, LG and Samsung.

This is still early days for WP7, and there are hopes that Motorola will jump on board, but that could be a long way down the line – maybe they want to see how well the new mobile OS does before committing?

The ten handsets are as follows, there are five from HTC: 7 Surround, HD7, 7 Mozart, 7 Trophy and the HD7 Pro. There are two from LG: Optimus 7Q and the Optimus 7. Samsung also has two: Focus and the Omnia 7. The tough phone from the group is the Dell Venue Pro.

We have already taken a closer look at some of these upcoming Windows Phone 7 handsets, with some standing out more than others. Take the Samsung Omnia 7, the hardware seems to perform very well with the new mobile OS, and looks slightly larger than the iPhone 4.

It will be a tough choice to choose which handset is right for you, but we are certain that more details and reviews before release will help you come to a decision.

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  • Marty

    I am a business owner in Calgary. I purchased the new windows 7 mobile – LGE900h Smartphone. Exchange server for business, etc. Tons of Microsoft prducts. In 5 days I can say that this is the biggest flop for Microsoft ever. No way to search contacts by business name, no task synchronization, no help to be found since Microsoft people don't even know how it works. Expensive toy for teenager. Not a business tool.

  • Graeme

    Seem to be a major flaw with Windows 7 phones NOT syncronizing with Outlook on a PC (not exchange) oops

  • Ganga

    send me a details

  • Hmmm? Microsoft playing catch up to Apple again? Highly doubting the windows OS will be anywhere near the iOS anytime soon. Can't fault them for trying though, who wouldn't want to be more like Apple 🙂