Verizon iPhone 5: Dual Mode GSM and CDMA – All carriers worldwide

By Peter Chubb - Oct 12, 2010

Much has been said about the possibility of a Verizon iPhone over the past few weeks, which have been spurred on from a recent WSJ article. Latest rumors suggest that the new Big Red version of Apple’s smartphone will be with us by January 2011, but it will not use LTE.

This will be down to Apple of course, and making the wrong decision could cost them sales. Steve Cheney from Tech Crunch believes that Apple will wait for LTE to develop first, but they do have an ace up their sleeve.

If the CDMA iPhone 5 were to come out in January 2011 then do not expect it to support 4G, instead it will be a dual mode device. Like a neapolitan ice cream it will have three different flavors, 3G, CDMA and GSM. For those wondering when the iPhone will launch on LTE, then expect this some time in 2012 – maybe AT&T will be ready by then as well?

We can understand that this news is not welcome to current iPhone owners who look at Sprint and the fact that they already have two fully working 4G handsets, but why would you want something like that when the network is not ready?

The idea of having an iPhone on all networks would be more appealing, and could even help to drive down costs.

What iPhone is more important to you, Dual Mode GSM/CDMA or LTE?

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  • guestroom

    The new iphone has ZERO gsm capability so this potential is shot to hell.