Sony’s Google TV: Today’s Event Time

By Peter Chubb - Oct 12, 2010

A few days back price and size details were leaked for the upcoming Sony Google TV range. However, these prices were said to be wrong, but we will get to learn of the official details during today’s Google TV road show. The start time for the event will be at 5:30PM EDT (10PM GMT).

There is certain to be a huge gathering today, as the media wait to see what both Google and Sony has come up with – anticipation levels will be high. We have to warn you that these Google TV’s will not be as cheap as the $300 set-top-box from Logitech, but Sony has gone an entirely different route.

Jessica E. Vascellaro from WSJ points out that those attending the show will have to prepare themselves, as there will be 30 minutes of demos before they can get up and get their hands-on the new devices.

This event should be a lot of fun, as Mike Posner and a “well-known” DJ will be getting the crowd going – just hope they do not take the limelight away from what the attendees are really there for.

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