Sony Google TV At Best Buy and Sony Style

By Peter Chubb - Oct 12, 2010

The Sony Google TV event is now well underway, and we have already learned so much, such as the fact that the four devices will be called the Sony Internet TV. We were surprised to learn that there is to also be a BD deck as well. All items will be available to purchase from Sony Style and Best Buy.

According to Engadget – who is at the event – prices start from $599 to $1399, with sizes ranging from 24-46 inches. The Internet TV Blu-ray player will cost $399, which offers greater value than the recently unveiled Logitech Revue.

You can pre-order these devices now from Sony Style ready for when they go on sale this weekend, but will have to wait until October 24th if you were looking to purchase from Best Buy – wonder if there will be any Black Friday 2010 deals coming up for these devices?

We will offer you more details about each device over the next couple of days, but the early signs certainly look promising for what Sony call their first true Internet TV.

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