Samsung X430 Laptop: Microsoft Store Exclusive

By Gary Johnson - Oct 12, 2010

It has been announced by Microsoft and Samsung that a new laptop, the X430 will be available exclusively in Microsoft Stores. The laptop will come bundled with Microsoft’s Windows 7.

Paul Miller of Engadget is reporting in an article that the Samsung X430 will have a Core i3 ULV processor. Other features include a 14-inch WXGA screen, 500GB Hard Drive, and a GeForce 310M graphics card. You will probably get things like Windows Live, Bing Maps 3D, and Microsoft Security Essentials.

The laptop has an impressive look to it, and the operating system should be completely free from things like trialware slowing it down. The Samsung X430 is expected to retail at around $1,099. Use the link to see more pictures of the laptop.

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