Oversized iPhone 4 or Hyundai IT Multitouch Table?

By Peter Chubb - Oct 12, 2010

There is nothing worse than trying to offer you details of a new device when there is not much to go on, which is the case with the Hyundai IT multitouch table. However, I thought that you would like to see this 70-inch table, as it looks like an oversized iPhone 4.

The multitouch table was spotted at the Korea Electronics Show in concept form, so might not even make it to production. We cannot offer any details on specs, but according to Akihabara News, Hyundai explains that it cannot only be used as a multitouch table but as a TV as well.

I am not sure if I would want to watch a TV while looking downwards all the time – unless of course the device has a tilt and swivel action? How long do you think it will be before a huge bumper is placed around the edge?

You can be certain that this will not be the final design, as Apple is likely to have something to say on the matter. What do you think of the device? Does it look like a giant iPhone to you?

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  • 5stareditz

    Why would you want to watch tv while driving? Bad idea.

  • Gerrit

    Can you imagine trying to watch TV through all the cooldrink stains?

  • josiah

    If you look at the pics from Akihabara News, you can see it does flip up to a vertical viewing position: http://en.akihabaranews.com/?gallery=1&post=6