New Verizon iPhone and Droid: Future Potential

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 12, 2010

Within the last few day’s we highlighted a possibility that the new Verizon Wireless iPhone 4 / 5 could look almost the same as an AT&T version in 2011, but the hardware inside should be very different thanks to the different network systems. The idea of a chip that could run both AT&T and Verizon on one device is better for the user, but complicated for the hardware maker.

We have listened to user feedback and feel the pain of some users, which includes the idea that the new iPhone or Droid on a CDMA network might not reach full potential while cell service providers are not on the same standard. We don’t understand those that feel they should not upgrade a phone every couple of years thanks to being “forced” to trash an old phone, cell phones should still make calls two years later but may not support the latest features, you should always have a choice to upgrade.

Some people feel that technology should “slow down a little”, do you like smartphones improving at the current rate or do you feel that you have to upgrade more than you want to? Cell phones using the same charger and adapters are welcome improvements, and so would cell services working on the same standard, but to say you are forced to upgrade can be seen as a little extreme when you always have a choice.

Let us know your story. What would you like to see in the future for a Verizon iPhone and Droid, and what annoys you about cell phone design today? Has your phone ever been non-usable after technology progression?

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  • babu

    when is droid coming out with a dual processor? I was just eying the new droid2 global yesterday but hesitated to buy with the promise of more power and less energy consumption from a future dual processor.

  • sam

    I'm sick of Apple exercising its monopoly power over everyone from retailers to consumers. Apple screwed me out of my music when my computer crashed. I wouldn't buy an Iphone if you paid me. Keep my Droid thank you

  • FredBillie

    I love the new Technology (mainly larger screens and touch screens) BUT, I am not about to upgrade to ANY phone that requires a $30 Data plan (which I wouldn't use) and would effectively DOUBLE my wife and I's current net expenditure of about $68.00.

  • ABQslim

    I'll stick with android. Thanks. But I do agree that if Verizon could lose a few million customers to AT&T my data transfer would improve!

  • primo

    I am sick of Android too! I am ready for a Verizon and iphone!


      Android is stealing money in the cell phone business! I am done with my Droid and using my blackberry until iphone arrives!

  • Karen

    I would be willing to pay double for a Verizon iphone! I would be willing to overpay At&t for data! Anything for an iphone! ANDROID IS A PIECE OF SH*T!!

  • ann

    i think we should make a satalite phone

  • jay

    lets go back to useing pay phones

  • Guest McGuest

    Please leave Verizon and go to AT&T really. I think you will enjoy a nice large data usage fee and that in turn will free up some gigs on Verizon. Thanks so much for going to AT&T seriously. Thats awesome and so inspiring! Your pal Applefanboylover!

  • Guest

    I think the current rate of progress is fine too. I have a Motorola Droid and would jump at the chance to switch to a Verizon iPhone! In fact, I will be getting an iPhone REGARDLESS if Verizon gets! I can not stand the latent issues with the Android OS (laggy, buggy, glitches, phone freezes, locks up, unresponsive and slow). Tell us already if the iPhone is coming or not so I can make my move already!

    • Ray

      I hear ya! I feel the same! I am ready to cancel with Verizon and switch to AT&T already!

    • applefanboy

      please go and get you 24.99 data plam w a whopping 200 mb of data from AT&T. Seriously go! Thanks so much! Bye Bye!

    • joe

      I had an iphone and switched to droid because I couldn't stand AT&T. I'm glad I switched because the iphone is trash compared to the droid! Iphones are just as buggy if not more… There's also so much more that you can do with the droid if you just do your research!!! If you want a phone that is stupid-proof and dumbed down use the iphone. If you want more power, freedom and better hardware, stick with the droid.

  • Tania

    Phone are not designed more then 2 years anymore. I think back over ten years ago to a favorite phone I had for 4 years. I gave it up for technology and EVERY phone since has had fatal malfunctions in less than 2 years-forcing me to upgrade far more often then I want. We have become a “disposable” society. What a waste.

  • Bill

    I think the current rate of progress is fine. I lilike my droid, but there are better phones out now. There will be even nicer phones in 15 months and Amazon and $50 will then get me one. My Droid will still be very useable at that time, but for$50 why wouldn’t I replace it?

  • Babs

    I already have a DROID 2 and nothing would make me move from it at this time. The iPhone is nice, but, I have everything I want right now and at a much cheaper month to month rate with Verizon. Apple is a so so smart company when they can control everything. But in this day and age they are becoming to strict with development. I just can't imagine having a phone without flash. Will they do that for the new phone?