Medal of Honor Review 2010: Wait for Black Ops

By Peter Chubb - Oct 12, 2010

Medal of Honor was released today and is set in present-day Afghanistan, and even before its release was involved in controversy. Reviews have already started to come in for the game; Alan Ng has looked at a few of them and offered us a review round up.

Most gaming sites give Medal of Honor a great review, but there are certain media sources that do not think the same – maybe they have less of an understanding about such games? One review that has only given it two out of four stars is Derrik J. Lang from The Canadian Press.

Lang believes that Medal of Honor has some similarities to Modern Warfare games, but he does make a point of saying “Medal of Honor” isn’t a “Modern Warfare” clone. The issue that Lang seems to have with the new game is how its story lacks substance.

One other problem with the game is the fact that it is not as smooth as Call of Duty: Black Ops. Before you read the full Medal of Honor review from The Canadian Press, I thought it is worth noting that Lang thinks that you should consider waiting for Black Ops instead – we are certain that you have something to say on that?

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  • CrackleJackal

    FarCry ☺ftw!!!!!

  • nice game medal of honar

  • martduff5

    I like the game. OK, it doesn't thrill me as much as Modern Warfare 2, but it's a completely different style of game and I think it genrally does what it's trying to do pretty well. I must point out how great the sound is; perhaps the sound seems that much better in relation to the (mediocre) graphics, but for me it offers the most realistic sound of any first person shooter I've played. The single player campaign is even more frustrating than the online multiplayer in terms of only being allowed to follow a preset route- this is typical of all the previous MOH games too though, so it's not unusual.
    In summary, MOH 2010 is exactly what you expect any MOH game to be; it's never going to be a Modern Warfare style game and it was never intended to be, which is quite refreshing. Coupled with outstanding sound and a good "pick-up-and-play" online set up, this game rates pretty highly in my opinion. In saying that, I'm sure I'll be playing Black Ops a lot more than MOH 2010.


    I for one feel like iv been ripped off buy EA on the metal of honor the online game play sucks,the maps are a campers dream what few there are.And I hate that I get killed off the spawn time and time again.sure they are going to give 2 free maps thats just nipple to quiet the gamers.AND TURN AROUND AND CHARGE 800 MSP FOR ONE NEW GAME MODE.Just rub salt in the wound EA

  • LaPistola

    I got the game and think it's OK. Not great, not terrible. In addition to many others' observations that I share, I don't like (in any game) when there are random places your character can't go in a game. Like you can only down the stairs or over a certain place in the wall where the developers intended you to go. It doesn't make sense that you can't climb over a rock that is the equiv of 2 feet tall, but then you can jump over a wall a minute later. But you can only jump over ONE spot of that wall and nowhere else on that wall. In the heat of fighting the enemy I hate to have to guess–I'm not good enough for that!

    And in addition to the mediocre graphics, I occasionally see stuff like a guy walking a foot above the ground or some other glitch. Seems obvious that those kinds of things should be fixed before release.

  • b1gbud4

    I thought the Graphics were ok and the story was good but let's face it for $59.95 I expected a longer campaign…. I am yet to play multi player online, but as far as the campaign is concerned it's way too short.

  • ldnmta

    yes I am a MW2 fan but i also like BFBC2. For me MoH is a big let down. I rushed out to by it Friday, staeted playing late Fri night, went to bed, woke up, played it again and completed it by mid afternoon Saturday, & I can assure you I had breaks! is a good looking game and I really enjoyed the single player, but £45 for a game that lasts 6 hours at most is daylight robbery. As for the Multiplayer – shocking! not a patch on MW2. I will certainly be trading this in for Black Ops.

  • jr69

    its a pice of dog doo love the single player game but hate online play. the guns suck you can shoot somebody with a full clip and still than come up knife you and the are too small so sinpers can jump the spawn points. i am treading this p. o. s for mw black opps

  • Kitteh

    Youll find out the hard way how good a game is if you get it on the release date, as i did with MoH. The overall game is buggy. Ive had to restart from checkpoints a few times, as my teammates either disappear or freeze up. Even one point I had to lob a grenade at a teammate in order to get him unstuck from the terrain. The story is by far lacking, and hard to keep interest in. Few weapons to use, at least, fewer than a lot of the other games out right now. if you need ammo, its as far as the guy next to you unless youre using an enemy weapon. Even when your squad is “running low on ammo” you can continue to receive a plethora of it on request. Funny. I dont recommend buying this game, instead, rent it so you dont end up feeling cheated like so many of us already do. I guarantee youll finish the game within your first time of renting it. Its boring in my honest opinion. Im not here to slam the game, but they definitely couldve put much more into it.

  • soldier

    havin been deployed moh freaked me out… someone up above said u could only see 3 taliban but had 12 guys shooting at you god damn… have the time you dont even know where the rounds are coming from… multiplayer HOLY HELL its awesome…i actually see my team bounding foward using cover to avoid bullets … the multiplayer actually requires stratigy thats why all u cod fanboys hate it becuase you cant run around in circles on the map sneaking up behind ppl and killing them its frontal personaly combat missions is my favorite because its an assualt or defend 2 lines pushing eachother back and forth awesome… this game from an actually military stand point is so much more realistic then cod as far as the story goes … parts of that are true including the intire part about seals getting captured on that mt and rangers going in getting shot out of the sky rescuing the seals …. i believe it was actually the frist medal of honor of the afghan war was won there… cod blows compared to this you cod boys are pissed becuase you cant get high w ur friends and run around in circles killing people… if you want a way more authentic military expirence moh if you want halo modern warfare COD

  • Becca

    This game is AWFUL! I had to laugh at the campaign, i’ve never played a game so short and i’ve completed all of the call of duty games which got much stick for this especially mw2. It’s too much like CoD to be unique and not enough like it to be any good. The mp maps are tiny and totally predictable as you practically spawn on top of each other. The classes are dull and restrictive, the weaponry disappointing about the only good thing I can say is that the graphics are well done. I had high hopes for this game being a battlefield fan and just find myself feeling like i’ve been waiting for a Christmas present I thought was awesome and opening a pair of socks. Of course this is just my opinion and I’m sure some will love it but I really really don’t and will be trading it in at the first available opportunity.

  • Adam_and_eve

    What a bucket of crap I thought this would be a good game but the multiplayer maps are so small a camper can sit in one side of the map and just kill most of your team mates the other tatic is to run and gun no skill in that. My advise to anyone thinking of buying this is dont, rent it if you must but I would not even bother with that. Oh the other thing is the servers jump about so much with lag

    Good points = nice graphics

    Wish I had waited and saved my £40.00!

  • Gazza

    Well just finished my 1st 24 hours on MOH .game plays well no server kick offs here in uk , but I was looking for a more tactical shooter I'm bored with the run and Gun and the sprint Perk on MW2 im also bored with the lack maps on BF2 , and here we have a in between-er game ,Graphically good and plays smooth , but lack of maps no VOIP in lobbys , no team mates on the HUD online , if you want to play as 4 man team tactics online you can only talk to your mates once the game has started its very hard to play as team without your mates showing on the HUD . but the overall game is very good and like other people have said its not MW2

    if you want to run like a silly ass slashing and shooting keep playing MW2 , if you want to play as 4 man Clan keep with BF2 , If ya want to play online on your own keeping ya head down then MOH does it as well .

  • rx8_superman

    I am a big fan of the mw trilogy like (MW1, World at War) I felt that mw2 was too experimental trying new things that just ruined the game. High powerful weapon that were excessible early, crazy killstreaks, and off the wall perks. I hoped that MOH would at least put up some kind of competetion. But they have alot of catching up to do. Graphics let me down, lack of weapons, and campain mode even had some gliches. Wait for BLACK OPS. Don't spend the $69.00

  • Nanoz

    I have to agree with everyone who liked the game. I liked MW2 but felt like it was just a rush fest, I like how you have to use cover in MOH in order to get anything done. I wish they had prone of multi play but thats the only complaint so far! Saving the story for later tho, so haven't even touched single play!

  • jordan

    moh is a good game. people who hate it are so use to cod that they forgot what real skill is. if there isn't a uav every 5 seconds or a newb tube in their hand they hate the game. moh requires real skill and strategy not the same old run and gun arcade shooter that is mw2.

  • TheSentinel

    MW2 left such a bad taste especially the PC version with all the hacking, killed the game.
    MOH is a nice change to playing the COD series Its a good game, face it no game is worth $60 bucks and I wanted my money back many times for MW2 because of the crap spawns, bad hosts, hackers and steam problems. But guess what I had fun with it and moved on.
    Same old story some people are going to like it and some not, get over it.

  • s.crane

    not as good as COD better than BFBC. grafics are good but was expecting to be better. i got to say that i am not impressed and should of waited for black ops. and to those who say its better than COD my ? to you is what have you been smokin on this game doesent touch call of duty. sorry!

    • Biglew

      Black ops sucks



  • Jake

    im gonna sell this and get ea sports mma, its crap. bad singleplayer and even worse multiplayer.

  • I got it last night.. and I hate the Multi player and love the single player. I probably will be trading this in for Call of Duty. For a month is something to do, I guess.

  • Mellon

    I was really disappointed with Medal of Honor. To be fair, I only played multiplayer. While the graphics are impressive, the movement is very choppy. Also, I found that the color schemes made it difficult to pick out enemy players, although I'm sure this is just a matter of getting used to the game. I'm sure this game will appeal to many people, but I'm not one of them. If you are, then enjoy!

  • martyn

    idiot above said 9 guns ,,untrue first off,,,,basically all these 1 dimensional reviewers talk like a game can only be solely like mw2 or bc ,,,or it fails,,,,when did we all turn into robots? the cod franchise has made gamers soft an when they cant have their hand held on multiplayer they diss a game,,,,,fuk the sheep minded robots,,,,be yourself an judge a game YOURSELF

  • asdf

    its worth 10$ its a piece of shit dont get it. i swear on my life. graphics suck, there is only 9 guns in the whole game. i felt like i was playing world at war on ps2 without the zombies, perks and half the guns

  • Shawn

    My advice…rent the game before you buy it. I had a blast playing the game on the hardest level. I thought the graphics and storyline were great. I loved how it seamlessly transitioned from level to level without having to stop and load the next segment. Doing that really keeps you involved in the game. I reluctantly chose the hard level thinking it would be like the veteran level of COD but it is nowhere near that hard so I was a little disappointed. Despite that, I was really beginning to think I liked this game better than MW2 but then I finished the game after only a few hours leaving me to feel like I had just been robbed of sixty bucks. Yeah, I know the main reason people buy a FPS is because of the online play and not the campaign mode but it's all I've played so far. Bottom line…I'd give it maybe a 7 out of 10 for the campaign. I hope multiplayer is much better.

  • ivan

    i got this last night and this game is bad ass dont lizen rent it first try it out u will love it!!! and im a cod fan saying this its a bad ass game have to admit it..

    • chris

      NO the online play is a disaster as if they made the single player (which is very good but short) then somebody said "what about the online side" and the developers just said "what ever just make it quick i want this on the self befor black ops.

  • Todd

    Played this game and thought it was great. Noobs will hate it because they are expecting either BFBC or COD, it is neither. If you get that out of your head then its a pretty decent game.

  • clark3783

    Black Ops wouldn't be as big as it is going to be without sic amounts of advertising and nazi zombie mode. You have to pay to rent a dedicated server too? Wow. MAG has those for free. ———– If you like MoH and / or you have a PS3, add me. — PSN: clark3783

  • clark3783

    The online play is fast-paced and intense. Better than Bad Company 2 (with the exception of vehicles). WAY better than MW2. When it says "EA servers down" it is no different than "lost connection / could not migrate host" in MW2. It feels real. The guns feel real. The emotions (single player) that the characters are shown to be experiencing are experienced by you too. (cont.) How can you expect this game to be big when you have England's Defense Secretary dissing on it and military bases banning it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you play as Russian Special Forces killing British Special Forces in COD4? Nazis and Imperial soldiers killing U.S. soldiers in CODWaW? Renegade enemy combatants / Russians killing U.S. Marines and Navy SEALs in MW2? Give me a break.

    • allen

      EA server where down for an hour and a half last night never happened with MW2! and I completed the game in 3 and a half hours and then the server was down

    • who cares

      no marines in MW2 there hoople head

  • clark3783

    — Medal of Honor makes Call of Duty look like a cartoon. 3rd best online game I've ever played. 1) Killzone 2 2) MAG 3) MoH. MW2's sales and 'popularity' came from a few people getting it and then their friends also doing so because "oh! I'll have a game I can play online with my friends." That, and they already played COD4 and 5 and knew what they were getting. I agree that the story could have been longer, but it was good. There was a level where the Taliban swarms you and you start running out of ammo and your guys are on the radio "call off the re-enforcements, we're not gonna make it." That coupled with the fact that you can see about 3 taliban members, but you have 12 guns shooting at you. It felt real. Hopelessness and fighting an invisible enemy.

    • Brian

      agreed. I enjoyed the single player, but will also complain that it was way too short. This was the 1st time I've ever been able to sit down and play through the story (on the hardest difficulty) in one sititng!!! I don't feel like I got my money's worth.

      As for multiplayer….I just have one thing to say….TOO MANY SNIPERS + NO BUILDING DESTRUCTION = MASS FRUSTRATION

      Game is its ups and downs…you should make your own call.

      • Bill

        Yes WAYY to many snipers. The multiplayer has no class balance what-so-ever. Anytime you think you might want to be a rifleman and work your way to the enemy, you get picked of by 1 of the 8 snipers that are on the other team. I feel that that there needs to be a way to control how many snipers there are per level. Choose your class before searching for a map and you get put into games that need that specific class. If they could remove 10 of the 12 people per team being snipers I feel that the game would be more desirable to play online.

  • Justin

    Just rented Medal of Honor to see how the game play was before buying… lets just say you will save yourself $69.99 by not waisting money on this game!

    The beta blowed, EA servers have shown themselves to still be just as bad as ever, gameplay sucks, game lags constantly, and honestly the graphics are not as good as all the Battlefield fans would have made it out to be.

    Medal of Honor could have been an amazing game… but ended up just being a flop! I would much rather jump back on Airborne… or play Reach, and I returned that game too (And I was a HUGE Halo 3 fan… Reach is just a serious let down for true players and great for the new noob generation).

    Do as this guy said, wait for Black Ops!

    • allen

      this is true I was trying to play for an hour and a half last night it kept saying Master server down. i just played MW2 instead and it worked the first time

  • Ian

    Just bought it. So far I'm unimpressed. Missions follow the same "shoot these guys, search for the next checkpoint, scripted scene, big-ass explosion, repeat" formula as every FPS released in the past few years. The multiplayer might sway my opinion, but (surprise, surprise) I've been getting the same "EA servers are offline" error since purchase. EA needs to stick to rehashing the same football game every year.

  • Bob Sandwich

    I just bought Medal of Honor and feel as though I have been robbed. Much like the feeling you get when you leave the drive thru and they forgot your fries. Do not buy this game. The producers tried to drum up interest by portraying this game as a tribute to soldiers. There is a very a good reason for that because the game is a hunk of shit and they knew it. Imagine playing battlefield bc2 on a quarter size map with no vehicles. And to top it off they are having server trouble.

  • wow, don't know if i'd be saying one game is smoother when it's still a month from release. I picked up medal of honor last night and i can honestly say that's a refreshingly good game. Like a mix between Bad Company 2 and MW2, fast paced but also rewards people with a smart strategy.

  • Mike

    I wonder how much activision is paying these bloggers to flame medal of honor? First of Medal of Honor is NOT Call of Duty so why do you keep reviewing as if it is? Second why do all the reviews keep saying wait and buy Black Ops, oh its not Black Ops? Activision has really stepped up their PR this time!

    • dingus

      activision are not making black ops douchebag

  • josh

    just got medal of honor…i find it to be another garbage fps….booooo

    • allen

      me to im going to trade it in for Fallout Vegas

    • Dave

      Hi, I'm stuck on this game, I am at the warehouse (at the beginning of the game) and is says "secure the warehouse" but how do you get into the warehouse??

  • char

    that lang sounds like a fanboy to me and what amazes me is how he's saying that it's "not as smooth as black op's and you should consider waiting" which is the whole point, the game isnt even out yet so how can he compare the two!?

  • Dan

    Ending the article like that is almost asking for a flame war…

    • brian

      DON'T BUY THIS GAME! It is not better than battlefield, nor modern warfare. No vehicles, No true hardcore, I am bored with this game after one day… The only plus is that its a sweet game for sniping.

      • Brian

        Your one of those F*$&s that sit and snipe!? There are too many spiners in this game and not enough building destruction. If someone is sniping on the top of a building I should be able to bring the roof down on him! Hate that the assaut class has "rocket granades" and not hand tossed granades. Hate that other characters clog up small spaces and won't let you move…this came fell so short in my opinion.

        Save your money and buy Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Wodern Warefare 2 is not half as good)

      • Josh

        i agree with you brian…took like 2 hours to beat the career really??? It is kind of sad and the multiplayer is choppy and maps are not that great… also if takes seems like 100 bullets to kill someone on….I had a rocket land at a guys feet and it had no effect on him…not realistic at all….I would def say wait for black ops…

    • James

      Hell yeah… I'v searched ALL OVER the internet for an answer as to which will be better… But nobody can give a definate answer…