Medal of Honor Review 2010: Roundup on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

By Alan Ng - Oct 12, 2010

We have some good news for those of you who are still undecided on whether to pick up the recently launched Medal Of Honor game, as we have a collection of reviews for you check out, for all platforms of the game.

You’ll be pleased to know that review scores for the game are generally good, although there are a few surprises for those of you who like to read IGN’s reviews. Their UK based website has only given Medal Of Honor a 6/10, which is definitely going to raise a few eyebrows considering the majority of reviews being positive.

Established gaming sites like Eurogamer has scored it an 8/10, while CVG is slightly better, scoring Medal of Honor an 8.5/10. All the reviews have praised the multiplayer mode in the game, but CVG has called it a game of ‘two halves’, suggesting that the single player campaign is rather lacklustre compared to the DICE-developed multiplayer mode.

The good news is, those looking for an alternative online shooter to Call of Duty and Battlefield have found it in Medal of Honor. If you have the game already, let us know your impressions of it so far. You’ll find links to the reviews below, the rest you’ll find over at VG247.

CVG 8/5
Eurogamer 8
GamesRadar 8
VideoGamer 7
G4 4/5
GameInformer 7

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  • imiritu

    i recently purchased this game and and must say it sucks. its fun like .09% of the time on xbox live and the campaign is stupid and cheesy as a spanish soap opera (not meant to be racist). the multiplayer is simply retarded in comparison with BFBC2, and even modern warfare 2 appeals to me more (and i hate that game!). the visibility of enemies in mp is zero, or preactically is until the guy's right in your face shooting at you. the only kits really worthwhile are the bolt action sniper kits, since you can be certain of a 1 shot kill. the game really lacks any sense of tactic what so ever, although like the call of duty series it tries hard to but on a good show of it even though it does worse at it than MW2. the end result is that you get people simply spraying their guns at certain points in the map, just hoping that someone is there for the bullets to hit. which is extremely frustrating for the person who gets shot by them because there is simply nothing you can do- you round a corner and the enemy is already hosing you down with a rain of bullets meaning an inevitable death at every 5-10 second interval. if the game isn't totally chaotic with players constantly spraying machine guns everywhere, then its filled with snipers who will easily kill you if you stand still at all. so basically the entire game you will be forced into a corner cowering and camping (im not a camper hater, but this game just made me totally sick of it), waiting for someone to round a corner so you can get a kill. the graphics are not too bad, but as i mentioned before the visibility sucks major ass. the gunshot sounds are also EXTREMELY unrealistic and phony, they sound as though the sound effects were obtained from a cell phone recorded video that recorded a gunshot at the movies- that is the best way i can describe them. sort of dull, scratchy static thuds. nothing like the crack of a gunshot. this game seems to dawn a flavorful mask of tactical realism, simply to trick the buyer into purchasing to put it bluntly. i don't know why, but there is an analogy stuck in my head that this game reminds me of really stale froot loops; really colorful and merry looking, until you really get a taste of what they're really like- just plain nasty. whenever i play it im thinking stale, discusting froot loops.

  • sammy

    very short indeed and copied several items from MW2.

    not worth buying

  • Rasta Snipa 420

    moh is the worst fucken game ever….i fucken wasted 60 bills fuck that. all people do is camp fucken bull shit whats the fun in that. u could barely move around u get stuck on rocks most of the time biggest fucken bull shit ever u cant even sell it back to game stop u only get 20 bills WTF…. this game should be fucken banned all it does is stress me out

    • Robo

      "all people do is camp ****en bull **** whats the fun in that."

      In real warfare would you expect people to run around like they do in COD??

      I'd actually enjoy this game if all people did was camp. The problem is that loads of little ****ers like you are running around thinking you are rambo! Every game I have lost on this game is due to other people dying too often because they think it's COD.

  • Greedy

    Worst game ever. Its not even worthwhile to return either. Less then 50% of its trade in value.

  • sepultura

    Really disappointed with the game i must say. First of all it was very short first of all and also they tried to copy lot of campaign from cod2 (snow storms, 4 wheelers etc). Multi-player is disaster. I didnt finish one whole map since servers lose connection. Really frustrating. Maps seem smaller, not big variety of guns etc. All in all i think game can get 5/10.

  • Swfc

    This game is really good. It’s different to cod and the rest of the other shooters. It takes skill to stay alive in multiplayer. Iv had no lag what so ever on moh. Bc2 that game does lag nasty.

  • Becca

    For every good review on the Internet there’s at least as many bad reviews and judging from the feedback left from the people actually buying the game I’d say IGN got it right and just aren’t prepared to pander to EA. I think the game sucks and have even had conversations on x-box live with people playing the game who totally agree, in fact I haven’t spoken to a real life person who actually likes the game! Now if that is the general consensus, and I’m not saying it is, I don’t claim to have spoken to the majority of MoH players, then it looks like the reviewers are painting a pretty biased picture, one has to ask, why?

  • Louman

    Battlefield 1942 is better than this and not worth the 60 bucks i paid .

  • Mellon

    I only played multiplayer, and was extremely disappointed. Anyone familiar with how the gameplay in COD gets choppy when there are server/host connection problems? That's what the gameplay in Medal of Honor multiplayer is like ALL THE TIME. Fail.

  • Mark

    IGN got it right on. I haven't played the campaign yet, and I don't think I'm going to. DICE should be embarrassed they had anything to do with this. The sound design is a joke compared to BC2. I haven't laughed so hard in quite a while as I did when I heard the MoH version of the "bweeeeee bweeeeeee bweeeeeeeeeeeeeBOOM!" bomb site explosions. The in-game character voices are horrendous.

    Maybe my problem was that I went into it expecting BC2 with all the minor quirks worked out. Instead what you're given is a poor man's BC2. The spawns are bad, the maps are worse, and the "gunfights" (if you can even call them that) are a joke.

    On top of that, the loadouts are basically useless, unless you like to play a sniper with a red dot, in which case you're golden. For whatever reason, they also opted for the CoD style "hold your breathe and shoot two inches to the right of a target to get a hit marker" sniping, rather than the calculated, distance compensation, more realistic snipers from BC2.

    Overall the multiplayer experience feels like a rushed, unrefined version of BC2 and is nothing but frustrating and annoying.