Medal of Honor 2010: Bad Review Put You Off?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 12, 2010

Last week I decided that I would buy Medal of Honor upon its release date to keep me busy until the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, however I must admit that slightly unimpressive reviews have now put me off, so I may just wait for Black Ops.

Recently at the Eurogamer Expo 2010 I managed to get some hands-on time with Medal of Honor, I must say the two multiplayer matches I played in were great fun, however seeing as how IGN UK has scored the game 6/10 there must be some problems.

According to IGN UK the campaign is too short, this isn’t a problem for me as I am more interested in multiplayer gaming, however IGN UK also say that “multiplayer will probably wear out its welcome faster than other big shooters this year”, this is what really worries me.

IGN suggest that the maps grow old quickly, this could be its downfall as people will not want to play online for too long if the maps really are this bad, perhaps DLC could improve things, however it is not promising to hear that a reviewer has noticed this in a relatively short amount of time.

Love or hate Modern Warfare 2 you have to admit that all of the multiplayer maps offer different styles of gameplay and don’t really seem similar to one and another, obviously map packs have helped to keep the game fresh once the 15 initial offerings got boring, so I really hope Danger Close have some map packs up their sleeve.

Has IGN UK’s review put you off Medal of Honor? I must admit I am not as certain about buying it as I once was..

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  • Jo

    Multiplayer is one of my favorites ON PC. If you want to buy it on consoles though, forget it. On consoles its practically unplayable, thats why it got bad scores. Idiots at the reviewing companies played it on Xbox and though it was the same all over.

  • Robin

    I've only played for a few hours of the single player mode so far, but here's what I think of the game so far:
    1) Game play is rushed. You don't get enough time to explore each level, so that there is a distinct lack of detail in each level because of this.
    2) It not like COD. For better or for worse, it's its own game and shouldn't really be compared to COD
    3) The game does give a realistic representation of what war is like, but its too real and isn't really that fun
    4) The computer controlled character who accompanies you seems to do all the work, so that your left following him around each level whilst he gets all the fun
    5) There's no enough happening in each level. Their are boring levels which i just felt that the developers should have added a little more to. Maybe a few more enemies and the odd helicopter flying above me.

  • jeme

    Well. Just finished campain.
    Haven't had so much fun in a long time.

    Graphics and gameplay in campain is absolutely fantastic, story is very good and for a diference – have a sense. One of the best in shooters.
    Comparing to others, I personaly think it is probably better than MW2. It is different, but on the similar level. You can argue which is better. BC2? BC2 is a crap, and is way, way worse than MoH.
    There is only one bad thing.
    It is to sort! I want MORE!

    Multi – it is fun. I'm old Battlefield player, had no problem switching to MoH multi. It looks great, sounds the same.
    It is similar in some ways to BC2, but on the other hand diferent in some ways. Anyways its entertaining. It feels hmm… more realistic? I like it more than MW2, and a little bit more than BC2 (which I do not like at all becouse DICE f!d up choppers. :P)

  • Paul

    I picked this MOH a week ago and am impressed. It is actually realistic, unlike COD 1,2,3…etc.

    There were a few posts on the re spawn…and that is annoying having an opposite player appear right in front of you, or you re spawn in the same place 4-5 time while a sniper picks you off.
    Oh, not sure why this may be happening, but there are times i am shoot and my hatchet or knife will come out and I die from the other player. Is this normal? Pisses me OFF to no end!
    Campaign was a pit short, but very cool. I did not see any freezing through the campaign.

  • guest

    so many people harping on about 'realism', get of your backside(s) and sign up, doesn't get any more real than that

  • Jesus

    I bought black ops, saw how the game ran like crap and stuttered really bad inside the first 2 minutes of playing plus the graphics are from about 2003. Then I heard people saying if you're looking for that same thrill ride MW1 and MW2 brought then go with MoH. So I decided to download it illegally just to try it since you can no longer trust all these compromised reviews,(that goes for any game) turns out MoH is the best game of the year right up there with Mafia II thanks to the great realism and smooth gameplay they offer. I returned my BO for a refund and bought MoH even though I had it free. People with great talent deserve to be credited when they bring the goods and you just know what's good and what isn't. If you want to experience a seizure that badly then by all means play Black Ops. If you want to experience serious gunfire and awesome effects and realism go with Medal of Honor. If this were a sport, Black Ops fans are like the sore losers complaining about how they just has their asses handed to em, MoH fans are like….Booyah!

  • Jordan Dyckes

    MoH is the most glitchy campain, I've ever played in a FPS; I've had to go back to the checkpoints numerous times where it's glitched and won't progress.

    The online is awful, constant spawn killing with Mortars and Snipers, theres not been a single match in which I haven't been spawn killed.

    Occasional bullet lag, and random "You are leaving the battlefield" then it kills you, even thought your still in the battlefield, it happened when I was setting charges in Objective Raid; a pile of **** this game is…

    It's pretty much the same as the beta I played, just they charged money for it and didn't fix anything at all.




  • Buzzed974

    I have to agree this game does suck. I played the campaign for about 2 hours and beat the game then decided to try the multi player thinking it has to be a great online experience. Sorry no! It was lagging so bad that everyone was skipping a round. So I decided to try it again. Nope no good then either. But the bad part about the game is they start of the online experience totally wrong. They want you to spend 800 MS points just to upgrade your online experience if you did not pre buy it. What?? The game just came out and player just spent money to purchase your game which might I add could have been better than COD if you had put the effort to match or make it better. The campaign was good I liked it better than COD but it was to short. The online gaming is garbage because they didn't take the time to detail and give there already paying customers what they paid for. All in all I would give it a 4 and thats just for effort.

  • lilly

    i bought medal of honer on the release date played it 2 hours fri, 3 hours sat, 2 hours sun and finished the game in single player campaign on medium,i thought the game played great however im very unhappy about the time it took to finish the game 7 hours come on????

  • richo_6

    im getting it off ebay and by my opinions either u love it or hate it, so why r u gus fighting bout it

  • maxxis

    game sucks bad being i have done some of this in real life ya game sucks not worth the time or the kids who made it really this is the best they can do wow very sad waste of money dont buy it not to sure about black ops now.

  • Bigrich9

    As a former special forces member my self i must say this game is a authentican get with the real life situations and sounds. right down to the call signs and the radio c as you traffic! and for most of you that have not had a bullet go wizzing by your head or even near you at all the soun it makes is dead on in this game. along with the real sounds of a true fire fight going on in the distant.oh and i just loved the fact that this game had the balls to use the excact language we use whe the shit has hit the fan!! best game i have played. yes i will agree that the story was a little short, but hey cant have it all.

  • MOH Hater

    It could be a lot better, i dont like the campaign or the muliplayer, there are way to many snipers and combat mission is really bad, it forces you to run straight in with snipers and you cant flank because they already know you are there. There is not a lot of cover and u cant go prone to shield your self against snipers which sucks tbh.
    Very Bad game,

  • HufandPuf

    MOH is a game that recognized the soldier. I played and beat the singleplayer. At first i was disappointed in the beginning half of the game, but as the story went through the paces it became a dramatic and intense view at what the soldiers overseas could be going through today. MOH may not be the best shooter out there today, but it sends a message that no other FPS or modern shooter has before, it made me feel for the soldiers and the men and women that are fighting for this country against an enemy that threatens our nation. I fully appreciate the making of this game.

  • Kyle

    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. It had so much potential, but the campaign is totally lame and boring. The multiplayer gets old real quick. It's the same o'le matches I've seen in BBC2, which I loved. Come on Dice, get creative please. It's uneven. My grenade launcher is useless and doesn't do any damage. I am actually taking the game back. Do disappointing.

  • V OriginalSin V

    Oh and FedUp grow your an idiot and a tool.

  • V OriginalSin V

    It makes me sad that everyone relies on reviews for their games, you make me sick did your mom do your homework too? They are not cars or houses, they are games for entertainment, buy it and dont like, it fine trade it in your out what 20 bucks, but not buying a game because some wannabe, psuedo gamer corporate tool didnt like it is crap. Believe it or not their is a lot of money that gets spent on good reviews, the only opinion that should matter is yours, (the consumer). Now put on your big girl panties and make your own decisions, dont worry mommy and daddy will by you a new one if you clean your room.

  • UncleBig

    Spawn killing, spawn killing, spawn killing. One or two kills and another spawn kill again and again… u respawn always at the same place and…spawn kill. It s easy, choose the sniper, find the respawn spot and have "fun"…Believe me u will shout out loud!

  • mr.ramon

    To all that have not played the game, don’t judge a book by it’s cover unless you have read the damn thing. Just rent the shit and see for ur self. Plus it like this every1 has an opinion like u have an asshole. So stop letting people make ur buying for u.

  • Jodman1999

    I pre-ordered the game for PC and paid for it in full a few months back. I played the open beta and came very close to canceling my order and putting my money on black ops. Well I didn’t listen to myself and chalked the bad stuff up to the beta, but it has been a nightmare from the start. I have had crashes, white screen blot-outs, kicked in mid-game, etc, etc. This is all in reference to the multiplayer of course. The game has been out for 2 days and they had to patch it already because of the horrid bugs. The spawn camping is awful and the cheaters have started already. Some idiot went like 85/4 in a game tonite. The crappy things about PC games are once opened you own it. I would give anything to get my money back for this one, steer clear!

    • thegame

      Cheating for getting 85/4??, or maybe you just sucks dude

  • COD

    Don't be hating on COD cause you suck, I know its my fault and many others like me who destroy you time and time again online, but their is no need to bash a perfectly crafted game just because you think EA has pumped out something better… Cause they havn't… they had a pretty easy task ahead… you want to beat COD, you copy it and you innovate. You don't set it in the same era, use americans killing taliban soldiers and shorten its development period so it can compete with black ops. You take the setting somewhere new and exciting, you use fictional PEOPLE not real life events that may lead to banning of the game you dumb***** and you give your people to refine the game so your not left with fps problems.

  • poor person

    I resent those comments Trustme. Sure I may rape you while you're asleep and steal your food while you're not looking but i have standards too! Even poor people like to manage their time in between welfare checks and the daily nothingness which consumes our lives.

    In all seriousness MoH is a decent game its nice to finally see an element of realism in a fps. One shot kills from a bolt action sniper 99.9% of the time and based solely on this i will keep this game even if its not the bee's knees. If i hit someone in the chest from a bolt action sniper rifle I expect them to drop no matter what, body armour etc. doesnt matter. Im so tired of playing games where, hypothetically, you shoot someone with the m95, an anti-material weapon which is suppose to be a vehicle stopper, only to see them run off like nothing happened. I dont care if i hit them in the foot, that gun would leave you without a foot and in shock from blood loss and trauma awaiting death… i.e. BC2 and MW2. Guy's we are not playing halo sure master chief is a cyborg the culmination of science fiction maybe he can take a shot from a futuristic sniper rifle… maybe. But shooters based on today's technology which rely on realism should have a hard look at MoH.

  • IronRaptor

    Well I'm on day day one of playing this game. The single player was stunning. Great graphics (360), a tactical style of game play (no gung-ho Scarface hip-firing here) and some great cinematic. The helicopter mission was particularly fun. So I would give the single player a 9/10. Little short but they left it open for another release.

    Multiplayer is where it bombs it for me. I have played Call of Duty since it the first one came out. Been playing multiplayer since Modern Warfare came out….(had to get away from the 56k dialup). I have played BF:BC2 and I love it, same goes for Halo: 3, ODST and Reach. This game though tanks it in multiplayer. The spawn points are locked in, and left in open places so spawn killing is constant. Maps are restrictive, at least for 12 v 12. If it were 5 v 5 they would be perfect. Having some time to actually run around and build tension of whether someone will be around the next turn or not gets my blood pumping.

    MW2 perfected that IMO. BF:BC2 did it with larger maps. This game, however its not about hunting the enemy, its mostly spray-n-pray….explosives or snipe camping. I cannot even select my spawn. Halo Reach, yes some game modes you could only spawn from a set location but generally you were given a choice, including spawning off a teammate. This game you can spawn off a teammate but you aren't given a choice of whom. For instance I had a guy camp back and snipe. Cool for him, but I wanted to get rank my Assault class up and had to keep spawning off of him, brave sniper bullets across a riverbed just to die from a mortar strike once I get to the village…then do it again. My only other choice was to spawn in the base and go even further back from the front. Got very old, very fast. Several times I've caught enemy snipers get a line on a spawn and just wait for someone to spawn in, boom dead……5 seconds later….boom dead….by the same guy.

    I think this game has tons of potential. It just needs some tweaking done to the multiplayer to make it on par or even surpass MW2. If they made the teams smaller, and fixed the spawning that alone would do wonders…So overall multiplayer experience 4/10.

  • JJAbrams


    Do not buy it.

    If people are saying it's better than CoD, apparently that means they enjoy spawn killing, poorly designed maps, lag, pop-ins, and a host of other issues that make this POS seem like a beta.

    Repeat: Do not waste your money.

  • Laird

    I bought it and played it for 4 hours last night. It's awesome. Mulitplayer destroys COD. It look and plays awesome. Seroiusly, I've ben a die hard COD fan for years this game's Mulitplayer is truly better than anything COD has put out. It remains to be seen what BO will offer, but MOH multi is worth every penny.

  • dopeboy

    i think this game is epic. i love the campain, graphics are so amazing. (anyone who thinks the graphics suck well go buy an lcd you cheap fucks) i have experienced 2 glicht during campain but hey it could of been worst *cough* mw2. multiplayer requires SKILLS unlike mw2 were you have stupid perks like commando and hardline to make you noobs think your good but you suck in reality. this is why the majority of mw2 fagboys bash on games like bc2 and moh because they need training wheels and pullups to play a game.

  • Worst FPS In Years!

    I’ve been gaming for 20 years now. I buy pretty much every blockbuster title that drops. Never sell them because of unfair resale prices. I bought MoH on Tuesday and sold it on Craigslist for $35 on Wednesday.This game is worthless. If you don’t believe me, please rent before you buy. I feel completely swindled by EA and fell victim to impressive viral and television marketing. This game is lacking in every category. So sad to see the MoH series end with such disgrace. And believe me, this is the end.

    • MOH sucks

      Thank you. You sound like the only adult on this thread. E.A is crap!

    • jeme

      I'v been gaming for 30 years now. Started on Sinclair ZX81. Yeah, I'm OLD 🙂

      It is one of the best FPSes I ever played, and I'm playing more or less every shooter since Wolfenstain. The first one of course. the campain is very short though. 5-6 hours of gameplay is not enough, it leaves you wanting for more.

      I suppose renting a game is illegal, but if you have any doubts, try to check it out somewhere – if your friend bought it, or at some demo booth at game store.

  • Jake

    The single player isn't at all bad, I just don't like the flow between both the campaign and the online. The multiplayer is amazing; very challenging/competitive. It has by far, the best sound I've ever heard in a video game.
    Get this game and stop comparing everything to MW2!

  • Jake

    The single player isn't at all bad, I just don't like the flow between the campaign and the online. The multiplayer is absolutely fantastic, very challenging/competitive.
    Hands down this game has the best audio I've ever heard!
    Get this game and stop fucking relating everything to MW2!

    • MOH sucks

      Read the description for "Sector Control" in game. It says it is a "Domination" style game.


  • HighDroed

    I also plowed thru the campaign on hard in around 5 or 6 hours.many glitches.i had one where voodoos hatchet was floting in midair next to the corpse instead of in the guys head.i walked clean thru a barn door that was closed.had a few mission advance glitches as well..i mean honestly i was let down.i didnt expect much from the mp..i mean cmon..its EA..theyre servers are always crap..ea will continue to gooble up respected beloved franchises..slap theyre stamp on them..and push them thru..i felt like i was playing a original medal of honor rehash.couldve been better..

  • Todd

    I have to agree with user Activisionsucks, both his name and his comment sum up my won feelings. If your a seasoned fps player who likes a challenge, play MOH! Ignore the sheep. If your a 12 year old n00b fuck off back to COD

    • assholefaceman

      totally agree, left MW2 because it got old fast and was boring to play after 6mnths got BC2 fuckin awesome no people glitching the game to further themselves. Instead i now get msgs from the ex COD Noobs goin " you shot me with an RPG and im crying about it!!!" just for the record no one cares.MOH is awesome and not with out it faults but things can be fixed , MW2 has done it and DiCE spent the last 6 mnths adjusting the multiplayer with patches. If you do want a challenge play this game if not why bother wasting your time commenting on a game that you probably havent even played.

      • MOH sucks

        What challenge? Please answer with a complete thought. They copied "Domination." Even check out Sector Control's help tips and they describe it as a "Domination" type game. You sound like someone who got owned in MW2 or COD4 and got tired of it. Once I get to lvl 15 with I dunno 3!!!! Yes you got it 3!!!!!!!!!! classes. WOW 3 classes is soooo challenging to do….. The gameplay is about 2 years old. And wait, they add more game modes less than a month after the release, GREAT let's check it…. Oh wait, I have to pay an additional fee. Really?

        Only positive in comparison to modern day FPS is the sound. The game sounds great, but lack of content. And before you reply with the game is epic there is SO much, TDM has 4 levels to play, and Sector Control has 4. Really? Considering I was one of the closed Beta players I feel that E.A has screwed me over with this DLC crap.

        I played the game and this game sucks. Plain and simple. That says nothing about the work our soldiers have done. It just says E.A sucks at representing their efforts in a video game.

  • usuallydon'tcomment

    Its just something to do until Black Ops comes out. Nothing new or breathe taking at all. Rent it.

  • Trustme

    Bad reviews do not put me off, but more importantly, take this advice:
    DO NOT trust ANYONE giving MoH reviews and who are not buying ALL major first person shooters. Why? Because a) don't trust poor people, and b) don't trust people not passionate about shooters.

  • DJ2103

    Back and forth, everyone has their own opinion so who cares. I prefer realism and I respect the soldiers fighting over seas for us so I wont hate on a game mostly based on them

  • Activisionblows

    The critics ripped the crap out of CoDMW2 when it came out too, saying that the single player sucked and was too easy and too quick. They are both shooter games–what do they want, Hamlet in the middle east? "Forsooth, poor Habib, he is bereft of his head from the vile, infidel RPG."

    I played the MoH single player last night and saw nothing wrong with it, no bugs yet (but then again, I haven't had it that long). It crashed once on my system, but it’s the same video card bug that crashes my CoDMW2 game regularly, so no surprise there, it's on my end. The game has a different look, but it’s washed out on purpose, for atmosphere. The weapons are a tad more realistic and harder to shoot than CoDMW2. MoH is basically a merge of the best of CoDMW2 and Battlefield Bad Company and it's more Battlefield than CoD if you know both games.

    The selling point for me is dedicated servers and no freaking Steam. I can't tell you how refreshing it was to just pop in a disc into my PC and play.

    [1] No worrying that if Steam is down I can't play the game I paid for
    [2] No waiting in a freaking lobby for 10 minutes for a lousy, buggy peer-to-peer connection to a game
    [3] No peer-to-peer hosting, (in MW if the host player quits in a gamer nerdboy rage, the whole match tanks)
    [6] And most important, I can pick exactly what server I want to play on, and just go play, no waiting

    The console fanboys may not think much of it, but for PC gamers it's everything CoDMW2 should have been (if Activision actually gave a crap about their PC market–which they don't). Activision will not get another penny out of me. It was a great franchise once that got driven into the ground by poor management decisions.

    Black ops is a simple minded shoote'm up clone of MW2. Nothing new or innovative there (it's just the same repackaged Activision crap). Eventually the better players will gravitate to MoH and leave the mindless console kiddies to CoD.

    • buzzed974

      I agree! I respect what they tried to do being a US soldier and all but this game sucks. And yes we do play it while overseas. Its a great repensitation of us but instead of just throwing something out to make Christmas money they should have taken there time with this one. It has great potential it could have better out COD but simply put they rushed it.

    • MOH Sucks

      This game is not good. They charge for content that should have been included with the game. Anyone supporting that kind of rip-off does not hold value in the adult work for your own world. If you are some kid then whatever.

  • Fedupwithfakereviews

    Well that settles it I am NOT buying this game, over and over I hear bad comments about it and the few that aren't bad are either idiots or working for with the company creating the game.

  • Jesse

    I personally thought that it was a good game, although i haven't beaten the campaign fully yet, the game switches the pace nicely and although there are minor frame rate issues I thought that the sound, feel, and visuals are top notch. I think that the developers have made the game so realistic that people just aren't used to the realism and would rather the gameplay be like what COD develops. I think its a good balance between BFBC2 and MW2.

  • Chris

    I bought this game for my 360 today with high expectations and was completely let down.

    The singleplayer's graphics are not up to par with competing franchises, COD, Halo, etc… In the first level I experienced three major glitches I should never easily find in a properly tested game:

    1. Enemies spawning right before my eyes

    2. Friendly NPCs stuck and running in place

    3. I had to restart the previous checkpoint because my character got stuck in an area and the game would not advance. This happened on the part where you have to flank the machinegun nest, I got up on the roof like i was supposed to, once there i couldn't move off of it and the RPG attack never triggered. This happened twice in a row.

    Moving on… the end of the third or fourth mission you watch an AC-130 flying away after you successfully destroy a SAM site. The only problem is, the plane doesn't fly away, the object sits there, unmoving in the sky as if it isn't even an object, just a painting. Really? What year is this? Did the programmers just get lazy? Did they miss it? It looks cheesy as hell! You may think I'm nitpicking too much but I expect quality if I'm shelling out $60 for a game.

    Anyway, after all that, I hoped the singleplayer would get better… it doesn't. I've seen people complain that the campaign is short. It is, I beat it on HARD in 6 hours, but the real issue is the crappy story telling. From the beginning until the end, I found myself not giving a shit about what was going on. There were no intense, cinematic moments like in MW2 or Halo:Reach. Even Bad Company 2, which has a fairly weak singleplayer, takes a shit all over this game. You could argue that this game is very much like real life – so there is no room for hollywood-esque moments. Great. I don't buy video games so I can play real life. I buy video games because they're supposed to be fun not fucking boring as hell.

    Enough about the singleplayer.

    I was looking forward to multiplayer after I mopped up the campaign, especially after I found out that it uses the same engine as BC2 and was supposedly modeled after the best parts of MW2 and BC2. Well, if you are into run and gun matches like MW2 or Halo offer, its not up to par: loadout choices are extremely limited and the game comes with only a few, small maps for Team Deathmatch. If you are into working with your team to complete objectives, don't bother leaving your BC2, it doesn't live up.

    Basically it seems that this whole project was rushed. If it wasn't, I don't know what the fuck happened. I understand that a lot of hard work went into the game but I feel like that bearded guy on the cover came to my house and said convincingly if I sucked his dick it would end well for me. WELL IT FUCKING DIDN'T!

    My advice? Wait for something better to come along, or rent it and see for yourself. Also, keep in mind, I am playing the 360 version. Graphics may look better on PS3 and PC, which is usually par for the course.

    • guest

      chris you are a grade 1 oxygen thief, keep your bile filled biased views to yourself you complete and utter faliure

      • guest

        that was a waist of my time reading that because you said you use the xbox say that at the begining.

    • guest

      I'm sorry to tell you this, but your 360 is a crap.

  • TeddyWereBear

    Don't miss this game. F*** Call of Duty. This is an absolute beast of a game. Apart from the spectacular campaign the multiplayer is not to be missed. The maps are amazingly detailed and feel alive with activity at all times. They are not small at all. Oh and for "Blob" who said the environment doesn't give you any realistic cover, just rocks and stuff………wtf do you think realistic cover in Afghanistan would be? It's nice to use the environment as natural cover instead of just sticking crates and boxes everywhere like in Gears of War. The audio presentation is mind blowing. I don't know who these people are that are saying the graphics suck……that couldn't be farther from the truth this game is beautiful. At the end of the day you need to make up your own mind, don't run around the internet looking for what other people think of the game, just play it for yourself.

    • todd

      I agree with everything you said!!

      • Alex

        Wow, you guys crack me up. Not sure what game you were playing. You bash COD, but I bet I'll run into you online playing Black Ops, which I at least respect the fact that they are trying something different with the wager matches. MOH is just the same ole, same ole. Booooooooooooring.

  • Joel

    I finished the campaign, and was particularly moved by the ending. I understand IGN's complaints however. But this will easily occupy my time from now until Black Ops.

  • Illinitroy

    online mode is garbage…epic fail…campaign is very good

  • DopeBoyGhost

    i got the game the campain is epic graphic and gameplay wise but the online is ok. i just dont like that all the maps llo similar and are small i taught the multiplayer would be better then bc2 but hopefully they will have mappacks and add vehicles like bc2 does.

  • JLP

    single player is awesome but multiplayer more than makes up for it… sucks big time…

  • Phil

    Sat and played the game with a buddy for two hours this afternoon. Can't speak for the campaign mode, but multiplayer was quite fun. We didn't make it past four maps, and what we played, we enjoyed. The vistas are simply amazing on a huge HDTV! Colors are bright and overall experience was entertaining….we just found our next "time waster" for our lunch breaks! Still looking forward to COD: BO. Problem is, we all got spoiled from MW, that we're constantly looking for the next best thing. Gonna be pretty hard to outdo the grand daddy of modern warfare style games. I'm sure everything that comes out will be picked apart by reviewers and gamers alike….it all comes down to personal preference. Go play it before you spit on it…form your own educated opinion.

    • DeViouSsSs

      And Phil, another piece of sound advice, a rare find in a world of sound-bites.
      <form your own educated opinion>

  • DNumbers

    I think that alot of you missed the point on this one here… This game is actually very very authentic in it's information, battles and settings… I am a Former Special Operations Soldier, and must say that I was very impressed with all of the little details… "Have a Good'un" Being one of them.. For those who went through certain training, would surely recognize this… As well as being one of the first to go into Afganistan… I can tell you some of these battles are recognizable as well.. Although not historic and fully detailed… The hold a very familar view. Perhaps the bad reviews are simply people being people, staying with what they are best at, and not trying new things that might challenge them… After all.. This is a game… If you think you are bad ass because you play a game, I challenge you to get out of your gaming chair and actually join the fight……… I commend them on the making of this game, and I really enjoyed it! Buy this game! It is awesome… If you buy it to find faults, then you will! Just like anything else… Buy it and enjoy it! That is what it is for..

    • DeViouSsSs

      Excellent point you made…"If you buy it to find faults"
      The games purpose, entertain.
      Will it? You bet – and do so, well.

    • Kyle

      soldier or not, this game sucks. i have been following this online for awhile and it's total let down. i was not looking for faults, but they are right there in your face. don't talk down to us gamers who aren't soldiers as if we don't know anything about fps games. this game was not challenging. it was boring. bottom line. reality check.

      • dnumbers

        Kyle.. I am not talking down on gamers… I am one as well. However, I think that perspective is sometimes lost with the desire for a homerun every hit! This game is not game of the year… But it is good enough to have fun playing… I myself enjoyed alot of little details that were added in it that alot of people miss… I alos try not to poo on games and fanchises too much because it is the sales of games like this that keep our hobby alive! If people do not buy game, then game manufacturers go under, and then we have nothing….. I know you are most likely far better than I am, or ever will be a gaming… Especially FPS's… I guess I just see things differently, and share a different opinion… As far as reality checks are concerned, I believe that you are a bit out of your league when it comes to reality…..

    • amikafobe

      who the hell wants authenticity in a video game? I want fun, and this game has NONE of that. sniper rifles with no bullet drop, spawns that are static and NEVER move, being able to see one spawn from the entire other side of the map in your spawn = FAIL. this game is pure and utter CRAP.

  • johm

    It's not bad… not great though. It will keep ya busy till COD Black Ops

    • Alex

      It might interest you to know that Black Ops is one of the worst fps games I've ever played.

      • Winters

        Black Ops is one of the worst games you’ve ever played? I hate to tell you but it isn’t even out yet. So may I say fail on your behalf?

  • blob

    I personally read bad reviews that set me off from buying the game too. my reasoning is that i've heard the maps are all relatively small (and i hate CQC games) and so 12 v 12 on a small map is a clusterfuck. secondly i don't want it primarily because i've heard that the single player is awesome for what features it has (destructible environments

  • blob

    I personally read bad reviews that set me off from buying the game too. my reasoning is that i've heard the maps are all relatively small (and i hate CQC games) and so 12 v 12 on a small map is a clusterfuck. secondly i don't want it primarily because i've heard that the single player is awesome for what features it has (destructible environments, slide behind cover, lean in and out of cover, etc), but none of that stuff has been transferred over to multiplayer because EA didn't make it. Other things about it just don't seem too realistic, I've heard that the maps don't provide anything interesting for cover aside from rocks and blocks of stuff (something sorta like CS games). Lastly i've heard that the detail in everything is pretty lackluster and won't be exciting when you compare it to competitive games. All in all is that i wish the singleplayer features were offered in multiplayer and want more variety of map sizes.

    • DNumbers

      I heard… Someone said…. Lastly I've heard… Holy cow.. YOu are giving it a bad review, and you have not even played the game for yourself… I just do not understand this reasoning…. Play the game before you bad mouth it….

  • Devo

    put in about 4 hours last night/this morning. 3 online, one in the campaign, and I love it. graphics are great, competition is heavy, and I do like the fact that certain game modes actually promote team work vs the constant run and gun of COD

  • jay

    I didn't listen to reviews, The reason why I love first person shooters is because of the MOH series, so I gave it a shot and I think it's awesome and very realistic and a lot of fun. so

  • Zach

    This game is terrible, should have saved my money for black ops. Taking this crap back tomorrow.

  • spazdaq

    games cost to much to find out the hard way that it sucks. i'll wait for more reviews and word of mouth from people who enjoy the same games as me.

    • Roflogan

      rent it bro

  • nick

    i bought the game, ive played about 5 hours. its amazing. im done with COD. i will not buy BO my next buy will be for battlefield bad company 2 and then 3. (the beta code for 3 comes with MoH)

  • Gamer

    I cancelled over the graphical issues and pop-in.

  • Unghetnerton

    Sure! Not just it has put me off, but I picked my pre-ordered copy from GameStop Canada today. After work, I am heading straight back to the store for refund. Going back to my well trusted Bad Company 2.

    • Luke Tinius

      This is absolutely stupid. The IGN UK review was written by a MW fanboy. The game has very few issues and is an absolute blast. The reviewer at IGN needs to be shot for being so overly biased. I mean MW is the DEFINITIVE game when it comes to making it nothing more than a turkey shoot. IGN has NO merit whatsoever.

      • C3PS3

        What the hell.. Bad company 2 was/is CRAP! hahah what the F

      • Illinitroy

        Grow up…you have no ides who wrote that review…its one person's opinion. Rent it and make your own judgment.

    • bobby

      true that brother,got nothing on bfbc2. you only unlock the same fu*&ng gun,exact same stats just a "veteran version"??? and tooooooooons of hit reg. issues<shoot someone half a clip and they dont die or my personal fav. an rpg point blank,Sat and let my buddy play and no sh*t watched him do that from 10 feet away!!! no kill!! direct body hit<dude shoots him with a shotgun and boom. he's dead. everone i know hates it. sorrry,they tanked on this one!

      • bobby

        oh,Aand no. any of you are wrong,no team work because you cant spawn together or see what team mate is which. random spawn over and over….

    • Kyle

      Dude i agree. TOTALLY. I bought it, i played three online matches. I plan on returning it first thing in the morning. It is TERRIBLE!!!
      I cant wait for Battlefield: Bad Company 3