Limesn0w iOS 4.1 Unlock: GeoHot Release for iPhone 4, 3GS?

By Alan Ng - Oct 12, 2010

iPhone users have only just come to terms with the release of jailbreaking tool Limera1n for iOS 4.1 devices, but now it has been revealed that an unlock method by the same creator may also be available in the future.

As reported from RedmondPie, there apparently has been a circulation of fake images and videos all suggesting that Geohot, creator of Limera1n is working on ‘Limesn0w’, and that it will unlock basebands 05.14.02 and 2.10.04 basebands on iOS 4.1 for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

However, the details have been confirmed to be fake by Geohot himself, but at the same time, also confirms that there is an official geohot domain for

Here is the solitary message which greets users on the Limesn0w website:

”This will never be real. Media, understand it. ~geohot”

As you can see over at RedmondPie, the website sign-up details all point towards George Hotz, so those hoping for an unlock on iOS 4.1 after jailbreaking with Limera1n may not have to wait too far.

Are you waiting for an unlock from Geohot?

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  • rano

    Hi, i have Iphone 4 4.1 is still unlock. when can i get limera?

    • manolo

      tomorow! 😉

  • Vad

    fuck you apple!!!

  • Andajames

    waiting now it's coming soon here my 3pcs iphone baseband 05.14.02

  • The_Don

    This program and hacker is top notch


    LimesoDa next lol

    I donated $10 on my jailbreak

    Tried mrs phone but locked to another network

    But once unlock is out will be sure to donate again

    To the creator

    Keep it rockin guys cheers

  • Mike

    Guys, any1 know when the release to unlock 02.10.04 will come ??? i can't use my iphone 4 🙁 Geohot i'll donate 20$ if i get it 🙁

  • Cbaa

    baseband 02.10.04 not supported by fuzzyband yet

  • juanP

    I agree that we should donate them! dont be selfish. They work for us, to help us. I dont want to pay $150 to have an international version while just $1 or $2 and I can get it. So why not. vote for them. Anyway, I'm still waiting for 4.1 02.10.04 unlock anyway. 🙂

  • Dragsn0w

    I think it´s a big fake from Geohot!

  • osakun

    well….we all need a new jailbreak and new unlocking tool….but why the F*** the operator should locking their product…it's the free market in the wolrd now…they should compete in new way. not locking the phone…..

  • INewbie

    Thanks John, any idea how to downgrade baseband on 3gs 4.1? Anyways I also will gladly donate now that I know where to go. Unfortunately the other con artists got 29.99 from me, could have given that to the proper people instead. don't fall for these sites who charge you to unlock your phone. Its all free

  • John


    @Mai, there is already a way to unlock iPhone 3G by first you have to downgrade the baseband using fuzzyband, search it in Cydia, no extra repo required to add it!!

    Downgrade the baseband and then unlock it using ultrasn0w!!

    It works, 4.1 unlocked 3G. thanks

  • Abaska

    hahahahaahahhahahahaha RYAN r u spacial-lest in that !!!!!!!!!!!!
    u need to do it before and after so they will be faster lool

  • ryan

    ill give the hacker a blowjob if he releases that dman unlock once and for all

  • Ricardo

    I guess limesn0w is really true!!! Geohot just posted on his twitter…

    _Geohot: This will never be real. Media, understand it. ~geohot . It's joke. 🙂 Waiting.
    Friday, October 15, 2010, 5:53:37 PM
    _Geohot: This will never be real. Media, understand it. ~geohot . It's joke. 🙂 Waiting.

  • Ricardo

    have a New iphone 4 never opened the box just waiting for limesn0w to come…
    where do i donate?
    GeoHotz we believe you can make this thing happen!
    thanks for all hackers and the hard work put into this!

  • jaybone

    I have an iPhone 4 just sitting in a drawer because its locked… Need you now limesn0w!!!!

  • diante

    im ready been ready to unlock my iphone 4 on 4.1 i have my iphone 4 just sittin her waitin to b used

  • helpme

    see how stupid i am, i have 3GS ver 4.0.2 i accidently upgraded it thru itune to 4.1 🙁 how do i unlock this piece of junk ? its baseband is updated too, its 04.15.02 now.

    an idiot guy <me>

    • Vinny

      dude, i was stuck on 3G with 4.1 and firmware 5.14, after a lot of research i upgraded to 4.2 and the the used redsnow 9.6b5 which allowed me to patch the firmware of ipad which is 6.1 and then using ultrsn0w i was able to jailbreak and unlock the bb. I am on track now with that device.. now my hunt is with Iph4 on 2.10.04

  • Stephan

    I totally agree with clawss001. We should donate lot more than $1. For those who make business on jailbreak n unlock out there, you guys should donate more and lot more…

  • Tbv

    Geohotz and other hackers work hard to give us these different jailbreaks. I donated $10 each time I used a new working jailbraking tool to the hacker/hackers that created them. These guys could easily tried to charge us all $50each per jailbreak.
    For the $10 I donated, I was able to jailbreak my iphone4, 3GS, and my son's new ipod touch 4G. I used Limera1n. The whole process was painless.
    These guys need some financial incentives from all of us to keep coming up with new jailbreaks and unlock.

    • Moataz Billah

      Yes sure .. you are totally right 🙂 let's imagine our cases without jailbreaks 🙂 we have to be thank full … for the haters I say : "either be thank full or shut your mouth and watch"

  • Garry

    Geohot is great!!!!!

  • Aart

    Well I donated as well. Without people like Geohotz, most of us would be out of luck. Not sure why everyone likes to bash him, after all he was the first that came out with the jailbreaks and unlocks which millions of us have enjoyed. Life to short to be a hater..

  • shawn

    is there any way to unlock 4.1 or not

  • Moataz Billah

    Yes, we have to donate, I did it myself and donated 10 $, he deserve it, cause he brought back my 800$ iphone to life, so 10 is not too much … let's do it all and donate and make the guy give us more jailbreak and more unlocks 🙂

  • kostas

    I am dying to get my iphone 4 unlocked to, stupid apple!!

  • Shikhar

    @Mai der is already a way to unlock iPhone 3G by first u hv 2 downgrade d baseband using fuzzyband search it in Cydia no extra repo required to add it!!

    Downgrade the baseband n den unlock it using ultrasn0w!!

  • Abi

    Hi, i m India.. Here iPhone 3GS 16 GB is Rs 35,500 (710$) and
    iPhone 3GS 32 GB is Rs 41,500 (830$).. So guessing by that, iPhone 4G will be around Rs 50,000 (1000$).
    I want to buy an iPhone 3GS. is any chance i can get it from US or somewhere it is less and get it unlocked here. Call me naive but i really don't know how much will unlocking cost me and everything. Can anyone help me getting an iPhone as i don't have any relatives outside India. Waiting

    • coste

      Abi you can get one from UK .. 16gb version is 499 pounds and 32gb is 599 .. try to convert the prices in your money and see how much will cost you but im pretty sure is lower than 1000$ ..

    • BIG Steve

      Ill send you my 16g 3GS jailbroken and unlocked for $650(including shipping).

    • sergei

      Hey I have 3Gs 32Gb white awesome condition$400+shipping and it is yours.

  • mike

    do u guys know when is the unlock coming out ? is it anytime soon ?

  • chicago bears

    you guys are dying to unlock your iphone 3G??? i have a 3G and im dying to get my iphone 4 unlocked for T-MOBILE

    • keezy

      me too!

    • diante

      me 3

      • Arman

        me 4

        • manolo

          me 35644689 🙁
          i have brain strokes tryin to figure this issue out.. 02.10.04 kills me! not even a thing worjed. my 4 is somethibg like a lab rat! hope to come out with a sollution soon cuz i do want o keep this product! 26 jan 2011!!!!!

  • iPhone users have some knowledge of jailbreaking.

  • MAI

    Yes! Yes! I'm dying here waiting the unlock! My Iphone 3G is usless accept for game and music.. 😉

  • clewss01

    i woud donate a lot more than a dollar. these guys are brilliant! keep it going guys im rooting for ya!!!!! I need this unlock because my country just charges huge amounts and it isnt fair.

  • Fenir

    Are you retarded or just incapable of reading? I mean you put it in italics for ducks sake.

    Just in case you think it's some sort of 'cute' stunt because it was 'registered by him' let me explain something to you. Of course it was! It was registered by him (as any sane person would) to prevent someone from spreading rumors of it's existence (and scamming end users)… he even went so far as to clue you in.. and you.. ah never mind it's not even worth it.

    • Chuckyfresh

      Fenir you are clueless my friend. You are taking Geohotz word. Do you understand how stupid you sound considering a couple of months ago, Geohot said he was leaving the jailbreak scene for good? The man is an attention junkie, but none the less, a genius attention junkie. I don’t believe a damn thing he says and you are retarded and/or ignorant if you believe a word he says. Geohot is the jailbreak scene’s Brett Favre. Make up your mind buddy

  • yabd

    If there are 2 millions of jailbreak users available, why don't we donate 1 dollar to the hackers so they can pay their bills and they can work full time in jailbreak and unlock for us. Is just 1 dollar!

    • Gmo

      I am agree with give some money, this guys does a wonderful work for us.

      • Grewal

        They should open one bank account in every country so we can make cash deposits no strings attached


      I also agree as I have many times assisted fellow friends and associates on discovering new ways to do things. I don't use the word hackers .. lol

    • Sopheak

      good idea!