Greenpois0n Jailbreak 4.1: No Mac Download – Your Windows Problems?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 12, 2010

Earlier today we announced that the Greenpois0n jailbreak for Windows was now live, this was particularly popular as a lot of people were having problems with Limera1n, therefore we thought we would see if many people are experiencing problems with Greenpois0n.

The good news is that we have received some comments suggesting that it is working pretty well, however as you would expect some people are still experiencing error messages etc.

I think it would be fair to say that Greenpois0n is not perfect as some people had to run it a few times before it worked, one reader suggests that not switching off their iPod Touch 3rd-gen (running iOS 4.1) at the start resulted in Greenpois0n working, so perhaps try that.

The most common problem seems to result in Greenpois0n saying that it cannot detect DFU mode, I have looked around for a fix to no avail, therefore if anyone knows of a workaround please let us know in the comments section below.

The Chronic Dev Team recently tweeted “if u need some help we are offering some support go to IRC: #greenpois0n”, I do not use IRC, however this could prove to be a very useful way of getting round all of your Greenpois0n problems. Another tweet explained that you must upgrade to iOS 4.1 on your iPhone/iPod Touch beforehand and 3.2.2 on your iPad.

Feel free to describe any problems you have in the comments section below, we will do our utmost to point you in the direction of fixes and workarounds when we find them.

Update: If you are still having problems check out the video embedded below, it has apparently helped some of our readers with the Limera1n and Greenpois0n jailbreak.

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  • SteveJ

    Everything went alright, but the Loader app isn't opening. It flashes, then goes back to the home screen. What should I do???

  • huh

    !! my ipod doesnt turn off after i do this…………

  • crafic


    Jailbreak was smooth on i4 but after some problems remains:

    – ambient sensor want work

    – problem with fly mode, sometimes can see orange aircraft icon but still can receive txt or incoming.. Sometimes can see just operator logo.. (after hard reset work ok for couple min and required reset again…)

    – problem with mobile data, need hard reset every couple minutes..

    This happens after jailbreak with greenp0ison

  • cristian

    the problem i have is that it can not detect the dfu mode and i tried atleast 50 times in two days im really getting tired of trying greep pioson is not working =/

  • Jeff

    Just jailbroke iphone 4 4.1. No issues other than not getting the timing right for DFU right the first try. Easy as pie!

  • Jo's

    Problem after JBreaking with GreenPois0n on my iphone4 ios4.1 – my previous apps does not launch! It only 'flash'. All main functions working fine.

  • frustrated

    I wish there was a jailbreak that actually WORKED more than it failed…

    • Dirtnap

      After screwing with these two programs for the few days I used Sn0wbreeze and it works really well.

  • Jay

    I have an ipod 3g 8gb and firmware 4.1, itunes 10.
    DFU mode cannot be detected. Iv been through all tutorials and youtube guides, tryed various things. Itunes detects the ipod but Greenpois0n doesnt see its in DFT and limera1n doesnt seem to work either. Any ideas?

  • mark

    i ithink i have done my iphone 3g and useld the loader to install cydia but now cydia is not present on screen only a white box have i done something wrong

  • sailor

    i got DFU mode and the green poison seems working as per the instruction……….but after DFU mode my ipod touch 3G goes to Recovery mode….still green poison says jail break success but i could not find any loader on the home screen……….any suggestion?

  • max

    i get no service carrier after jailbreak. already try with GP and LR… and i already try many time install repo666 ultrasn0w but it no help….

    • nitro

      no unlock is out yet you must have att

  • seb

    piece of shit program. nothing works ill try again next year

  • Matchy

    Got some problem after jailbreak, when sync with itunes, it will be auto removed.. help pls.

  • michal

    same problem here,
    3GS not detected by Limera or Greenpoison in DFU – only iTunes detects it
    something is wrong here 🙁

  • Chan

    Jailbreak Failed after numerous attempts on Ipad with version 3.2.2….

    Has anyone ran into this problem?

  • funkysy

    i Jailbreak my iphone4 with limera1n on sunday 10/10/10 without any issue and face time works a treat over 3g network. still going strong!!!!

  • Kyaktser

    trying to jailbreak iPod touch 3G 4.1 using Greenpois0n on my XP with no success. Cannot get past trying to get into DFU. Seeing the "Try Again" sign and reading the comments, it feels as if we are all in a lottery draw. Mostly 'Try Again' with an occasional 'winner'. 🙂 I had no luck with Limera1n either. What is this about preserving or saving the SHSH … I have not save anything prior to upgrading to 4.1. Could that be an issue?

  • Glenn

    Lost my carrier on iphone 4 after installing Greenpois0n. Can someone help please?

  • Kyaktser

    Limera1n worked great for my iPhone4 4.1 but not on my ipod touch 3G 4.1. Tried Greenpois0n for the ipod.. no luck so far. not able to get in DFU mode. Tried over 10 times and restored about 4 during that time. phew!

  • civicity

    do i have to have itunes running before jailbreaking??? please i need a fast answer

    • Andrea

      Actually, running greenpoison will automatically close itunes. So the answer is no.

  • I have just updated and jailbroken both my iPad and my iPhone 4 without a problem 🙂

    Follow instructions, u can’t go wrong!

  • yoyodog32

    tried restoring after dfu mode just starts up and nothing happens after that it won't exploit it please help iphone 4 4.1

  • pete goodall

    tried both GP and limera1n, both didnt work for me so now in erasing iphone back to factory settings then i will try again , maybe its an issue with windows 7. if it dont work this time i will try it on xp, i will let you know later

  • danielichu96

    I have the DFU problem. I have tried 10 times but always the same… it dont find DFU mode.
    Help Pleasee

  • Ipod touch 2g

    Can any one help me with Ipod touch 2g MC model 4.1 jailbreak.. Please
    thanks !

  • Rory

    Worked fine on a clean install of iOS 3.2.2 on an iPad 16gb wifi.


  • mavrik

    i have a mac too been sittin waiting for greenpoison or limera1n still no mac BS!!!! wtf so ppl who have macs r stuck w half a phone i have 3 macs this is so fair


    my only PROBLEM is what happened to the MAC versions in both jailbreaks can someone answer that and i know im not the only one that feels that way……..AND I HAVE A MAC!!!!!

    • earlenie

      you're not the only one! Same over here dude!!!!! >.<
      i wana jailbreak my iphone 4 sooooo baddddddddd!!!!!

    • Inked Up Marketing

      Um, yep, I think the devs are huge douche bags for leaving us out…. Sorry, I know its rude, but come on, really?!?!?!

    • MAC2

      It's time for you to buy a PC , just in case of need like today…

  • zippersniffer


    Waited and waited for “perfect” gp. Found out gp wouldn’t do 3GS and older idevices. Saw limera1n and jb was flawless after iTunes was updated to 10.0.1

    Chronoic douche team 0

    Geohot 1

    3GS mc model, new bootrom

  • Jon

    I downloaded limera1n jailbreak and greenpois0n came out today Which is the better jailbreak and why?

  • Geoff

    Greenpois0n jailbreak worked fine for me. I have iTunes 10 and iOS 4.1 — followed the instructions on the program and everything worked smoothly.

  • steve

    can someone please help me, it works when i reset all settings and data, but then i have no carrier on my iphone 4

    • Glenn

      Happened to me too…any answers?

  • Dirtnap

    GP will not detect DFU for me, and Limra1n get stuck in DFU mode, then Recovery loop >:(

    • ollie

      me neither.. did you work it out yet?

      • Dirtnap

        I tried, but to no avail…good luck

  • ronald difficile

    Gigolo Haiti said : It took me 5 times to get it worked. I had to restore the phone several times til it works. I do not think the Shatter Exploit works fine because after restoring the last time . I lost the Loader icon. Meaning : shouldnt this JB be forever? need suggestions

    • gRenGe

      Shatter exploit is not being used in this Jailbreak.