Greenpois0n for iPhone 4 & iOS 4.1: Download Now

By Jamie Pert - Oct 12, 2010

If you have been experiencing problems with Geohot’s Limera1n jailbreak we have some good news for you, the ChronicDevTeam has today launched the Greenpois0n jailbreak for iPhone 4 and iOS 4.1.

They revealed this in a tweet earlier today, sadly only the Windows version is up at the moment, however there is a Mac version being developed which will be coming soon.

You can download the Greenpois0n jailbreak here, the download itself is just 347kb in size and contains one exe, you can see a screenshot from the app at the end of this post.

The Greenpois0n jailbreak works with iPhone 4, iPhone 3G S, iPod touch (4th and 3rd Gen) and iPad, if you are using Greenpois0n on your iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1 you must use TinyUmbrella (here) to preserve your baseband.

Some early users suggest that Greenpois0n does not work, therefore we would appreciate your feedback in the comments section below.

Did Greenpois0n work for you? (Please state what device you was using and what Windows version you are running).

Source: ChronicDevBlog

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  • Jaks

    Had no probs jailbreaking my new Iphone 4 with Greenpois0n but my 3G 8gb one I gave the gf only gets a try again message. DFU mode is there but keeps saying the phone is not off. Try Again

    Guess i'll just add to the list of the same question lol..

    You guys that are freaking out and being azzheads need to chill a bit. A solution will come.

  • Brian Burwell

    I have windows vista and a second gen 8gb itouch. The jailbreak went great. I was worried at first cause the begging screen looked like what i had seen from bricked itouche's but it actually turned out to have less bugs than jail So id give this a five out of five for jailbreaks.

  • Nate the Great

    I have used every Jailbreak that has ever come out on my iPhone 3G 8GB; however I tried this on a 16GB iPhone 3G and neither limera1n nor Greenpois0n worked on neither Windows XP or Mac OS X ver. 10.5.8 platforms. I download on Mac and it did not even work. On Windows it went through the start up but not in the DFU mode. In other words some is wrong here.

  • FailJailbreaks012

    i have a itouch 3g on 4.1

    limerain-said sucessfully jailbroke but no limera1n icon

    greenpois0n-keeps saying try again

    both dont work for some reason

  • ob1

    Tried GP 51 Times now thinking i must be getting timing wrong using iphone 3g 4.1 maybe this should be renamed as greenpish!

  • Brinley Ang

    Greenpois0n did not work for me on 3GS 4.1 new boot rom. Took a couple of attempts to get it to detect the phone in dfu mode, seems like I needed to follow the prompts exactly to the seconds to get it to recognise dfu mode. When it finally got recognised, it finished the jailbreak successfully but I couldnt find cydia anywhere? Anyway, tried limera1n and it worked successfully on first attempt.

  • malcolms

    I just tried this on my new iPhone 4 with 4.1 firmware and it worked like a charm, also, I made sure to backup my .shsh files first with TinyUmbrella. 🙂

  • TheDood

    used Greenpois0n to jailbreak 3gs with new bootrom but seems to be a little laggy when opening/using apps and moving around in the OS.

  • laika

    ipad 3.2.2 windows xp greenpois0n cannot see ipad in DFU (windows does)
    ipad 3.2.2 linux, greenpois0n shuts when ipad enters DFU

  • Levi

    it works for me 3 times already with different idevices….2 ipod touch 4gen and 1 iphone 3gs 4.1…

  • Jens

    Had the same problem with Greenpois0n telling me that jailbreak failed and I had to try again.

    Downloaded limera1n instead.

    Turned on iPhone, open iTunes and started limera1n, followed the on screen instructions.

    First shot, iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1 jailbreaked, now with Cydia and Installous running. Worked like a charm.

    Shitty greenpois0n!!

  • salaammaker

    I'm using iphone 3GS, 4.1 ios and found that the jailbreak worked until I installed Cydia. It's just a blank icon on my phone. When I click on it to load, it starts then immediately closes again. Help?

  • Mark

    Greenpois0n is not working on iphone 4 4.1(8B117). Ive tried both Windows XP and 7. Not too sure whats going on. Ive also tried Limera1n which is not working either.

  • botnick

    have an iphone 4 with ios 4.1. This jailbreak bricked my iphone. Spent all day restoring everyting back to the way it was. Used the jailbreak on windows xp.

  • nodster

    Works perfectly on iPad 3.2.2. Make sure you have iTunes 10 and that it is open when you do the jailbreak.

    • frank

      great stuff! seems to work for me, too. Ipad 16G wifi on 3.2.2 with windows 7. I have itune 10.0.1 and it was on when I run greenposion!!!!!!

  • Gavin

    This is so stupid EVERYONE WITH A 3RD GEN 2 GEN MC MODEL 4.1 Is posting Can;t detect DFU mode just saying "Try Again" Why isn't anyone helping us ffs this site is suppost to help and it's not helped me in the least! And Gp promised a better Jb then all the others well it's sucks!!!only iphone 4gs work!

    • stevenk

      yeahhh man, i have a 3gen 8gb running4.1 os and yuup not detected, fucking chun tings

  • Tyrone

    Will it work on iPod touch 2g mc model

  • A2tHeD2030

    greenpois0n n limera1n are the same jb peeps n they both have problems the SAME problems.
    1 u lose reception alot n then u gotta trun ur iphone off n bk on again to get ur bars bk.
    2 u keep getting a msg popping up telling u u are low on disk space please reboot.
    i get this everytime i play a game try it n see for ur selfs.
    n 3 same of the themes dont look right n font dont work when u try to change the writing only the clock does.

  • Lily

    I have an ipod touch 2nd gen and ive tried JB about 15 times. It just doesnt work

  • rex

    if you get the error message "try again" and greenpois0n is not detecting the dfu mode, try again and make sure on the last step to release the power button beforee the iphone turns on again..or just make sure you follow the second countdown just as the program asks u to

  • Mohamed

    Me too iPod 3G 8Gb, not worked on limera1n and also in greenpois0n
    I'v tried everything, and nothing is working
    i hat myself
    What can I do ???????????????

  • crap

    Greenpois0n doesnt detect the DFU mode, although the phone is clearly on DFU mode.

  • ziad`

    i am using ipod touch 2 g mc and it sucks it doesnt notice dfu mode and when i use limera1n it goes exploting 3 seconds later done with no picturei wish there was another way of jailbreaking.

  • manuel alejandro

    i'm i the only person that nor greeenpois0n or limera1n work on their ipods??? With u can help me please reply.. This is getting me frustuated

  • Julio

    Im having the same problem with my Ipod Touch 3g (8gb) 4.1…it keeps saying Try Again, im starting to think that these jailbreak doesnt support these model because im not the only person saying the same thing, also limera1n doesnt work.

  • Jamie

    Have an ipod touch 3rd gen 8 gb with ios 4.1, i am running windows, tried the newest greenpois0n but it keeps saying try again even though i followed all the steps

  • ipharma

    worked as a charm for my ipod touch 2g mc model running on 4.1

    • Matt

      What version of iTunes ?

  • zak

    all these jailbreaks are pathetic, they say one thing but do the other
    same with the others 3rg ipod touch 4.1, says it works, BUT IT DOES NOT, this is crap as all hell i think we have all waited long enough for a good proper jailbreak, so bring one out! (that actualy works this time please)

  • Alvaro

    Doesn't work on iPhone 3G. Won't recognize DFU.

  • Kristopher

    Having same problem as everyone else. limera1n wont do anything. Just says done and not putting loader on ipod 3rdgen 8gb. Greenpois0n keeps saying try again. I have restored my ipod appx. 5 times now and still nothing. wtf? Anyone have a solution? Thanks!

  • Wubes

    Actually my ipod may be 3g but most people say its just an updated version of the normal 2g its on firmware 4.1 8g running MC model

  • Wubes

    Greenpoison doesn't recognize it when i put it into DFU mode and it just says try it again even though it is in DFU mode… im using the ipod touch 2g 8g 4.1 MC model

    • marsh

      same need help

  • krip

    iphone 3GS new bootrom iOS 4.1 windows xp tried greenpoison rc3 thrice and still not jailbroken .A blank loader app icon shows up from where i was able to install cydia but it wont open.
    Tried both on and off methods of connecting the iphone before opening greenpoison.

    • salaammaker

      this happened to me too. everything worked until i installed Cydia. Cydia is blank and once I click on it, it immediately closes. this seems to be the only problem.

  • jCoke

    I tried and tried with my iPhone4 turned off and on, then I realised my Internet/Anti-Virus Program was blocking it, so I just had to grant it all access and It work like a charm!.


    I used geohots limerain worked like a charm on my Iphone 4 4.1 will try Greenp0isons and see what happens.

  • BEn

    mine just keeps on saying try again and i dont know if its going into DFU mode PLEASE FIX THIS because if you look above you could a fair few comments saying 'It keeps saying Try Again'

  • Rumur

    Hi, does anyone know if GP does unlocking also I have IP4 4.1 locked in AT&T but like to use the phone in Europe?

  • guest

    myne didnt work 3 times and im usin a ipod 3rd gen. ive dun swichted on and off but both didnt work. it gets stuk in dfu and wont be recognised in the greenpois0n exe.

  • ronson

    Coz its hands down the best OS?

  • JTizzle

    Explain to me why Windows gets the jailbreak first and not Mac since the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad are all Apple products!?!?!?!?!

    • sianyde

      cuz apple didn't develop the jailbreak?

  • keith

    limera1n totally rocks …i got my iphone 3gs iso 4.1 in a first go ……try and enjoy

  • ipodtouch23527

    just keep getting try again, followed it word for word

  • neil

    hi tried again nothing still says "try again" im on windows 7 with ipod touch 3g with4.1 please help

  • Don

    Tried to unlock using the 3rd version of GreenPois0n but failed on my XP machine. I have an iPhone 4 using iOS 4.1 and it runs through the jailbreak and fails everytime. I have tried about a dozen times with itunes up and off. Not sure what is going on?

  • me12345

    Well green worked and Chronic doesn't ….Simple!

  • Louis torraca

    I tried downloading the windows link

    This morning before work (0730 CST), but it didn’t work. I’ll try again when I get home! I did download limera1n over the weekend and installed it, but I found it to be buggy, and I could not

    Transfer my mywi license over through Cydia. My3g did not work at all with FaceTime! I think limera1n was too rushed in an attempt to make

    Chronic look bad! Good move on holding off chronic, of your gonna put your name on a job, make sure it’s the best job you can do

  • tareq

    works great on iphone4 4.1. Windows 7 Ult 64-bit.

    Installs "loader" on homescreen which installs cydia.

  • Conz

    I jailbroke my ipod touch 3G on ios4.1 with no problems

  • syed

    i have iphone 3g 4.1…. will this greenpoison work for my phone…..need a reply…

  • iknowyou

    do this if your having problems jailbreaking
    worked for me

  • 3forall

    can I use GP on an iphone 3G 4.1 out of AT&T? Is GP also a unlocking piece os art?
    the phene never been JB or unlocked.

  • adalricus

    I'm using ipod touch 3G with iOS 4.1, and now i'm able to jailbreak my ipod touch and installed cydia… i didn't swich off my device as it says on its home screen but follow the pressing buttons like it says on the following screen…. Thank you Jamie Pert… 🙂

    • jamie

      How did you do it? I have an ipod touch 3g and 4.1 firmware but it cant detect the ipod is in dfu mode.

      • adalricus

        Once you open Greenpois0n, it says "please power off your device and connect it to begin", don't switch off your ipod touch.. but then, it'll ask u to press/release the buttons.. i just followed that (except switching off)… and my itunes popped up with saying that "detected recovery bluh bluh bluh", i just ignored (didn't touch anything) on my itunes… it took couple of minutes inbetween switch on and off again, but finally loaded with white icon "loader" which installs cydia and voila…. Good luck….

        • Jerry

          what do you mean "except switching off? " when i do it my ipod is not turned off but it still TURNS OFF because im holding the sleep and home button down for the time it tells me to hold it and it never works what do you mean by not switching off? thats basically the whole process

  • bluetulip

    3gs with 4.1, windows 7….worked 😀 now, how do i unlock it so i can use my vodafone simcard?

  • neil

    using ipod touch 3rd gen same as jamie above just keeps saying try again

  • bluetulip

    Worked for me, have cydia installed, anyone know how to unlock the phone? currently locked to o2 and i want to use my vodafone sim card 😀

    • eddy

      go to general on settings and click about scroll down to modem firmware and if it is 05.13.04 or lower then install the ultrasn0w repo on cydia and install ultrans0w and bingo if not you can check out b0unty this guy released a fake unlock last time but has sent me a taster and it worked

  • BenJ

    Ipod touch 3G 8gb cannot detect DFU. keep trying with fresh restore, this will be 7th time.. will post if can figure out how to.

  • Pamela

    I forgot to mention my phone is 3gs with 4.1 firmware on it… running windows xp

  • nicky

    it says Jailbreak complete but there is no Cydia installer on the homescreen

    • blah


    • david

      try restart

  • jamie

    Used Greenpois0n on a 3rd Generation Ipod Touch with 4.1 firmware.. Greenpois0n cannot detect DFU mode. Have followed youtube and greenpois0n guides, and always states try again. Can anyone help? thanks

    • Mobon1

      Having the same problem as well.

    • Cristian

      Same issue on iTouch 3G MC iOS4.1 on winXPSP3

      • marsh

        same except i have an ipod 2g mc model i tried like 10 times wtf some one help!?!?!?!?!?!?

        • I've got the same problems… I dont know what to do…

        • btap

          me neither…sucks

        • zac


    • ipod

      ive got mc model 8gb itouch 3g

    • Spencer

      I have the exact same problem! IT's really making me mad! What can I do?!?! Someone please help!

    • MCmodel




    • Daniel

      Same problem with itouch 2g MC.

    • Jack

      same here, is it because i have an mc model? i haVe ipod touch 3g, and im doing everything right… idk

  • AdrianROX

    I have a 3GS with 4.1 and i'm running Windows XP. First time running GP ended up in error but second time was the charm and it worked … now waiting for the damn unlock so i can start using my 3GS ….

  • Pamela

    seemed to work for me… can't play with it too much right now, but cydia is installed…

  • appleist

    greenpois0n doe not work for ipad 3.2.2 same as limera1n…….gutted