Google TV on PS3: Do you want it?

By Peter Chubb - Oct 12, 2010

A week ago today the new Google TV website was launched, and was the first real sign that consumers can see what the search engine giant is up to. We have already seen the unveiling of the Logitech Revue, but today’s event offering details on Sony’s efforts with Google is more of an interest to the gamer.

This is because the PS3 already has services from both Hula Plus and Netflix; so adding Google TV is expected as the next step. There have been a lot of negative views from users over the current streaming services, and one writer on TQcast believes that offering Google TV will help to address these issues.

If this were to happen, then Netflix would no longer need a disc to run, and PlayStation 3 users could have the option to run Chrome OS instead of the current OS.

This could be the perfect deal for both Google and Sony; Google could gain 38 million users, while Sony could help to give PS3 owners what they want. If such a deal were to go ahead, then rival consoles would have something to worry about.

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  • Richard

    If Zediva *survives* it will be a game changer for Google TV-PS3 and push sales sky high for all three companies.

  • Aaron

    If the download to get google tv on the playstation3 was free. Maybe even up to $100 with no monthly fees it would be worth it if I could get rid of my cable or satellite bill. But if not why would i pay for something i more less already have. Just so i can sit on my couch n browse the net on a bigger screen?? No thank you. I can do that with a vga input. If sony and google want to become the comcast of the internet and more thats different. Give me a stand alone piece of technology that makes it possible for me to get cable or dish programming in real time from the internet. A dvr option would be great on an update for ps3 if google and sony were to do it.

  • S_W

    Would be great, always want more out of my PS3, but can't see it happening in a million years.

    Consider Sony are selling brand new TV's with this integrated GoogleTV at a premium and already having PlayTV for the PS3, not to mention a proprietary gaming OS, it would just be cannibalising multiple valuable products to offer a free service on the PS3!

    As a consumer I’m all for it, if I were a shareholder of Sony I would be a complete wreck!

  • Guest

    Google's Android operating system indeed does have a linux base but the droid system is programed in Java. For those who are wondering if the Google OS will run on the PS3, Java code runs off a virtual machine that communicates with the machine language of any computerized system. So it is feasible that Sony will implement the new OS provided Google can prove it will boost Playstation sales (which seems pretty likely). I'd rabble on some more but I have my boring job to get back to.

  • Walphi

    I think its essential to add Google TV to gro the brand and to compete in the marketplace.
    I wouls love it if along with the Google TV addition I could use my Sony PS3 as my set top box for my cable company, allowing me to use the PS3 as It should be used as a self contained home entertainment system…the Droid features would be perk.

  • Harry

    I have a Sony Bravia and PS3, i would expect sony to make google tv for free through PS3. I have a droid too and love it. It dosen't make sense that i have buy new stuff again to connect to google tv


    as an app… im all in.
    sony will never replace the xmb, or whatever the os is called.

  • EE-is-me

    I believe Google TV runs on Intel CPU and Video chips and it not binary compatible to PS3 CPU and video chip. I don't think Google Android OS can run the PS3 games !! it would require a major redesign !! But Sony can run an emulator from PS3 OS and call the Google TV function. It may be slower but the PS3 CPU is powerful enough for most usage. I hope they also add the DVR option, it would be super sweet !!! I would buy two with 1TB disk space!!! I still have a HTPC connected to my TV and it has 3x300GB disk space !!

    • Jack

      From my understanding, Android is simply a variation of linux. Linux ran just fine on the PS3, at least until Sony killed it off intentionally.

  • Bill

    I think it would be a great addition. It would open up the experience to current PS3 owners (and that's a market)!

  • Droid

    Google TV runs on Android, not Chrome OS. It does however run Chrome the browser.

  • theres no HDMI Input so it would be crippled. maybe the PS4

    • Joe

      Everything could be controlled via USB interface though…

  • Andrew Bone

    "The Sony job posting is looking for a senior server engineer to join its Online Technology Group nestled in the salubrious environs of London’s Soho. As well as looking for experience with Android apps, the ad is after someone with experience of handling cloud services and developing software-as-a-service" google TV is all android plus google has been buying a lot of game making sites, people thought this was for psp's and google me what if they were wrong and it was a android os for the ps3 it would not be the first time sony changed the os

  • Simcoe

    Isn't Intel part of the GoogleTV partnership? Wouldn't the GoogleTV code and all apps be optimised to run on the Intel processor? Seems like that might be an issue for the Cell based PS3.

    • josh

      Google TV will work on arm and x86, but google says that they want there code to work on any platform. Android is ported to x86… Chrome works on arm etc..

      • Simcoe

        Great, thanks!

        • Android apps are very similar to java. Android, to date, has been focused on arm processors.

  • Waldo

    Only if it's free! With LoveFilm on the way too, would be a good addition. And yes, I know LoveFilm isn't free but iPlayer is.

  • VinTheDean

    i doubt that Sony will replace the OS on the PS3 with the Google OS. That will introduce a whole leap of vulnerability that they don't want to deal with right. If they do, it will be hacked/jailbreak-ed day 1 guarantee.

    Plus GoogleTV is just an interface like AppleTV and the others to provide access to other services like Hulu, Netflix, etc.