Final Fantasy XIV (14): Bad Review says Game isn’t Worth it

By Alan Ng - Oct 12, 2010

While I’m sure most Final Fantasy fans have already read the majority of mixed for reviews for Final Fantasy XIV on the PC, we couldn’t help but take notice of IGN’s poor verdict, only scoring the game a 5.5/10.

According to their review, Final Fantasy XIV isn’t a game worth getting, highlighting key issues regarding the ‘terrible interface’ ‘slow menu response times’ and the the lack of user-friendly features which makes the game very confusing for new players.

However, they do reserve special praise for the game’s visuals, while they also say the story mode is pretty interesting. After reading their review though, the criticisms definitely outweigh the positives unfortunately.

With a lasting appeal score of just 5.0 from IGN, this is almost unheard of for a Square-Enix title, especially a Fantasy Fantasy MMO. To say the game ‘isn’t worth playing’ is a pretty bold statement, so we’d love to hear your side of the story.

Firstly, those of you who already have the game, is the criticism justified or not? For those who are yet to buy it, has the 5.5/10 score completely put you off?

Read IGN’s review here.

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  • Shank

    1st Those guys said that the quest and level system
    is boing. Excuse me, care to tell me what were you doing in LineAge 2 or
    the stupid SilkRoad or any other online games ? All you guys did was
    grinding monster to get higher and care to tell me how many of you actually doing those quest in online game ? or all you guys did were changing jobs quest ? So suck up and stop complain about the
    quest system here.2nd Those guys complained about the control
    system ? I will only say; get use to it. I can control the game pretty
    easy; if your brain cant comprehence to use anything other than mouse
    and 1 to 0 then dont even try to play.3rd Too complicated ? Hard to play ? I have noticed the
    way you people play; you guys never ever read the instruction in the hand
    book or in the game. You guys never read the quest they gave out. So
    you guys dont have any right to complain how you guys stump in the way. I
    will give you people an advice, learn to read. All the NPC in those guild are there to instruct you; they’re not just for scene like your other dumb online games.Conclusion: This game are strictly for those want to play RPG not those idiot running around farming level and gold. You have to go around explore and most important READ THE INSTRUCTION from those Guilds. Monsters in here will not drop gold and there are limited for number of quest per day so boo hoo for the gold farmers. And the various side quests also support the main story; as i said, you need to read and play it like a RPG then you will enjoy this game.p/s: anyone who complain about the graphic of this game is too high to enjoy is just a sore loser.

  • Munki42

    From what i’ve read,  they have fixed most of the problems with more patches on the way.  Not to mention they gave everyone FREE game time as to say stain on us we’ll fix it asap.  I havent played it yet but plan on it in the next few days.

  • Munki42

    From what i’ve read,  they have fixed most of the problems with more patches on the way.  Not to mention they gave everyone FREE game time as to say stain on us we’ll fix it asap.  I havent played it yet but plan on it in the next few days.

  • darkness4832

    I’m sitting here reading all these comments saying “Don’t bad mouth the game cause it’s not done yet” Why the hell would they give us something that isn’t done yet. It’s like giving out an uncooked steak. If they didn’t want people to hate it right off the bat they should have tried to ask for more time or something. And now they had to suffer for it. Granted I am still sure it will get better they just better make some serious changes if they wanna recover from the crap start they gave.

  • I’m a huge fan of SE and FF series. I bought the special edition the day it came out and honestly from the moment I started playing I had no clue what to do. It has amazing potential, but just sucks right now. Given some time I know this game will become amazing. As long as it’s still free now I’m happy to play every now and then. If I start getting charged it just better be good enough.

  • Synzin

    I played the Beta fairly extensively. This game is just a rehash of FFXI with many of the same problems. Final Fantasy is supposed to be all about the new story and adventure, yet here they used the same races as in the last MMO which were complained about constantly. Crafting and levelling are a chore, nothing more. The quests all come from a central hub, instead of actually going out and talking to npc's like in other games. This makes everything seem impersonal and job-like. Like many Final Fantasy fans, I had really been hoping they would blow us out of the water with their new MMO, but FF14, just like EQ2 was the equivalent of "that b-rated sequel" to a mediocre movie. Total waste of time. They need to replace their senior production staff BADLY.

  • Kevin Grd

    Greatly improved 🙂 I'm soo glad I didn't listen to haters and bought it because maybe a year from now it will be epic

  • Lucidious

    Let me start off by saying that the game has improved dramatically. There are many people out there that will not take the time or effort to check back in on a game's development even though announcements were made that the the game was being revamped by a new team, a great team. Final Fantasy 14 started off as a game that was annoying to play. However as further efforts to fix the game were made it quickly became enjoyable. If IGN took the time to re-review it I'm sure the score would be much higher now. The people who take one look at it and mark it "forever a bad game" and never check back in on it are honestly full out stupid. Any reviewer who doesn't take a step back and look at it's potential is a foolish one.

    I gave WoW three months of my life. I reached the cap in that time and accomplished quite a lot. With the low difficulty curve, easy money and simple questing it's no wonder the those looking for easy times and instant gratification would sing it's praises. After deleting that abortion of a game from my computer I returned to playing FFXI, a game I played for eight and a half years. With the challenge, amazing story and the real history and back story that surrounds it along with the incredible battles, it was astounding. Square-Enix really hit the mark. They had everything for everyone from the casual player to the hardest of the hardcore players. I would like to see a pop culture mess like WoW pull off a 18 hour boss battle for the extreme gamer. It just won't happen.

    It may not be prefect but FFXI wasn't when it first started either. It's a slow building fire that will build into a raging inferno of great game. It may take a little while but don't damn it for being slow to the punch because this fire may not be roaring quite yet but you will find it will keep you warm. Give it time to build and you'll be toasty and by the end of it's first year you'll be comfortable and at home.

  • Anon

    Just updating here, for those that happen to run across these reviews!

    The game was horrible at launch. Those who enjoyed the FF series, or were hardcore MMO fans in general, could suffer through and find the fun in the game – but there was no denying the fact that the game was in an awful state.

    Fast forward to today, and he have a much smoother experience! The lag everyone mentions is pretty much gone (some high population areas can still cause lag, but that's to be expected). Content is slowly being pumped into the game, and the odd SP gains (how you level up your different jobs) has been ironed out!

    Overall I would personally rate this game at a 7 out of 10. Its a beautiful game, but the rocky start ruined the population that should have been. It is kind of hard to find groups because of the lack of players, but by joining a high population realm or a big social Linkshell (basically a guild) that should be no problem!

    In the end, I would say that this game is indeed worth playing as it is if you play to join with friends or find a group (Linkshell) to run with. Also, it is free to play at the moment since the game is still being worked on. Steady improvements are being made, and people probably wont have to play until the PS3 release is ready! Get in and check it out now!

  • bernard

    people sit here and insult the game, but this game is IMCOMPLETE, as in it is not yet done and cant be fully ivaluated until its been patched

  • mmorpg hardcord

    I have the game when it first came out. I was excited because I had been with FFXI for a year or so. I was highly confident it's gonna be much better than XI, but the reality don't turn out right. First of all all the game characters still look exactly of XI what is the point to hope for a new one to come out? We hope to see new play characters not a repetitive character looks from previous FF version that really turn off my desire to play. Secondly the mobs don't show their levels that's really annoying me. I am a hardcore of mmorpg online I party and level up a lot and I don't like the mob levels hidden concept at all. Also, I don't like the concept the way of the quests have limited and we have to depend on doing quest for experiences to level up. I would prefer either solo at beginning at the same time I can explore the maps, and then later on join in the party with other player and kill mobs for experiences. Those 2 things are the most important thing to me when I play mmorpg online that I am looking for first.

    What is the point to have the best graphic without a concept to influence people to stick with the game? I think Square Nix development teams are keep failing because they didn't do enough the research on what online gamers looking for. That's an immediately a big fail just like the Age of Conan and Lord of the Ring.

    About the game lag I don't know what was wrong with other players, but I don't get lag.
    1. I have a high speed internet
    2. My pc has 5G of Ram
    3. I Have a good enough video card for gaming

  • RubyRuby

    I looked at the game, and it doesn't look this bad… I'm sure they'll fix up the problems sooner or later. I also think that new gamers should give it a try – maybe they'll understand it better than the ones who are used to FF systems. It's like a language you learn -the younger you are, the easier it is for you to get a hang of it.

  • megzy x

    it is great! i am addicted to it! i love it! not normaly my kinda game but now thats all i buy! lol i recomend it!

  • Leech

    the problem with this game is that its another ff11 its like a expantion to start all over again. i have played it i love the concept of having to use example blunt objects to crack bone off monster the the problem is the gameplay is EXACTLY like 11. the other problem are lag issues, char control, interface, i love the craft where crafting is really helpful not like other games where you craft the item took you 2 hours to get and you only use it for 1 level which the item you really didnt even need cause it took you 30 mins to level.the repeatable quest is also where it failed hardcore!!!!!.i can say more 90% bad things about this game than good so ill stop it here.

  • nick

    i have the game and invested heavily into it…. it is basically all crafting…?? what the fxxx?????? the leveling up is unique…. by easily switching classes is just changing your weapon… i like that… but NO AUCTION HOUSE????? are you kidding???? it is almost impossible to find what you need for your level 10 whatever!!!! SE's answer is market places where ppl do not specifically stay in the room they are supposed to and everything is sooooo overpriced it's ridiculous. that was the beauty of the economy that is created with the auction house style from 11…. this game is a joke… i am so disappointed. i guess i will just go back to 11 or wait for DC Universe on ps3…. what a bummer.

  • ScottHeisel

    Oh and the gear, you waste so much inventory just holding on to all the gear you need for the different jobs because specific jobs have special gear. This becomes very annoying when you have crafting gear on you. Each craft doesn't use the same gear. Most harvesting gear is the same though. You can find general gear, but it is not as good as the specific gear. The gear sucks in this game as well. From levels 1 to 50 lancer, there are a total of about 10 types of spears/lances. So you have only one option for gear at a specific level. Where's the customizable options there? Did I say I hate having to repair my gear after only 2 hours of using it for fighting? I think I did. Anyway, the guild leve system is nothing new or even remotely innovative. It is the same crappy crap, collect X from Y, or kill X number of Y mob. There is no exploring at all. Monsters in the newbie area can 1 shot you for 3000 damage on release. Since then they moved most of the level 30+ mobs out of the newbie areas so now it isn't even dangerous to walk around. That was the little amount of excitement the game had. There is also no auto-attack, making prolong play hurt your fingers and wrists.

    • kitsunekune

      I'll skip going in-depth on the gear or guild-leves, if one wants information on them, you can find it quick enough. Instead I'll move to the monsters issue. Problem number A) the monsters are still there, they didn't go anywhere. However, SE reduced the aggro range of them significantly, to the point you have to be trying to piss them off in-order to get attacked. The roads are relatively safe, yes, but that is because of the number of quests that require new players to explore the map, (not a bad thing at all) and as such they attempt not to nuke each and every new player out the gates. However, step a few meters off the roads and you'll soon come across the monsters who will rip you to shreds if you're not careful.

  • ScottHeisel

    And I have alll jobs to at least 20 and all crafts to at least 12. I tried everything out because I wanted to give this game a good shot. I started playing FF11 again just because I could get up to level 90 ninja. I'm not going to bother playing 14 until they make it fun. Right now it's like going to work. A programmer's idea of fun doesn't usually mesh with normal people. Normal people don't want to crunch numbers and spend 10 hours a day crafting so they can repair their weapons that go to 0 durabilty after fighting for 2 hours. Crap, crap, and more crap. Trying to find items to buy takes about 4 hours since you have to look at everyone's bazaar, which can only hold 10 items in it. The "markets" is a huge glob of NPC merchants run by players that have the same bazaar system with only 10 items to view at a time. Man, these people suck at making games. I think their thunder is gone. It's time to bury them. If you want a neat game wait for Dragon Age 2 to come out. It's not online, but I'm sure it is going to be much more fun come March 2011.

    • kitsunekune

      The bazaar and market system has been greatly improved upon, making it incredibly easy to find the items you are looking for now. They could be slightly more refined, yes, but definitely not as bad as most MMOs.

      Also, the lvl cap is 50 now, and saying you've experienced everything by 20 is really quite sad, as just after 20 is where things really start to get interesting.

  • ScottHeisel

    The jobs are rediculously simple and all 4 melees are almost the same for damage and defense. Even the two mages heal equally as well and debuff. Oh and debuffs, like in FF11 suck and are a waste of time. DoT's in FF11 suck and they carry that suck faction to FF14. They don't know what they want to do,t his is simple enough to see. Once you get a job skill you can put it on any other job. Everyone runs around with a heal, shock spikes, stoneskin, melee tp attacks, and magic tp attacks. Oh and the game adds an extra "0" to everything to make you feel like you are awesome! It's totally Yu-gi-oh-rific! There is no need to start out with 3000 TP, just have 300. There is no reason to have 1200 hp at level 20, just have 120. Each attack can be rounded off. Even the money system has an extra "0" in it. I mean after playing for 2 months I have over 3 million gil.

    • Kitsunekune

      Unfortunately, NOT everyone has each of the skills you mentioned. The mages really don't heal equally well. The debuffs work great. The numbers for health, tp, etc. allows for a greater range of damage and healing output, plus a greater range of tp building. Therefore without that "extra 0", the range of ability rapidly flattens out and the very issues you claim to occur truly would.

      As for the gil amounts, yes, the prices are ridiculous in that manner, or so it seems until you notice the enormous number of items in the game, and the variation in prices necessary. Would you rather a cotton ball costing the same amount as a mug of ale, or better yet, a sword?

      Please, put more in-depth thought to your statements before QQing about it.

  • ScottHeisel

    They had to mix around staff and get some new people in. I think their leads are getting too old and their idea of fun is going to work each day and doing "busy work" that's what this game is… the story is painfully flat, I've seen and played all 3 starting stories. The stories don't make much sense in English and lack meaning. You learn you are a special "choosen" and their is a society of these "goddess/god choosen" who are privaliaged with seeing the past in vision. Think of it as more time traveling crap from writers who don't have any new ideas. Time travel is always sucky and nobody can do it correctly. Of course you cannot go into the future, only the past. Maybe they want to make it so you have future visions as well. But a story based on all these flash forwards, flash sideways, flash backs… well it's crap.

  • ImpalerINC

    worst mmo this year. I was hoping…really hoping that SE would break the whole wow monotony that’s rules mmo land but it fell short…it caved…what a joke…worst UI, worst lag, worst commercial use of a franchise ever…thank god for GW 2…the test version of GW2 I played @ pax owns FF14 and all of it’s sorry azz gameplay. I give up square…u guys wasted my money and time

  • Santa


  • Purehavoc


  • Munchow

    SE needs to stop milking FFXI and put alot more effort in to FFIV. I just cant figure out why they didnt stick with the march 2011 release date, especialy since they just raised the level cap in XI. I think the game is good excpet for the interface, and that tends to bring down everything else. It will get better, but it will never be 2 button easy mode like WOW, and it seems like thats what alot of the haters want atm.

  • Gamer7

    Alot of people have said that FF14 is horrible, magazines, websites, reliable sources ect. ect. however, I bought the game on launch date and I played it for a few days and found it alot different than FFXI (I played for four years) and I was actually was impressed. I love the colorful open worlds, how you can create your own unique persona. I will say that the dependency on job classes does take time, but FFX14 Lodestone gives you the recipes for each classes from 1-10 and so on so you don't have to scratch you head (which I did on FFXI) I love that this game has a story, unlike alot of MMOs out there that you pretty much just run around fighting all day and spending hours and you might be lucky to run into a cut scene. I think people and critics were too fast to judge and hopefully it doesn't sink the boat I'd really be disappointed.

  • GP

    Not only is it justified, it’s too generous a score. I can’t believe it got even a 5.5…that’s far too close to ‘average’ and this game is FAR below average.

  • nyko300

    Game play is choppy, menu is laggy, i fight a rat and it kills me but im 8ft tall and weight 400lbs and die by a rat? my computer is way above specs game play is still choppy, the excuse was drivers for my ati hd 5850 is not yet updated waited for release damn thing is still choppy. thank god i didn't put my CC info in yet game is stupied loved there last mmo this one was just dumb. even though i played alot of there games still have to relearn all there crap they can't keep it simple, for someone new good luck there is alot to learn and frankly i don't have the time to invest in to something as crappy as this. even since the game came out there has been 4 updates crap is still choppy oh well ill give the game to someone else they can play this gay game i like there single player games better anyway least i don't have to play on there servers thats BS all the money they get is going to there pocket and not to updating anything. DON'T BUY IF U DID EBAY THE HELL OUT OF IT.

  • Youngsun

    i miss square soft…. havent played xiv yet, but was an avid xi player for some time.. CoP was the best story ever.. i cant imagine that a company with that much mmo experience and just in gaming in general be that careless.. altho im still conviced xii was reallly only half the game.. i thnk im just going to wait for the old republic..

  • Naito

    I bought it befre a read about the commnets. I got dissapointed to. It does not worth buying this gamne sadly.

    It seems that the story is good but the game interface is not user friendly and eith long delays and bugs.

  • Kush

    To those who had even think of buying this horrible game, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT ANYMORE. Save your money for something else. Only hardcore fanbois will still wanna play this terrible game shortly. I have a physical level 20 char and I know the limitation of this game after 1.5 weeks of playing. For those who disagrees and still had their heads in the cloud, we made the mistake of buying the game already. Be good and don't make another suffer. There is a reason why the 1st free month was extended to the 2nd, to entice the fence sitters out there who didn't believe just how bad this game is.

  • andy

    the game is plain horrible

  • GTL

    At this stage this game is horrible. not to mention i encountered numerous problems to even be able to play it on pc. it is definately not user friendly and hopefully by the time it comes out for ps3 square enix will have cleaned up their sloppiness. the programmers for this game should be out of a job except for whoever worked on the graphics.

  • San Souci

    I’ve played FFXI from shortly after its NA release and have considered it the premier fantasy MMO. I’ve played FFXIV from open beta. The underlying game concept is fantastic and I’m truly taken by it. The implementation is haphazard, with so much unfinished I consider myself in an extended beta. For Square Enix, I have a few simple questions:

    1. Does anyone there actually play the game and tolerate the struggle with the interface?

    2. While FFXI went through a development curve after the NA release the development staff learned how to smooth out the play process and I expected Square Enix’s experience to be brought forward. So what happened to all the experienced development staff from FFXI and where is the application of these many years of experience?

    The game is fixable and I’ll likely continue to pay and play while SE gets around to it, if they actually seem to be getting around to it, and that summarizes the current players three current choices:

    1. Continue to pay and play, trusting in SE to continue the development process in a timely enough way to keep a thoroughly optional activity satisfactory.

    2. Suspend the account, reserving character name and progress, not paying or playing, while doing something more satisfying until SE achieves a viable level of playability.

    3. Abandon hope, stop paying and playing, and move on.

    At this stage of game development, I see all three of these as thoroughly viable options. At the end of the included 30 days of play, when the credit cards begin to take regulars hits, the vote will be in. Mass voting with the wallet is the most viable way to gain a corporation’s attention. Though what they will decide is anyone’s guess, I do hope they opt to clean up a poor implementation of an innovative and very attractive concept before at loses economic viability.

  • Duge

    As a FFXI player for 8 years on-going I loved the game from the get go, but FFXIV has an even harder learning curve than 11. SE really shouldof brought out a stragety guide with the release so ppl could make more ease of getting around in battle, quests, crafting, etc. Ive only spent a day or so playing it thus far still trying ta figure out alot of the game functions. If youve never played any of the Final Fantasy games I highly reccomend you wait for a stragety guide to come out other wise you will never have a clue of whats going on or what to do. On a positive note they really did a great job on the graphics Im impressed.

  • Dave

    After ten boring levels in the forest killing squirrels, I finally figured out where the next area in progression was. Now I could kill slightly harder squirrels, that's when I cancelled my account.

    I spent well over an hour trying to do upgrade shopping which is just exacerbated by the lag in the menus while waiting for the items to populate the list. I had a debuff saying my items were suffering from durability loss and I couldn't figure out what item let alone how to repair it. I decided to try my hand at making my own weapons and armor, but ended up getting stuck. How do I make anything? What do I use?

    I wanted to explore the forest and caves around me only to end up dead to some random critter that one shots you. The cave I did find had more of the exact same squirrels in them but they are far more dangerous. I saw videos of a band of adventurers dieing to a LADYBUG.

    All of the bad reviews I have been reading are spot on. I do not recommend spending any money on this game and I don't see it staying alive for long. I honestly had more fun playing FF1 on my cell phone for the 4th time, and it cost me considerably less.

  • Jorge

    the game is just crap end of story

  • concernedgamer

    WoW beta was pretty smooth from my memory. i beta tested ffxiv, even bought a whole new pc to play it. the game is stability-wise as choppy as an old school MMO. quit fooling yourselves, its gonna flop to the niche market

  • josh

    Guys… when i played Beta for WoW it was TERRIBLE…. and when it was first released it wasnt as bad as this release but bad…. now its considered one of the greatest MMO's give it time. They have to add a shitload of stuff into it. Especially once an AH or an AH-type system is put on that will help alot as well.. and everyone being the same level and being the same area definitely will cause lag. Just give it time.

  • Jackson68x

    These reviews clearly dont understand how an mmorpg works. The game has great gameplay and there is a lack of content but everywhere u turn there is obvious future areas and gameplay aspects already in the game but simply not available to play yet. The current problems suck but they aren’t the worst case mmo’s have ever seen and are definitely fixable.

    • hmm dont you think a big company like SE should have done a better game than its predesor? i think they got pretty enough time to make a better game than the last one <_< and besides why would i buy a game with hopes of a fix patches!?

  • 0autobot0

    having played FFXI for years i am completely disappointed in this game. While the new "job" system is pretty genius the rest of the game is crap. As others have said the game is incredibly laggy, menus take forever, npcs load slowly and the battle system is hard to use because actions dont register or cant even be seen because its lagged too much. even with the settings turned to its lowest there is still lag. The placement of mobs is also poorly laid out. close to town there are high level mobs that do up to 3,000 damage in 1 hit. for those arguing that FFXIV is new and bugs are expected i say to you that they have had 15 years with FFXI to perfect this and there is no excuse for putting out a product this unfinished. my suggestion is to get he buddy pass from a friend before putting out that much for a game thats beta quality

    • anthony

      15 years since final fantasy 11? someones gotta either learn how to count or get a calendar, its been 8 years lmao, but as for this game stands, im waiting for the price to drop and for some bugs to be fixed before i buy it myself

  • Alby

    Having gotten the Collector's Edition and played it for almost 3 weeks now, I think I have enough experience to say a thing or two. This game has a VERY steep learning curve. Having never played FF xi for more than a day, it took me about two weeks to figure out the nuances behind the button controls, user interface, retainer/bazaar usage, macro system, chat system, etc. There is also the lag issue (I got a new gaming computer that exceeded the specs by a bit), but it is gradually becoming less of a problem. What I love about this game, besides just the graphics, is the flexibility to become ANY job and switch on the fly. There just aren't many games that due that. Also, the game heavily increases party play, as you need others to fight strong monsters and get the materials/items that you yourself cannot craft. Plus, the fatigue system ensures that you don't have to sacrifice your soul to the game to keep up with other players. My advice is to find a linkshell (aka guild) to join asap to get help with jumping past the technical hurdles.

  • Collin

    I was debating whether or not I should buy this game and my wife ended up buying it for me as a surprise. Since she bought it I figured I would at least give it a try. Ive been playing for the past few hours and I can honestly say I have NO idea what I am doing. The interface and gameplay are so cryptic for anyone who is new to the game. The levequest offer a very small level of satisfaction to me and it took me a good hour or so to figure out the whole crafting thing. I would say this game was probably released too early. The interface is super laggy for me. At first I thought I might have been doing something wrong. I plan on playing out the rest of my 30 day free trial and hopefully by then SE will release a couple more patches/upgrade servers to fix this seemingly boring game.

  • Ellen

    With this and the disappointment that was Final Fantasy XIII, I seriously think Squenix is spending all of its money on marketing and visuals and not even bothering with gameplay anymore.

    Do not hold your breath that they'll revamp the menu system, by the way. When I played FFXI, they were notorious for not fixing ANYTHING, or at least taking several years to do so.

    (Example: In Final Fantasy XI, four of the -I think at the time- 12 classes were supposed to be able to tank, and you NEEDED a tank in a 6-person party if you wanted to level up. Oops, in actuality, only one of those classes was programmed well enough to do it. It got so bad that people started played ninjas as tanks, so at least you had a 2/12 chance of finding your needed party member. What does Squenix do? Ignore complains and keep churning out tank equipment for the other classes for yeeeeeeeeeeeears.)

    "That's your problem, we're Square Enix!" seems to be the MO of this company.

    • SuperRatMan

      Ellen nailed this on the head. If you played FFXI, then you know all of the issues and inconsistencies that plagued FFXI and SE ignored them and the player base. I, like many others, had incredible patience and always hoped that the “next patch would fix it” but it never came. It never does. SE does what SE wants to do. If you don’t believe me, then be my guest and play FFXIV and find out the hard way.

      Some people argue “this can all be fixed with patches” but the amount of work that needs to be done to bring this game remotely up to par with other MMO’s wouldn’t require a simple patch. It would require revamping the entire game. The problems with this game are colossal and Gamespot does a great job of accurately pointing them out.

      The truth is SE made tremendous errors by not listening to their player base and by releasing this game far far far too early. And SE, being a company that never fixes (much less admits) problems with their game, good luck waiting around for the big improvements to come. In the meantime, I’ll be engrossed in Guild Wars 2 and/or Cataclysm.

  • It sounds like everything that's 'wrong' with FFXIV are things that could be fixed in patches.

    I'm gonna treat this like a new version of Windows and wait for the PS3 version like it were 'FFXIV SP1', and despite the bad press, I'm looking forward to it.

  • alan

    My friend purchased the game and luckily for me it had a free 30 day trial so I did not waste my money on this piece of garbage. I have two computers that I game on and are not particularly built for gaming but does meet the requirements for most including final fantasy 14. On both of my computers I am unable to move correctly due to what seems to be frame rate issues. My friend had to go out and oddly add a larger power supply to his computer to be able to play and upgrade his video card to much larger than the game suggests in order to play. As for the character I was very disappointed that this game is a replica of final fantasy 11 which I enjoyed for several years. I really expected something new and exciting. All and all I feel this company should refund everyones money that has purchased this game and offer them a free copy of the game when they fix all the issues in order to save face. As for me I will continue playing different games and pray they get their act together.

  • Minda

    It's okay to waste time for a few hours in the evening, but it feels more like a chore than anything else. I play only because I have already invested too much money into it not to.

  • The criticism is definitely true, but there some things that will just come in time. I've been playing since the open beta and the biggest flaw I see has to be the server side of things, which can be ironed out in time. The game has lagged in combat every now and then for me, and the menus seem to lag as well. Both issues can come from the server side of things and the hardware I'm running the game on. As far as the complaints about the menus go, it seems that SE has haphazardly learned from the mistakes they made in FFXI. The combat system is more intuitive, but the menu is hardly an improvement from the one in XI, but since they were so similar, I didn't have too hard of a time getting used to the layout. As for now, I highly recommend people who have played FFXI to give this a go, but as far as newcomers are concerned, I hope they will at least wait patiently for future changes, or get settled in to what the game is in its current state. Overall, in my opinion, it's a good game, but it's just not ready for the market yet. SE needs to take their time and optimize and make it a little bit easier to understand for people who have never even touched FFXI.

  • Sad Says

    I have read reviews like crazy and it seems that they have a lot toe fix but I have faith and i'm gonna stick it out at least by the ps3 release they will have it all figured out.


    I will begin by saying that I think the game was released a little early. There is content that should have been there from release that is not. Maybe they released it early to try to beat competition. Who knows. Yes, there is bugs, Some lack of content and features the NEED to be added or fixed.
    That being said I still like the game and will continue to play it.
    Bug fixes and additions seem to be addressed weekly if and more to come when you check out other FFXIV websites. They will be adding more Jobs, airships, chocobos etc… So it seems that FFXIV will get on track the way it is suppose to.
    Graphics are Amazing. I never crafted in FFXI and now I love crafting in FFXIV. Story is good to me they just need more side quests. The LS I am in is pretty good and also makes the game enjoyable. I have never had an issue reaching surplus experience and other crap ppl critisize. I would give it a 7 out of 10 right now. But i really think it will get better with the way things are being fixed.

    • robert

      i would give it 1 out of 10. its like it has been released 12months ahead of time, too many issues.
      i for one wont even be using the rest of my 30 "free" days. my computor spec is way above that recommended and it still lags on the rare occassion i can get it to run. oh well back to lotro