Chevy Volt Controversy: General Motors (GM) Statement

By Peter Chubb - Oct 12, 2010

Following on from our story yesterday that General Motors had deceived us into thinking that the Chevy Volt was not a hybrid, when recent sources suggest it is; GM has since come out and issued a statement. It seems to me that the automaker is in damage control over the controversy.

Since the start GM has said that the Chevrolet Volt was not like a Hybrid, and that the gasoline-powered engine would not power the wheels. However, we have since learned that they do. The media has been wondering how General Motors would be able to talk themselves out of this one?

They start of by saying how complex the technology is behind the Voltec electric drive, and that they now find that they have to offer more details as to how this technology works.

The automaker then goes on to say that the recent media reports – which they do not state – were not correct, and that they wished to explain how the system works in more detail. To get a greater understanding read the full response from GM by visiting USA Today.

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  • Amanda SG

    What I am hearing you say is that you don't understand the technology used to propel the Volt, yet you are confident in saying that GM deceived you.
    It really sounds unprofessional. How can true journalists make accusations that they are being deceived without bothering to gain more than a cursory understanding of the propulsion system? I thought professionals had to do the work of learning a great deal about the subject matter first and come up with eye-catching headlines last.