Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3: Google Graph Shows PS3 Online Growth

By Jamie Pert - Oct 11, 2010

Google Trends is always a good place to start when you want some hard evidence on what is big and what is not at the moment. Xbox 360 users were always the favorite when it came to online surfer use, but it seems that the PS3 fan base has escalated and now seems on par with that of the Xbox 360’s player base.

Xbox 360’s current dominance is largly down to the upcoming release of Kinect. But one thing Sony has over Microsoft is that they seem to be closing the gap, which is also due to the release of the PlayStation Move.

In 2004, Google Trends indicate that searches were majorly higher for Xbox 360 than for the PS3, something that took a sudden U-turn at the tail end of 2006 where they ramped up the numbers.

By Christmas 2007, searches for both consoles were almost level on par, Microsoft just taking the gold medal, with only two noticeable ‘spikes’ in search volumes in the entire graphs for the PlayStation 3.

As you can see from the image, Xbox 360 users have made quite a few major increases, labelled A, B, D, E and F with PS3 taking the C during that tail end in 2006.

The battle is still ongoing with Xbox and PlayStation fans, squabbling over who has the better console, and as you can see it does not seem to end here.

Who will prevail?

Source: Go Fanboy

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  • pete

    PS3 3D yes, XBox360 3D no. Nuff said

  • marhorn

    Xbox 360 still wins! imagine that huh?

  • Joe

    7800gtx v 1800XT, CELL BROADBAND IBM v XEXON x 3. That's all folks. Btw, ps3 uses nvidia card so tech fans know which one is the above and they used IBM/sony/samsung w/e join cpu and you'll know..

  • Mark

    I don't think there is any argument which is best. The only argument is if Xbox360 is even relevant still.

  • hozza

    Gran Turismo 5. thats all

  • PS3wannaBe

    PS3 will win in the end. Simply because it has way more than 360 and Kinect will fail hard. Kinect will have it's uses but the hardcore gamers on 360 are not into kinectuals and 360 is a shooter console. Well no shooting on Kinect where as PS3 got hard core games galor. In addition to blu ray, internet browser and streaming netflix with no add charge.

    Even Wii has a browser and streaming netflix at no add charge ability.

    360 is simply an expensive, unreliable gaming system that in addition to that is pay to play (xbox live is going up to $60/year Nov. 1st). $60/year is $300 in 5 short years, essentially rebuying your system every 5 years.

    PS3 will win because of it's ground shaking exclusives, major media services, most accurate motion gaming and blu ray which is becoming more and more popular.

    Wii is great but is well out dated. And with move here PS3 is the Wii HD everyone has been wanting, but more accurate.

  • LOW

    you got this from go fanboy?