Windows Phone 7: No Copy & Paste, But it’s Coming

By Jamie Pert - Oct 11, 2010

Earlier today Microsoft held the official Windows Phone 7 launch event, they spent most of the time talking about what WP7 could do and what devices will be launching (10 so far), however they let slip that when devices become available Windows Phone 7 smartphones won’t have copy and paste functionality.

This news was revealed by Joe Belfiore, however there is some good news as it will come as an update in early 2011, here is a Tweet from the official Windows Phone Twitter feed “We heard the feedback from our customers and copy and paste will come as an update in early 2011! – MSFT’s Joe Belfiore”.

Apple iOS 3.0 brought this functionality to iPhone and iPod Touch back in June 2009, therefore I am sure that Microsoft will be eager to add this functionality as soon as possible, its just a shame that they couldn’t add this seemingly basic functionality to the OS before the launch.

Are you disappointed to hear that copy and paste functionality won’t be available straight away?

Source: Twitter

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  • Bob

    WM6 had a copy paste originally, so they beat Apple to it.

    But it's weird how they forgot to put that so simply if they already had it.

    At least it's still coming.