UK PS3 Owners Get Lovefilm Streaming Service This November

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 11, 2010

I have some great news for all you movie lovers out there. According to an article written by Johnny Cullen over at, PS3 owners in the UK will be able to get Lovefilm sometime in November, although we are still waiting on an exact date.

There was a video on YouTube that provided confirmation, but since writing this article it appears to have been removed. I personally can’t wait if this service is indeed going to arrive on our PS3s. It is said that there will be no extra charges for existing mail customers.

The application will be accessible from the XMB menu and is a subscription-based service, which is going to allow you to stream instantly from a database of thousands of movies. Existing members can also control their Blu-ray and DVD rentals.

What do you think about the Lovefilm streaming service coming to the PS3?

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  • Mike

    The stream-to-your PS3 service really sucks. Picture quality is low, and the streaming client unreliable. Lockups, and bugs all the time. Woe betide you if you attempt to use the fast-forward functionality for instance..

  • brendan

    yeh its good but why doesnt sony give what the people really want CROSS GAME CHAT, thumbs up to get sonys attention!!

  • David

    I don’t want to pay a monthly fee but I would rent movies from them as and when I want.

  • Sean

    Fantastic news, yet again Sony shows the way with the PS3, can i hear the Xbox fans crying in the controllers…….

  • antony

    As long as it's at a discounted or free price for people who already have lovefilm, then it can only improve ps3's appeal.