Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat: Are You Experiencing Problems?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 11, 2010

Yesterday Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat was released, now that people have had time to download and install this version of Linux we thought we would get some feedback from our readers to see if they were impressed with this version, or if they were receiving errors or strange problems.

I recently checked Twitter to see if there seemed to be any major problems with the release, however so far it seems as if people are more than happy, some people are very impressed with the revamped installer, whilst others are also very complimentary of the new Unity UI.

There seems to be a slight problem affecting people who are upgrading from a previous version of Ubuntu to Maverick Meerkat, apparently if you are having problems upgrading Ubuntu you should change the upgrade server.

If you are experiencing crackling/skipping audio there is a fix you should check out here, also this link has instructions for how to fix graphical problems which may occur if you are using Virtualbox.

I have fished around for common problems and to be honest with you the release looks solid as there is a severe lack of complaints, if you are experiencing problems describe your issue(s) in the comments section below and we will do our best to point you in the direction of a fix.

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  • harsha

    I could not install ubuntu as the screen splits vertically into three screens,neither of them are complete and letters are elongated with very poor resolution.

  • had blank screen problems using ubuntu 10.04 after installing and then reboot. I have a suzuki laptop 1411hks (has nvdia 9300M GS). My work around was to install karmic 9.10 first then do an upgrade. Retain the OLD Grub kernel. Then use it on Lucid. Now I have a remastered Ubuntu 10.04. I can do a direct install on using my remastered lucid with all the applications already included (posted on youtube-search my username there). I’m doing an upgrade to maverick since I want usb support on my Aztech wireless N usb stick cause my Lucid does not have it enabled. Follow my posts on wonderhowto. enrico mallari

  • JohnM

    I have installed Maverick 10.10 into Virtualbox v4 and like what I see, apart from 1 problem. My DVD writer is not detected. I guess this is a problem with Virtualbox rather than Ubuntu, because the desktop CD version of Meerkat does see the DVD. But any help or pointers would be welcome, if you know what the problem is. I have installed Guest additions, but I'm not really expert on VBox, so I don't know if there is anything else I need to do to get the DVD recognized. Thanks.

  • ozone

    Most the problems I'm seeing out here are probably related to using a DVD to create a boot disk from. I had similar problems until I used http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ and created a USB boot drive from an Ubuntu ISO… or you can write it to a CD.

    Is not being able to create a bootable DVD from an Ubuntu ISO a bug in Ubuntu? IDK, but if it is, they sure would relieve a lot of headaches if they'd fix that one because their ISO barely fits on a CD.

  • fer

    Pinguy 10.10, based on ubuntu 10.10 is a lot better, imo;

  • Hello everyone after i have successfully installed ubuntu 10.10, wireless was no where to be found.
    I used so many codes to try and enable it but it did not work the I used this code to no what exactly the problem was and this is the result that came up

    kennth@kenneth:~$ rfkill list
    0: acer-wireless: Wireless LAN
    Soft blocked: yes
    Hard blocked: no
    1: hci0: Bluetooth
    Soft blocked: no
    Hard blocked: no
    I tried unblock the one that said soft blocked: yes it did not work

    kennth@kenneth:~$ iwconfig
    lo no wireless extensions.

    eth0 no wireless extensions.

    eth1 IEEE 802.11 Access Point: Not-Associated
    Link Quality:5 Signal level:0 Noise level:0
    Rx invalid nwid:0 invalid crypt:0 invalid misc:0

    I used this also and found out that there was no wireless extension.

    Pls some with the solution should pls help me out.


  • naushad

    I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.0 from 10.04 via update manager. The graphics was working fine with 10.04 but in 10.10 its not smooth..even moving a window over th desktop is very sluggish. Also I am not able to use compiz with 10.10.
    I am using a Dell studio laptop with ATI radeon(1GB) graphics card.
    Please help me with this issue..

  • steve

    10.10 won't install. When I put in the install cd I just get the message 'Analogue input cant display video type' on the screen. Does anyone else get this?

  • Annoyed Installer

    It will not go past the WHO ARE YOU? step. Forward is not selectable… and it just sits there "ready when you are…" mocking me and my inability to fully install Ubuntu.. I do not understand why..

    • ozone

      Are you using a DVD to install from? If so, retry using a CD or USB drive.

  • Emily

    I have tried to upgrade twice and both times I received this message:
    The upgrade has aborted. Please check your Internet connection or installation media and try again. All files downloaded so far are kept.

    I am connected to the internet, so that's not the problem. Unfortunately, I am not well- versed in computer, well, anything. I'm using Ubuntu on my older Dell because it will no longer run Windows properly. Any SIMPLE advice?

  • Limson Kl

    Hai,Ubuntu 10.10 i am jest install it now.My Pc is Pentium 3 1 mhz,with 2 hard disc.Ubuntu installed in my hard disc 2,after install i am reboot,but Monitor off and my CPU still running.I am off it manually,and reboot it but nothing happed,again windows XP start normally,Why Ubuntu not work,Give me an answer please.

  • ccsrgv

    upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10. rebooted to black screen. could not even boot into recovery. Tried various "fixes" found on Internet, all to no avail. Pulled HDD & replaced with new HDD & Installed clean 10.10. Rebooted to same black screen. Again tried various "fixes," all to no avail. Wiped new HDD & installed 10.04 via Linux Live USB. Then had to copy contents of origianl drive to new drive to recover documments & email. Then had to reinstall apps. What a mess!!! 10.10 is a massive failure!!! Very pissed this was released with such glaring and disasterous shortcomings!!! I can't believe I was forced to resort to a Windows machine to assist in bailing out this Ubunut boat anchor!!!

  • abc

    installation problem while clean installation of U 10.10 – file doesnot copy well and installation process stops at all. it gives information with downward arrow exactly like this ‘when you are ready’

    this hints that some hardware or software problem. how to make a clean installation of ubuntu 10.10

  • Allen

    No way in Hades am I going to upgrade to 10.10 now. No way Jose, nada, uhuh.

  • Robert

    I tried installing it alongside windows and it deleted the windows partition. I would not recommend trusting the installer. Use the advanced mode and check what it is doing.

  • Malt

    Newbie w/ubuntu. I installed the release 10.10, i have an Nvidia 8800gt video card and my resolution will only allow me 640 x 480 or less. In updates, it dowloaded 120mb of Nvidia related but didn't fix the low resolution. What can I do to correct this, it is really hard to do things w/low resolution.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Costas

    I did a fresh install rather than upgrade. In the first few days all looked very impressive, but slowly problems are appearing and mounting. Nothing serious, some of them may also be related to non Ubuntu software. Here are a few:
    1. I am using two languages English and Greek, and have the two languages in the panel. The selection of the languages keeps jumping from one to the other for no reason. This is a pain when I must fill my password and especially now that the language applet is impossible to read.
    2. Out of the blue, when I am doing something else and Firefox is open, the bookmarks library jumps out unsolicited. This may be due to Firefox or add-ons.
    I will post more as they appear. All in all 10.10 is OK but not a thrill.

  • Linux fan

    Hi folks

    I am not seeking any help.
    I am a Microsoft Windows, and Linux user.
    I realize ubuntu might have issues but who does not….. ironic joke…haha
    If there is a rational explanation on how to use ubuntu then just research it, and don't be lazy!!!
    You don't have to ask for any help, just read web sites on the Internet, or read books on the topic of your choice to try to figure out how to resolve your problem. By the way complaining about your problem(s) simply will not help!!!

    Therefore there might actually be an existing solution to your problem!!!
    The biggest key is to read with an open mind, and to try to absorb as much as you can to use that knowledge.

    • ozone

      Amen. The web has the best help for Ubuntu than any other OS on the market.

  • Brent

    problem with my places menu! when i click any folder (download, music, video, desktop etc.) in my places menu! appearance preferences keep coming out! please help me about this… thanks! i love my ubuntu 10.10!

  • Rohitasch

    10.10 (32-bit) keeps hanging unpridictably on Dell Studio 15(1535). The keyboard and the trackpad get cut out it seems because even raising pimk elephants doesn't work. I've heard that the ext4 file system is buggy. That could be it. On the same system Win7 works fine. So it can't be a hd problem. Sigh!

  • Arvind

    Facing problems with the network manager…………………When it was first installed internet was working but wen I rebooted it …network manager stopped working,.help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greg

    Had to create a new root user account and password to run many of the applications – such as OpenOffice. They won't run with the normal user account I used when setting up 10.10. There were a lot of installation issues that I had never had with previous Ubuntu versions. For example, this one took several tries, and I wound up formatting the hard drive before I ever got it to install – a real pain having to reinstall software, data, etc.

  • Taroge

    I downloade and Ubuntu 10.10 and burnt it in dvd, but when tried to install the installation stall after about 10 mins saying "ready when you are…". Tried different methods, usb drive instead of dvd, installation in a dual boot with windows, using entire hard drive but the result is always the same. It doesn't finish. please help.

  • guest

    like many other people have said, 10.04 to 10.10 upgrade caused a number of problems, and did not fix remaining issues in 10.04. i'm getting tired of all the issues, and starting to think about going back to 9.04, which is the last 'trouble free' release for my laptop, home-built desktop, and kid's workstations.

  • P1anoman

    I have all kinds of problems with Evolution: lost my anniversaries calendar, trash does not empty, it takes about 20 seconds to load and shut down. In OfficeOrg Presentation, the sound does not work and sometimes the slide fonts is all wrong on my dual monitor setup. Everywhere i turn to get help i hit a wall, nobody knows anything about it or they are too busy fixing their own problems!

  • Ron

    I can’t even install it. It won’t let me install it on a partition or free disk space. What a joke. Ubuntu 10.10 is total garbage. Don’t waste your time on this POS.

  • Ron

    I can’t even install it. It won’t let me install it on a partition or free disk space. What a joke. Ubuntu 10.10 is total grabage. Don’t waste your time on this POS.

  • George

    Graphics problems following net upgrade from 10.04. Can see a desktop but can't see any icons, although clicking on them "in the dark" seems to work. Menus can also be accessed, but only by clicking blindly on a blank screen until I click in the right place. Why is there no support?

  • chris

    i upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 yesterday and i restarted the computer like it said but whenever i turn it back on and select ubuntu my computer jsut restartes itself. any ideas on how to fix it?

  • manjunath

    crackling audio while playing audio or video files after sometime.
    the fix that mentioned in the given link is not working. editing the mentioned line is not possible since it's a read only file.

  • KingNo1

    I updated yesterday and it is fine now … Only a few bugs … i hope it will be rectified in the future updates … Thanks to this Ubuntu developers …

  • Dan

    LiveCD is the slowest LiveCD I have ever seen compared
    with other distros and I see why. It spends too much time
    checking both the hard drives & networking long before
    the menu pops up asking for LiveCD or direct install choices.

    Expect at least 5-15 minutes before something appears
    after booting Live CD.

    When the menu comes up, make sure your networking
    works; but hey, cannot check it out because you cannot
    get a terminal screen to check it out! Catch-22. Your
    choice is Try it (Live CD) or install it.

    I went into "Try It", waited a LONG time for the LiveCD to
    load up, once loaded and ready, and then proceeded to
    install, you may notice that "is connected to the Internet"
    might not get checked…

    Ah, ok, then setup networking, edit eth0 (or wireless), do the
    configuration, save it, and don't forget to reactivate the network
    connection again to get the new network configuration started
    and hopefully by this time, networking might appear green checked…

    When you have checked both "Download updates…" & "Install
    this 3rd-party…". then click "Forward" button, guess what… it takes
    "forever" before the next menu appears…. why? Because it
    takes a LONG time for ntfsresize to complete for each MS OS
    partition and the rest of the partitions with various OSes you
    might have installed in the logical partitions.

    There are more problems, but in short, it is a very poorly
    designed Live CD when all you wanted was to quickly
    install Ubuntu 10.10 OS…

  • Gumrol

    I installed 10.10 without a hitch. Grub was doing something weird- took ages to boot, but the grub setting suggested earlier in these comments (GRUB_NOMODESET = true) did the trick. This is actually the earliest I’ve ever adopted Ubuntu after a new release, and only did so on the recommendation of a friend. I actually can’t understand the mentality of the early adopters. They get a free upgrade and instead of waiting some, they upgrade immediately and then moan about it. I usually wait at least 2 months before upgrading and I haven’t had issues with Ubuntu to date. Know your OS: know that new releases are going to be a bit buggy in the first month at least. Look at Vista – its basically windows 7 beta and that was kak for a lot longer than a month or 2!

  • I can’t even install 10.10 on my system – the same system that used to run 10.04 perfectly. I have an old nvidia 7800 and the installer (and the live cd boot) freezes with corrupted horizontal graphic bars. If I use the nomodeset option, the installer thinks for a while then dumps me into a bash shell and stops. Alt-F7 shows some kind of install log and I can see complaints about missing files. I suppose it could be a bad burn, so I’ll fetch a new copy and try again, but if that fails too then it’s back to 10.04 for me.

  • ron

    also having trouble going into home folders will end with one of the media players coming on ————-after 3 or four re installs I gave up on the 686 install because this kept showing up .

    I now have trouble with it on the 386 install———-when clicking on any folder it now says “Error file not found ”

    Will sit out the 10.10 and go back to the 10.04


  • Mark

    Upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 on Compaq Presario 700 laptop. In the process, now my PDF printer won't work, all windows program won't work/

  • Basil

    10.10 is trully THE worst case of stupid I have ever seen. Its totally #@$@$#@$ good-bye Ubuntu if this how your going shoot out upgrades. NOTHING @$@#$ works, nothing. When I run Synapic Package Manager I get

    E: Malformed line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntu-tweak-stable.list (dist parse)
    E: The list of sources could not be read.
    Go to the repository dialog to correct the problem.
    E: _cache->open() failed, please report.

    this a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10

    Ubuntu 10.10 is 1/10 in my books. Lets fix the bugs in previous upgrades before you push out this piece of @#$#$. Time to switch away from Ubuntu if this @#$$@$ continues. Thank god for Windows 7. Ubuntu can learn allot from Windows 7 like how to make thier OS run properly. Time drop Linux altogether you really do get what you pay for.

  • zane

    my mouse and keyboard keep disconnecting and this makes it so that i cant use it at all!
    that sucks…

  • Dave

    Both 9.04 and 10.04 ran perfectly fine on my HP8530w laptop, Installing 10.10 and now it completely freezes at random points. Upgraded to latest nvidia drivers 260.19.12 since Ubuntu shipped beta drivers (260.19.06) yikes. Still experiencing problems, this is a bad release probably pushed out too early to meet the 10/10/10 date.

  • Guest

    Good….except…the freezing. Running 10.10 for a few hours now on a Dell Studio, system has completely frozen twice….

  • What I don't like about the Maverick Meerkat version is that I cannot install Google Earth like I did in past versions. If this keeps up, my netbook is going to get Windows XP SP3 back in place just like I first got it and say goodbye to linux. Windows is better in one way.

  • Alex

    I'm now trying to find out if 10.10 is the problem, or if Ubuntu is in general, but it won't boot correctly on my new computer. My hardware:
    Evga x58 sli3 Mobo
    Corsair Dominator 1600 ram
    i7-950 cpu
    Evga gtx-470 gpu

    It keeps saying my chipset is unsupported. I updated the kernel and it kind of worked but then it made other things not work like Ndiswrapper. I'm installing 10.04 and if that doesn't work, Debian.

  • Kars

    Loading either the live cd install for 10.10 or on usb, i keep getting stuck in the loading window with the dots.. Any help?

  • Mel

    installed 10.10 and cannot get ONLINE even tho' I can access mu network! Wasted several hours buggering about……….back to Lucid for me!

  • Frustrated Fiend

    I'm trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit on a new hard drive. I've got it set up for dual-boot with Windows 7 already on the drive, but the problem I'm running into is this… I get into the install screens. I select my area to set the time, I select the keyboard layout I want and then I move on to the screen where you input your name, Screen Name, password, etc. The problem is, even when Ubuntu is finished copying files and it says "Ready when you are…", the "forward" button is greyed out. Is there a fix for this? I'd hate to spend another couple hours downloading another distro of Linux, when I prefer Ubuntu (sadly, I don't have my previous Ubuntu distro disc anywhere, or I'd use that.)


    • Frustrated Fiend

      So, I don't know what the difference is, but… I decided to try downloading a copy of Lucid Lynx, rather than Mucked-Up Meerkat, and had no problems installing 10.04. Maybe there are a few minor bugs in 10.10 but I know that Lynx works just fine, so I'll stick with that for now.

  • John Harding

    Acer 3810t is OK with everything but wireless with the Atheros AR5B93. Previously fixed this in previous releases with MadWIFI but didn't work the 10.10 Ubuntu. Have tried NDIS but also doesn't work. Probably will have to go back to 10.04.

  • W.Spindler

    I tried 4 versions of 10.10 I could get (386 Desktop Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and for PC's with AMD CPU the Amd64 version) on different machines – but they simply DO NOT BOOT on the most PC's.
    The only one computer where all 3 versions (except the 64AMD of course) work without problems is a old Intel-P3 Tualatin (1.3GHz) with 512 MB RAM.
    On all newer and bigger machines (Intels with 1 and 4 kernels and AMD64 with 1 and 3 kernels and with 1 .. 4 GB RAM) they stuck after ca. 10 minutes of "booting" with a lot of error messages on the screen.
    Sorry, but such a horrible distribution I had never before.

  • Sunil

    Downloads folder not accessible in Ubuntu 10.10

  • tgtg

    i have installed ubuntu 10.10 for 1st time in my life ..
    it was working nice till morning ..
    when started right now i can't use my key board..!?even i cant enter password. my keyboard is working properly with windows.
    my mouse courser is working fine with both of them ..

    please any expert help me earlier..

  • bwalle

    No probs with admin accts but no audio for desktop accounts. Even turned on access to guest and other desktop account and still no sound.

  • yusie

    yes 10.10. got so much error…
    i can't run unr 10.10 via usb.. it's stuck on ubuntu background pict.. and …frozen..

  • abc

    On my desktop it works ok. On my laptop I have a lot of problems. WiFi and sound didn't work, although I managed to find some workarounds and brightness controls don't work either(it is always on maximum brightness) and restarting causes it to freeze.

    They say to use the LTS version if you want stability…but that's not much better either!

  • Sepehr

    wireless doesn't work. had not this problem in 10.04. Installed a fresh version of 10.10 and didn't upgrade 10.04 to 10.10.

  • Wafaa

    The upgrade didn't install properly so I did a clean install. It worked fine for a couple of days, but then I installed updates from the update manager. After that it wouldn't boot. I'd get the blinking cursor on a black screen after the grub menu. I let it run recovery and fix itself. Now it boots, but it takes 10 minutes to boot.

  • Bill

    After the install it re booted and then no video at all, I can't even boot into Windows. Works ok with the monitor plugged into the onboard video but nothing from the Nvidia card.
    Ubuntu is a pain!

  • woodie

    i have no issues with my upgrade so far . neither anyone else i know . you ppl all suck

  • Bob

    I upgraded on 10.10.10 to 10.10. Did a fresh install, used entire disk. On a netbook – acer aspire one, so am now running the new unity interface. I have to say that I have had absolutely no problem. I think there could be improvements – the 'always visible' launcher being a case in point – its a dock, why can we not 'autohide' it. Having said that, I find in practice that when using the distro, my eyes are drawn to the centre of the screen, so I dont really notice the launcher. Its a very good launcher, but as a recovering Macboy, i welcome the Apple-esque direction ubuntu is taking, but I really need a dock, so I am running 'Docky' (with autohiding) alongside the new unity launcher

  • Bobby

    Yeppers, I had some problems. I went from Netbook 10.4 which worked perfectly on my Acer AS1410 to 10.10. First, it screwed up Wubi, I had to install and repair grub, then I had trouble setting the resolution to work correctly using two monitors and now I'm trying to locate Places. Where is "Places" on this upgrade? The connections symbol seems grayed out but everything seems to be working. I don't see where it boots or runs any faster and some of the refinements, like clicking the mouse key to access the personalize settings are gone. I personally thought 10.4 looked more refined. Every time I have upgraded Linux anything I have had to tweak it back for everything to work as it had before the upgrade. I can see where that might frustrate people but overall I guess it has not been too bad. I kind of miss 10.04 though.

  • lavi

    I have recently downloaded the 10.10 version of Ubuntu on my Lenovo Netbook, using Wubi installer. It works fine, except for one big issue. I use Chromium, and apparently, the Flash Player should come pre-installed and updated. Adobe tells me that whenever I am redirected to their page, and I get that every time I try to use a Flash application. In conclusion, Flash does not work. I don't get it, I've tried installing the plugins from the terminal, and still nothing.

  • Mookey

    upgraded from 10.4 LTS to 10.10. XMMS is not working. Sound is perfectly configured but cannot play audio file. I LOVE xmms

  • Guest

    The wireless network connection will not connect because the *disconnected* wired network card(s) are configured as the 'Active' network connection even though neither card has a physical connection to any network. The death of Ubuntu? Linux? What a mess.

  • Rick Cross

    10.04 LTS ran great! 10.10 64bit scrambled my nvidia 240 video until I booted with nomodset. Got it install onto a new 1TB hard drive (using defaults) and now get the same when Ubuntu boots off of the drive.

    I'm seriously thinking of just going back to 32 bit 10.04 LTS even though I'll waste some ram (the machine has 4GB in it.)

    • Ron Field

      You didn’t mention whether you changed grub to nomodeset. In case you didn’t, do this. Add this line to ‘/etc/default/grub’


      # If you change this file, run ‘update-grub’ afterwards to update

      # /boot/grub/grub.cfg.

      I recently did a clean install of 10.04 and had to add nomodeset to the boot line to get the installation CD to do anything. Then I had to do this to get it to boot from the drive. I’m going to wait a couple of months, at least, before trying 10.10. Good luck.

  • Kevin R

    One minor problem: the enscript option –printer-options='-o sides=two-sided-short-edge' no longer gives me double sided output. Anyone have any ideas?

  • scott

    64-bit Desktop: After the update, it's going to be easier for me to just wipe my android development machine and set it up from scratch than fixing this crap. At least this is a backup/test machine (sacrificial lamb) but I don't have time for this release. Example: it's taking a very long time just to type these letters. I have a Core i7 CPU and I haven't investigated it yet, but something keeps eating 3-4 cores.

  • c2d

    Working on with the old Kernel I experience more bugs. SImpleScan refuses to write pdf-Files now, S/MIME signing on emails refuses to work, Wifi-connection breaks occasionally, booting in kernel 35.22 still doesn't work, pressing any keys after choosing it in GRUB doesn't work…. I wonder what the beta was all about, it seems this is still a beta release…

  • guest

    I installed ubuntu 10.10 netbook version on my lenovo ideapad s12
    I took 4 hours, and it seems during the installatin that the computer frozes unless you press a key or move the mouse, (what a headache) .
    Now it takes about 40 min to boot up, and once again seems to frozen unless you move the mouse or type

    if this continue Ill be back to 10.4 , I had no problems with that version, (always fast)

  • No problems with upgrade. Flawless. Went from 10.04 to 10.10 on a Dell Mini 10v. Everything works!

  • Julian

    well my upgrades have gone fine … not all problems you know with an upgrade to 10.10

  • ddUS

    On Ubuntu 10.4 I was using Eclipse with android SDK. Everything was working perfectly.

    Sunday I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10. Everything else is working fine except, now in Eclipse the ‘Window’ drop-down does not include the SDK & ADT manager. Also ‘run’ does not work. The two folders android-sdk-linux_x86 and SDK_workspace are fine.

  • Konstantin

    I've just upgraded to 10.10 from 10.04 and can't boot, can't use nvidia drivers and almost killed OS (trying to restore OS)… Now I have to try out a clean installation and then, maybe, get back to 10.04… Horrible release… horrible upgrade…

  • Harry brijs

    I just ended updating two portables, an HP DV9600 and a Toshiba machine.
    Different behaviour. But both refuse to run Amarok – KiCAD and beid the ID-card application for the Belgian eID.
    For the rest everything works flawless as far as I can see.
    Anyone has an indication what went wrong ?

  • OpenGl doesn’t work properly -in x86_64, at list-. I have got an ATI xpress 200 card and solved that issue in Ubuntu by disabling compiz and adding “nomodeset” parameter to boot options. Then I could use Google Earth, for instance, with no problems and even perfomance increased a lot -at the cost of some more RAM. I also tried that solution with the same kernel 2.6.35 in an aptosid – Debian sid based distribution. But in Ubuntu 10.10 even setting radeon-kms to 0 solves the OpenGl problems at running 3D programs. Google Earth and any other 3D app shows distorted vertices and polygons and black areas. How could this be fixed -at least, allowing a workaround, in Ubuntu 10.04 and Debian Sid, but not in Ubuntu 10.10?

    • Henny

      Big problems running previously installed applications on NTFS partitions and CD-ROMS/DVDs due to "executable bit" that is not set and can not be changed.

      The bundled Firefox browser refuses to open multiple sites. newegg.com for example.

      The playing of any AC3 file would generate a pulse-audio error.

      Wine seems to not have been debugged at all, giving shiploads of problems.
      I moved back to 10.4 Lucid Lynx AMD64. 10.10 is just too annoying.
      As usual with Ubuntu it feels like the release was rushed to market without really solving the problems in the alpha and beta releases. They should IMHO stop the insane twice/year release schedule and only release a new version if and when they have significant approvements that have been fully debugged. NO Scheduled releases!
      Do we really need another OS every 6 months? I don't.
      I don't agree with importing problematic windows features (like this executable bit nonsense) either.

  • c2d

    I upgraded this morning on my lenovo u350, hd 10.4 running since its release. Kernel 35.22 gets stuck in a cryptic screen with the last message being [gibberish] kernel_thread_helper more gibberish. Booting with an older Kernel works though. b43-fwcutter is not found, uninstall says to install it first and remove afterward, dpkg is blocked. Lots of graphic glitches on the desktop, aptdaemon crashes…

  • Tim

    Updated from 10.04 to 10.10 from update manager. I get terminal log in but no gui. startx command doesn't work, with or without gdm running, and machine tells me it can not find /etc. Wiped the hard drive clean and re-installed 10.04.

    Pentium 3 550e
    768 mb RAM
    40Gb hard drive
    64mb Nvidia pci video card

  • akin

    After updating my nVidia driver, Ubuntu wont boot. it freezes…

  • pullingHair

    Yea, I'm having a big problem with Maverick Meerkat. Upgraded from 10.04 and now my video driver doesnt work (I'm using ATI HD3650 which worked fine in 10.04 using the proprietary driver). The screen would suddenly turn jaggy (as in blzkdztttt) and then it would just hang there, Ctrl+F2 doesnt work, cant even reboot from keyboard, didn't give me a chance to report bug, in short – instant death .. worse than Windows' infamous "Blue Screen of Death" .. This could happen at any time.. during browsing, playing video, working on the terminal, or even when not doing anything.

    No idea what causes this, tried uninstalling fglrx and then reinstalling it again.. doesnt work.

    Downloaded latest ATI Linux proprietary driver, but when i run it, i get the error message that the version is not supported.. been hunting for solutions on the internet but nothing works… it is still unresolved as of now.. Mega Mess Maverick Meerkat ?

  • Fat Bloke

    VirtualBox 3.2.10 was released yesterday, and contains fixes to allow 10.10 to work better as a guest.

  • johnson

    1.) First my sound does not work right after updating it

    2.) its unable to run scripts outside of the partition which is a pain since I'm using a dual boot configuration and trying to run scripts from a shared partition.

  • danielle

    i keep losing my log out/power button but it comes back when I click error console,and its also not as fast to boot as I thought it would be.

  • Mateo

    I have had three major problems. 1.) The installer deleted an MBR on one of my drives. I was able to restore it with Testdisk, but kind of weird. The drive was /sda so that may be why. 2.) After enabling the Nvidia proprietary driver I cannot adjust fonts to make them bigger. This has been awful because my monitor displays at a very high resolution so I can't read anything. It's way too small. 3.) I can't seem to file a bug against anything because while my launchpad acount is still active, it won't let me into the bugs section for Ubuntu.

  • Baldemar Huerta

    10.10 Already? They haven't fixed the bugs in 10.04 yet!

    • spyronett

      thats why they come with 10.10

  • MorphOne567

    Unfortunately, I am having massive amounts of issues and problems installing Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat. I see amazing screenshots all over the internet of the improved UI, the sleek looking new Wallpapers, and know that nearly all the applications are updated and improved. With all this being said, it really hurts to see my installation via the update manager get stuck in an infinity loop of rebooting for reasons unknown to me, I can't even look at the log files to figure it out and post a bug report to launchpad. Unetbootin is the seemingly only viable way to create a bootable USB from Lucid Lynx and that hasn't fixed any issues, creating a CD based physical install medium has also failed me…I have a custom built PC that is a powerhouse workstation, Asus Rampage 2 Extreme Mobo, Intel i7 920 Quad-Core CPU, Dual GTX 295 NVIDIA Cards, 10,000 RPM Raptor Drive…all my hardware is fine…I have to stick with 10.04 LTS until these kinks get ironed out 🙁

  • Paul

    Typing my password nothing happens cannot access my account

    • whitefeather010

      any solutions yet?

  • Phil Stephens

    OK, this is bizarre. I have now tried the Ubuntu-Netbook installer on my Asus Eee 701 and I have once again stopped at the Welcome screen.
    Clicking on "Try Ubuntu-Netbook " has been done using the mouse, enter key and spacebar. All registered the click (red border, animation) and the pointer went to busy.

    It has now been 13 minutes with no disk access (I am using an external CD drive, the one I used to install 10.04 NBR.) and nothing…

    Regards, Phil S.

    • ozone

      Sounds like you're using a DVD instead of a CD or USB.

  • Jacob

    I can't install anything on Ubuntu…Neither Open Office or virtualbox…

    • Linux fan

      You need an Internet connection, and you can install software on ubuntu. Just install software from your repositories, and synaptic package manager. In my opinion It's just best to install software that is created for ubuntu on ubuntu.

  • Bill

    I can't get past the grub window. it's completely shut down. i also did a nvidia driver update before this happened. I had to go to Borders and get a 10.04 Dvd to get up and running again.
    What a mess.

  • Phil Stephens

    I have tried both 32Bit and 64Bit installers on my Sony VAIO and both start and get to the welcome screen, but the "Try Ubuntu" button does nothing. The button registers the click (red outline and animation) but nothing… Install button likewise.
    I can open the browser and view documentation, or shut down, but I cannot get the live CD to start.
    I have run both 32Bit and 64Bit 10.04 happily on this machine with all hardware working…

    Regards, Phil S.

    • ozone

      If you're using a DVD, you might want to try booting from an Ubuntu CD or USB.

  • Saxbelcrush

    Upgraded last night, netbook remix 10.04 to 10.10, wireless worked fine on 10.04 then stopped working on 10.10. Working my way through forums to find solution. Still no luck.

    Wired works fine, wireless not even found

    • Hayley

      Same here. Upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 and completely lost wireless. Wired still works

      • Chris

        Me too… upgraded my HP DV2415 laptop using the upgrade manager and the wireless shows up as disabled. Running off the 10.10 disk I burned yields the same results. If I run off my 10.04 LTS disk, wireless works fine.
        I've looked all over and while others report similar problems, I have not found a solution.
        Looks like I'll reinstall 10.04… sigh….

    • Chris

      Found this, which worked for me: http://winunixmac.com/unix-error-messages/64-brok

      • That's for Fedora, Ubuntu doesn't use yum, it uses aptitude.
        No idea how it "worked for you" but this is how to do it in Ubuntu, guys:

        $ sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic

        Hope this helps!

  • Cogbrain

    I tried to install 10.10 last night, but no luck. It destroyed my boot sector, so I had to use special dos commands to wipe the drive and start over again. Tried again and more problems, so I just went ahead and installed 10.04.1 LTS. When I tried to change the resolution because of small fonts, guess what, there was no "Display" menu in this version. Ubuntu sucks.

    • Linux fan

      Hi Noob

      I did use Ubuntu 10.04. for a little while.
      But I was not fond of ubuntu 10.04.
      I think some versions of Ubuntu are okay to use.
      Why would you use dos commands with ubuntu?
      In my opinion I think DOS is used with Microsoft Windows operating systems.
      I think ubuntu uses unix commands but don't quote me on this. I think DOS comdands should be useless if you're only using ubuntu. If you do proper research on the Internet then you will learn how to properly install ubuntu. If you don't have enough patience then just use an easier operating system like any version of Microsoft Windows.
      Changing fonts while you use ubuntu 10.04 should not eliminate the display.
      You might have a hardware problem if you can't see your display!!!

  • Rob

    audio was working fine until I upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 yesterday

  • Mark

    Lots of problems here unfortunately. Did net-upgrade via Update-Manager. It installed which dumps to terminal login. ALT-CTRL-F7 shows hang at 'checking battery state'. I can only boot to low resolution with my Nvidia-8800GT from the recovery kernel boot option to get graphics. It tried to install as well but that just always hung and never even gave a prompt. Disk Janitor removed it. X always fails at startup with EE – Can't initialize device at PCI:1:0:0 which is where the nv card sits and lspci finds. Guess its back to Vista this week.

    • Alex

      I have the same issue on Acer Aspire 5739G, but MM does boot with older PAE kernel!

    • julian

      there were a few last minute nvidia driver changes, you may want to check you have the right driver

  • Dralthi

    I can’t even install it. In the requirements section, the installer incorrectly determines that I don’t have enough free space for the installation. I have 60GB available. Where to now? I don’t know…

    • Nick

      I am having a Problem like this but first time its ok and once it hase serposedly installed but now it says no space or drive can not be found or un format able

      This is really worrying as one guy at work helped with the first one and it BROKE the hdd and I think it has done that to the to my two new drives as well (several pc that I am working with NOT dual boot)

      Can any one help I am looking for some repair soft at the mo to sif the hdd s are ok if not I m F ED

      If you know of a solutution email me netorius@hotmail.co.uk

  • Bob Roberts

    It's a joke, if you download UNR, it tells you to use a USB installer that specifically say it does not work with UNR 10.10.

  • Sherry

    I guess "no kernel found" is a problem…having to use windows until I can figure it out is definitely a problem. ugh.

  • darren

    i cant use any music player in ubuntu 10.10..because every time i go in to my places menu it opens the music player i cant click on downloads,home folder,anything in my places menu no matter what i click on it just opens the music player…dam annoying…any answers to this problem is so appreciated!!!

    • Nosh

      Did you get a resolution for this issue. I am facing the exact same issue

    • Ronnie

      I have the same problem too.I can't access downloads folder.And when the system is set hibernate, it takes forever to restore the user /password dialog

    • Kenneth

      I'm running a dual boot with Win 7. I have the same problem with Places and Movie Player. A work around I have found is that I can click on the actual drive (again under Places), wait for it to mount, close media player, then double-click the icon that was added to the desktop after the mount. Not the prettiest solution, but it is hopefully a temporary workaround.

  • Matt

    After updating my nVidia driver, Ubuntu wont boot. I get past my BIOS then just get a blinking curser. Nothing I seem to do fixes this. I also cant get my touchpad or number pad to work. I have a Sony Vaio VPCF126FM.

    • I also have this problem, except I have a HP G72, and updated the ATI Radeon-drivers. Can't get it to start up in neither normal mode nor recovery mode. Very weird problem!

      • Brandon

        I have the same problem with my HP, if anyone finds a fix for this please I would really appreciate it.