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Samsung Omnia 7 vs iPhone 4: Size Comparison Video

The Samsung Omnia 7 was just one of the ten handsets that forms part of Windows Phone 7, which were all unveiled today during the Microsoft event. We have already discussed this new WP7 smartphone in detail, but we have found a video comparison of the size of the Omnia 7 compared to the Apple iPhone 4.

You can see right away that the Samsung handset is not only taller but wider as well. However, it is a little harder to see which of the two handsets is the slimmest; this is because the fourth-generation iPhone has sharper edges compared to the rounded edges of the Omnia 7.

The one shocking thing that we noticed from the Engadget video was how similar the home button was to that of the iPhone, but instead of a square on the button the Samsung has the Windows logo.

The hardware on the upcoming Samsung Omnia 7 is a lot like the Galaxy S, so can expect good performance. The new Windows Phone 7 OS certainly helps to complement the hardware, which you can clearly see by watching the video.

Do you think that the Samsung Omnia 7 WP7 handset looks as good as any Galaxy S smartphone?



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