Kinect Concept Older than Xbox and PS2

By Peter Chubb - Oct 11, 2010

Microsoft has chosen a different path than that of the Sony PlayStation Move, and has decided to go hands-free when controlling the game with its Kinect system for the Xbox 360. The system uses three things, depth sensors, an RGB camera and software.

The technology is certainly new, but when it comes to controlling games by use of a camera – this is an old concept. According to an interesting article on TheGameHeadz, Daniel Brown believes that using a camera to control parts of a game is older than the first Xbox and the PS2.

Such devices were used on computer games, which is when we first started to use our webcams more. However, once Sony launched their second games console and released EYE-Toy – not a massive success by today’s standards – it was the start of greater things.

There has already been a huge debate as to what system is better Move or Kinect? Just remember that Sony has been using the technology much longer. However, Microsoft is very resourceful and will no doubt do everything they can to blow the competition out of the water.

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