Google Car: The Final Piece in the Puzzle?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 11, 2010

Google has pretty much proved that they can turn their hand to almost anything, a few years ago they were just known for their impressive search engine, now they seem to have a new success story every month such as Google Chrome, Google Android, Google Mail and Google Maps, could a Google Car be their next venture?

Yesterday we posted a video which introduced you to the Toyota Prius which had been loaded with Google software so that it could drive itself, now a recent article posted on SFGate looks into whether Google should develop robot-cars or instead create a spin off division which is solely responsible for the Google car.

The SFGate article was written by Henry Blodget, and to be honest with you I disagree with his thoughts, he suggests that a separate division is better than funding a pet project internally as engineers and innovators will reap the benefits in the long run.

I feel that if Google want to invest its money into pet projects such as Google Cars they should reap the rewards if it pays off, yes it would be nice if engineers and innovators got some form of bonus if their hard work made the Google Car a success, but will they take the responsibility if it fails? I don’t think so.

If Google had a separate division for robot-cars they could risk losing their very centralized way of business, I feel that all Google products and services link up in great ways, which in the end makes things more innovative and user friendly.

A great example of this is the Apple iPhone, if Apple had created a separate company with its own CEO I very much doubt the iPhone would be what it is today, Steve Jobs overlooking all Apple technologies lets him see the bigger picture, which is part of the reason why the iPhone is regarded as one of the most innovative devices on the market today.

We would love to hear your opinions on this matter, therefore feel free to leave your comments below.

Source: SFGate

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  • Richard W.

    Yes i agree working with the larger company allows for a better integration of systems and a similar format for GUIs.

  • Ivan Dickson

    The spinoff model brings a financial responsibility to the project. In house pet projects are notorious for using the alloted funding as well as scrounging resources from wherever they can. The companies invariably end up pumping far more money into the project than they thought because of all the backdoor funding and what may originally have looked like a success is really a failure when the cost of all the “borrowed” freebies are accounted for.