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Geohot’s Limera1n: New Apple TV Jailbreak – No Apps Yet

Yesterday I wrote an article about how the Limera1n download will allow users that run iOS 3.2.2 on their iPad to Jailbreak it. Today according to Waisybabu from the 2nd generation Apple TV can be jailbroken too.

The Software is available for download now, and while some people will love having administrator access on the new Apple TV, it will be disappointing for those that want to play their iOS apps on the big screen (there are none available at the time of writing).

It wasn’t long from the launch of Apple’s new TV device that we come across news on its future Jailbreaking potential, which was originally done by the iPhone Dev-Team.

Will you be daring enough to jailbreak your brand new Apple TV? Let us know how you get on and if there are any problems. I must say that if you were to go ahead, it is at your own risk and may leave your device unusable.


  • darianhomes

    yes i would jailbreak my appletv

  • ted

    how to connect to internet from apple tv with mywi on ipad

  • ted

    yes i would jailbreak my appletv

  • otisrhw

    I did jailbreak it and the remote and the remote app did NOT work so I couldn’t even see if anything changed I couldn’t ssh as their was no open ssh. 🙁

  • herminia rosario

    My phone did not turn on after I did what they told me. I do not what to do next

  • bijan

    wow. wonderfult it worked for me just follow the instruction.

  • iDissapoint

    My take on Limera1n is thank goodness Geohot came around. Somebody was gonna get some shit done in a timely manner, rather than waiting weeks and possibly months for some supposed magical jailbreak that will never be released from Greenpois0n. Frankly tough shit, somebody better and faster came out, so now happily people get to jailbreak again and completely forget about Greenpois0n until another never accomplished promise is made on the next unhackable iOS.


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