Final Fantasy 14: Reasons To Avoid FFXIV

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 11, 2010

When the Final Fantasy XIV game was first announced, everybody thought that it was going to be a great game that showed promise. However, despite the game’s outstanding graphics, it doesn’t appear to be the case.

In fact, according to an article by John Draisey over at, the developer Square Enix appears to be rather embarrassed about the game and have even requested that media outlets don’t review it.

The article even goes as far as giving us 10 reasons why we should really avoid the Final Fantasy XIV game. A lack of direction is one of the reasons given, with players having to work out everything on their own.

Other reasons include an inadequate user interface and if you wish to change the graphics, this can’t be done until you quit back to the main menu. For the full story visit

Bear in mind that this is just the PC version, so the developer still has time to improve Xbox 360 and PS3 releases. Have you tried Final Fantasy XIV, if so what is your opinion?

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  • Woodstock69

    You know, I have been playing the FF series since its conception in 1987 (in English in 1990) for Nintendo. I have followed it and was totally amazed with the FFVII game play/storyline/Graphics/Interface when it was released in 1995 and I was hooked all over again. A couple slow FF games (FFIX, FFX-10)) but I was online with FFXI from day one.
    With the release of FFXIII and it’s great graphics, but linier slow and tedious game play, and a crappy Dissidia: Final Fantasy, I was almost fed up with the Final Fantasy series all together but decided to try the new FFXIV Online MMO. I was Semi-disappointed overall. Classic Final Fantasy, storyline graphics but the interface, menu-diving, lack of “Basic” tutorials and veteran MMO gamers having to ask in game questions that you would expect from a n00b has left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Fix the Map, Item auction/search, Player search, mailing items (‘spcially for transferring item from one of your characters to another), simplify the interface and allow more than eight levequests every 30+ hours.
    ‘nough said.

  • Dave

    MMO's never have any end to them. You have 8 million story lines going in 8 million different directions, but that is part of the fun of the game is that you can expect that it will never end. I have yet to play FFXIV but I'm excited to give it a shot because I loved every minute of FFXI until some asshole stole my character and sold off all of my shit.

  • Tim

    I haven't played it yet, but Final Fantasy I (1987) was the first RPG I played and I've loved every FF since. What I loved was the great stories, graphics and perhaps the best music of any video game. However I keep reading the aside from Graphics and battles, FF XIV doesn't bode well in terms of story. Forgive my ignorance, but can anyone attest that an online game like this has a good story with a start and end?

  • JCorley

    I was a huge FFXI fan, played it for years. Also played WoW for awhile, enjoyed it although it felt completely different than FFXI. FFXIV IMO is very fun, has that same "Epic" feel that FFXI has, the interface doesn't bother me at all, I'm used to 11's and I still play with my keyboard/mouse. Despite the lack of auction house, I haven't came across 1 thing I dislike about the game currently. Feels a lot like XI despite it missing a few features, but they'll come. And for all the WoWers saying "why launch a game without all it's features present" Do you even remember what WoW was like on launch? I personally thought it was total crap up until about a year in. It didn't have an honor system, no battle grounds, flight paths weren't linked, half the Tier gear wasn't even modeled yet, and so on. Compared to launch WoW's a totally different game now. So don't knock FFXIV just yet, SE will improve on what the game needs to grow in time with patch releases.

  • allibyx

    I consider myself a huge FF fan, going back to the first installment for which I counted the days until its release, and it even managed to exceed my expectations. The game even improved on what was already good for a few upcoming versions.
    That being said, being a FF fan doesn't mean I have to worship everything they just happen to regurgitate. It is my opinion (and I'm sure most people agree) that this company has a steady streak for abandoning what works since FFVI. I don't know why, change of management, vision, a desire for self-destruction, who knows. So being disappointed on 14 came as no surprise. I know companies need to adjust with the times but why re-invent the wheel instead of improving on it?
    I know there's aspects of the game they still need to fix, like the user interface, auction house, lag, etc., but is the overall game fixable? Aside from the cool graphics, the game has no fun factor. Just a magnified version of what didn't work in 11, the running around, the chores, the standing around and the tedious long hours of what sometimes feels like work. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed 11 for a few years and would still play it if it hadn't gotten so watered down with updates which made the game too easy.
    I knew there was something wrong with this game since beta, but followed the advice of friends that the company would somehow fix everything by the time it's released so I became one of the suckers that purchased the game the first day it was available. Although someone owes me a few beers since I mirrored his lack of judgement, it's still disappointing.
    This of course, is just my opinion. If you like the game, more power to you. If you're a fanboy I envy you. I wish I had the conviction of worshiping something in spite of its shortcomings, that way I could convince myself into believing the game is worth my time.
    I liked the game when it used to draw you outside reality into a world which was not only tragic and magical but also fun and challenging every step of the way. For now I'll choose reality, which is by far much more exciting.

    • travis

      i played FF 11 for years, i have yet to play FF 14. I do know however that being an FF fan is not the same as being an FF11mmo fan, they are really quite different animals. the way i see it you have two types of mmo fans, the" wow" type and the "FF11 type". some ppl like the quick leveling and simpler interface, some ppl like the slow paced grinding type leveling with the highly customizable slightly complicated interface. I would like more reviews from ppl who played FF11 rather than fans of FF in general, FF11 was so specific in its gifts to its fans that i doubt that just being a fan of FF in general would be enough to garuntee youd enjoy the mmo version. some ppl hated ff11 for its grinding, some ppl loved that about the game, i happen to be a huge fan of FF11 but i totally understand why some dont like it.

    • travis

      Now, if by saying FF14 has no exciting content means that they have yet to add all of the full and rich chapters that FF11 had, i might think they simply haven't had time for the game to mature yet, if however it is just flawed and immpossible to enjoy i'd like to know that from the perspective of someone who played and enjoyed FF11. I'd like to hear more reviews from guys like this who actually played FF11, because thats the only review im really interested in hearing.

      • Munchow

        I think the people who played FFXI and liked it are still playing it since SE knows how to add expansions without destroying all of the previos content, unlike every other mmo maker out there. Give it about 6 months more, and alot of the FFXI fanbase will be on FFIV, and most of the haters will have gone back to WOW and lotr, then you start to see alot of the reviews you want. A for rite now, just seems like most of the ppl posting reviews for FFIV are WoW players (i.e. FFXI rejects)

  • DavidT

    It would be interesting to separate the comments between those who have played FF games (and liked them) from those of us who are seeing FF for the first time with the new PC MMO version.

    I had really high hopes for this game but as some have mentioned the game interface is a show stopper. The interface is something you have to deal with all the time so it has to be done right. I expect new MMOs ot have some technical glitches and have sat through more than a few MMO launches that stumbled due to a number of technical issues. But how do you fix a broken interface? The interface is clearly what they intended it to be, and I am very puzzled that it would have escaped the develper's notice that it really and truly is not a good interface. No interface is perfect, but FFXIV shocked me when I first loaded my CE version. I thought I had done something wrong in the install. But cruising some of the forums made me realize that it wasn't just me.

    The game is likely OK as an old school console game. The interface makes sense if you review it from that perspective. But as a die hard (MMO) PC gamer my honest opinion is that this game is not something to be recommended as a PC game. For those that like the FF series I would bet that the PS3 version will be much better to play with the type of interface they have designed for this game.

    For me I'll put my MMO gaming somewhat on hold as we wait for the big MMO launches ahead in 2011. And I'll load my new copy of Uncharted 2 (game of the year edition) and head over to my PS3 to play that console game. It seems that making an MMO game that excels on both the PC and console is not an easy task. Remember the 360 version of Age of Conan? What a disaster. That PC game has now really settled in and its too bad they shot themselves in the foot at the launch and scared most people away. I sometimes wonder about the decisions game developers make when launching games that are flawed. I suppose they'll still sell some copies and perhaps that covers the development costs. But it's the repeat monthly fees that make the most money as the folks at Blizzard sure understand.

    I guess I'm stuck with my CE version of FFXIV and I'll shelf it for now and check back next year sometime. Maybe they can fix the interface. If so, I'll give it a whirl again. I'd like the game to succeed but I won't fight with the interface to do it.

    • DavidL

      If you've played FF11 you would know that square-enix optimizes the game interface for the PS3 (PS2 for FF11) and for controller play – not for mouse/keyboard. That's a big thing to consider when playing this game, as it's as difficult to play this game with a mouse/keyboard as it is to play wow with a controller.. it's not a valid argument as to the game not being great, it's just a complaint from someone who is playing it using the less optimal method.

      • Anna

        If you want to launch a multi platform game, you need multiple interfaces that are optimized for their respective platforms. Otherwize, you should stick to the platform that you know.

        • Final Fantasy FAN

          Well it is recommended by SE that FFXIV is played using a Gamepad and not a mouse and keyboard. Look it up

  • Tom

    They are still in negotiations about a xbox360 release and if you actually search the internet there are a few articles in the last couple of days supposedly from insider information that they will be releasing for 360 as well and it is not a ps3 console exclusive.

  • Dave

    I dont mind having to look for info but a game tutorial for basic game play would have gone a long way towards me forgiving a lot of things that are missing. I wont be playing it beyond the 2 hours I have wasted on it already.

  • Hilarious, i love this. Especially when this tool wrote "A lack of direction is one of the reasons given, with players having to work out everything on their own." Because we all know, we'd rather play a game where everything is laid out for us. Are you serious? I don't see people complaining that we have to communicate with other players and sites to network information. it makes for fun and challenging efforts to unlock secrets. These players are on the frontier of unfolding FFXIV in real-time. I guess some would-be game journalists prefer cookie-cutter grind-fest MMOs. It is highly advised, that this very excuse of a journalist waits a few months until the community have "done all the work" for him.

  • Marcus K

    Horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible interface. No game in the history of mankind has ever had a worse interface than Final Fantasy 14. Everything — EVERYTHING — requires you to interact with the game's menu. For example, you've been invited to a party? You'll know by the little notification icon that appears at the top of your screen. But clicking the icon will simply present in text what the icon already represents: You've been invited to join a party! No, no, to JOIN the party you have to open your menu, in which a new icon looking EXACTLY LIKE THE FORMER ICON will now be located in the Action submenu; you will select this new suboption, and the game will then ASK you if you'd like to join the party, at which time you will accept or decline.

    Let's say you want to quest. After you get your quest, you have to walk to your quest location. There, a magic crystal will allow you to actually begin your quest. But are you sure you want to begin that quest? It will ask you this question over and over again. From the list of quests available — which, mind you, the magic crystal can't give you actual quests, it can only let you start quests given to you by someone else far away — you can select the quest you wish to start. "Are you sure you would like to start this particular quest?" If you answer affirmative, it will ask you what quest difficulty you would prefer. "Are you sure you want to select that difficulty?" If you answer affirmative, it will summarize your decisions. "Are you sure you want to begin this quest with these parameters?"

    Jesus Christ, words alone can't adequately explain this menu-driven bullshit. This game is the most infuriating I've ever played. Last night, I managed to speak with the nicest World of Warcraft Game Master I've ever met, who actually practiced good customer service skills after I filed a ticket just to say that WoW was a grind-tastic shitfest and no longer fun. If only I would keep FF14 in my heart instead of trying desperately to forget all about it, I would realize that for simply burning up some time, WoW is infinitely more enjoyable comparatively, even when all you're doing is killing thousands of bears for the 90 bear asses you must collect for this quest.

    • Tim B.

      Learn to be patient. FFXIV is definitely not a "OMG THOSE ARE ENEMIES KILL THEM KILL THEM HERES SOME MONEY THANKS GOGOGOGO" game. The mood of the game is very chill. You don't level really obscenely fast, you just play and have fun. Yeah the interface is not intuitive but having to open the start menu to interact with things isn't the worst thing ever.

      I'll say this though, the game is much better when played with a game controller. Hook up your PS3 controller to this badboy and let her rip.

      • Marcus K

        Granted, you are likely correct about the controller, though I never bothered to try. I could not get past the horrifying menu-driven system.

        I would be fine with the throttled leveling system, if there were anything I found even remotely compelling to accomplish in the game otherwise. There isn't.

      • guest

        You just play… I don't think it's fun though. There isn't anything fun to do and the chat interface makes chatting with co players a chore.

  • iwontvisitthisagain

    so the developer still has time to "improve Xbox 360" and PS3 releases..??? it's only for PC and PS3

  • Antwon

    I have played the game it has outstanding graphics, an adequate battle system, a fairly deep character customization, a far above average story for an mmo, beautiful music, and a great world to explore and community to engage in. Also the armoury system allowing any one character to play all roles is a good feature, as are the crystals for fast navigation. The guildleve system is also a very good feature and will become more diverse and flexible in the future i believe. However It has some lag probloms, some glitches here and there, oh and a horrible interface, and a complete lack of a tutorial and must do and find everything on your own. Oh and then there is the lack of overall content for launch. It needs way more content. All in all though all the stuff i just addressed(lag, glitch, interface,tutorial,content) can all be fixed and prolly will over the next 10 to 12 months. By this time next year it will be an amazing mmorpg to play. so just wait, but don't write the game off just yet.

  • justin

    i have played ffxiv and i love it. i dont know why every one hates on this game just cuz they didnt make it just like wow with ff lore in it. if u wanta wow game go play wow or lotr.

  • Hmmm

    Wait…what? What is this? You couldn't write your own review? You're just summarizing somebody else's well thought-out review? BTW, we don't REALLY know whether or not there will be an Xbox 360 version…You might have know that if you put in more…erh…any research. Follow you on twitter? Can you just route me to somebody else who actually reviews products?

    • LOW

      They do this all the time here.I think there in the 8 grade.

  • David

    This is the most half-assed review I have ever had the discomfort of reading. There isn’t even a review here, what moron wrote this?