Chevy Volt: More Toyota Prius Than Nissan Leaf

By Peter Chubb - Oct 11, 2010

General Motors has been promoting their Chevy Volt for some time now, but as the car gets closer to launch more details come out. The media has now had a chance to test drive these vehicles, and GM had a shock for some of them; It seems that this vehicle is less EV and more hybrid.

So, for those of you who could not work out what market the Volt will fit in to, then from what we understand it is more like the Toyota Prius and less like the Nissan Leaf. The reason why I say this is the fact that a small amount of power from the gasoline engine can be used to turn the wheels.

Now I am not a mechanic, but this is the same concept that hybrid vehicles use. What I do not understand is, when GM first announced the Chevrolet Volt they said that energy from the normal engine would help to charge the batteries only.

Tim Stevens from Engadget has now studied a number of articles, and now has a greater understanding as to why GM did not tell us from the start that the Volt was in fact a Hybrid.

What do you make of the discovery of the Chevy Volt?

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  • JoeNo

    The Chevy Volt was always a hybrid by definition. A true electric car does not have a gasoline engine at all, also by definition. There is no surprise here.