AT&T vs. Verizon: iPhone 4 Data, Calls and Coverage

By Jamie Pert - Oct 11, 2010

If rumors are correct we should see the launch of the Verizon iPhone 4 in early 2011, if you are an unhappy AT&T customer who will be looking to switch to Verizon you may want to pay attention to this article as it points out some key differences between AT&T’s and Verizon’s networks.

According to a recent article posted on BeatWeek there is a limitation with Verizon’s CDMA network which may have a serious affect on the iPhone’s functionality, AT&T’s network allows you to check email and browse the internet whilst on a phone call, however Verizon’s doesn’t, therefore Verizon may perhaps have to make technical changes to their network to accommodate the iPhone, if not it may repel potential customers.

As you are probably aware AT&T no longer allow you to sign up to unlimited data plans, at the moment Verizon allow this, however are apparently following in AT&T’s footsteps and will soon be only offering limited data plans. Some experts suggest that keeping unlimited data plans could perhaps be a huge attraction for disgruntled AT&T customers. What do you think?

For me coverage is the single most important thing, let’s face it overall nationwide coverage is not important to all, however you need reception at your home and workplace etc. Many people say that Verizon’s overall coverage is superior, which has to be seen as an advantage especially as people want to stay connected with social networking etc no matter where they are.

Why will you buy the Verizon iPhone?

Source: BeatWeek

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  • Ron

    ! wish we had the real AT&T not (Cingular stole at&t's name) they were great. I don't understand how AT&T says they are the fastest network and what qualify it as that. All I know is I had the real AT&T until it changed and last a year until my contract ran out and move to Verizon. I went from almost always dialing every call twice or more to get through, much less finish a conversation, to never thinking about the call going through. Now I have at least 10 customers or more that talk with on a regular bases that have AT&T phone, when I'm talking to them, their calls get dropped. When I talk with my Verizon customers and family members and employees on Verizon, very rarely ever drop a calls. Most of the my customers on AT&T, are only there for the I-phone and everyone of my friends moved to Verizon for better phone service. I've been with Verizon for more than 6 yrs. they were a pain at first, but they are getting close to the original AT&T in service. I just had to blow off some steam. I get tired of hear AT&T saying they are faster, but my pasted 7 yrs says different. All of my acquaintance that left AT&T have never gone back and when we discuss it. they all reply they would never go back. The longer it take the I-phone to get to Verizon, the better Android gets.

  • Apple-ite

    It's a shame that no mobile network provider can seem to put it all together in one package. While the Apple iPhone has been a sales success, for many mac-ites it has been a very disappointing experience. When you're used to the quality, functionality and customer service of Apple, ATT Wireless is abysmal in every sense. I've been waiting for Verizon to get away from the poorest cell coverage of ATT, down networks & towers, and a complete lack of customer service mentality. Now, I can email and talk at the same time on Verizon… All the wireless carriers need to get their crap together. Lots of functionality that works 50-70% of the time just ticks-off customers. I'm almost ready to go back to AMPS – give me a Motorola StarTac where i could at least have coverage (albeit scratchy) and make a simple phone call without it dropping…. My expectations were lower but they delivered and met them.

  • Anti control freaks

    No, I can't stand Apple and Verizon with their control freakish business practices.