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PS3 YLOD: Repair and Prevention From Victims

There have been a number of cases of YLOD on Sony PS3 consoles, and it is no secret that this will be the worst thing that could ever happen to a gamer. People have been known to act badly after such an event, such as Tristan Charles from PlayStation Unlimited.

However, after finally going through the grieving process, Tristan thought that he would take a closer look at how he treated his PlayStation 3. During the process he learned a few interesting things, so thought that he would write a guide, which is like a repair and prevention for victims of the Yellow Light of Death.

Most of us know that the cause of the YLOD is due to the system overheating, so one way to prevent this is by powering down your console when not in use; instead of keeping it in standby mode.

The reason for this is because having the system in standby mode means that it is always ready to come on, this means that the hardware still draws power to the CPU and other components. For the complete guide visit PlayStation Unlimited.

Do you have your own solutions to prevent YLOD?



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