Limera1n Download Helps iPad Users Jailbreak iOS 3.2.2

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 10, 2010

There is so much news around on the Internet at the moment regarding Jailbreaking Apple devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and apple TV. We have recently informed you about the iOS 4.1 Jailbreak instructions and asked if you had any problems after downloading and installing.

Now I have great news for iPad owners that run the 3.2.2 version of Apple’s iOS and want to Jailbreak their device. According to Taimur Asad over at, you can now do that and he provides a complete guide on how it’s done.

Here are some simple steps that will help you Jailbreak your iPad: first is to download the software from Then link the iPad to a PC via the USB port, and a box will appear with a button saying make it ra1n. Once you have clicked that, the device will start to go into recovery mode.

From there you just have to follow the instructions telling you to hold down the home + power buttons, then release the power button. After that, the iPad will go into DFU mode for the last step, which is to launch Limera1n followed by installing Cydia and restarting the device.

For the full story on Jailbreaking the iPad or if you would prefer a video guide, then visit Let us know how it went if you decide to go ahead.

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  • etiloli

    ^^same for me ipad wifi 8 gb HELP!!!!!

    • helper

      To all THINK I found it! make sure you hold down the home button all the way through.. not just after the release power button goes away

  • charles

    doesn't work.. with ipad 32g wifi 3.2.2 tsk tsk


    My iPad 3G 64GB, after jailbreaking the ipad 3.2.2, my ipad showing No Sim Card installed!
    any solutions?


    Worked perfectly on my Ipad , can't locate Installous in Cydia.

  • yasuy

    limra1n is only 318 kb, do i really get the right one? I just have a doubt.

  • Philtwo

    Drains my Blue Tooth Device
    iPhone 3GS, I was running 3.1.3 under Spirit
    Update to 4.1 and installed Limera1n
    NO Problem with updating process using Limera1n
    except for my BlueTooth Device (iCom – which is connected to my Hearing Aids)
    is now dead (battery Drain) after 3 hours and my iPhone battery is also dying faster than normal.
    Tested without my Blue Tooth and iPhone battery shown normal Battery Drain.
    Any Advise and is it Limera1n causing my problem?

  • Fey

    Didnt work on my 3.2.2 factory ipad at first. I tried for more then 20 times… When it was supposed to show the drop it went to black and i didnt get the Limera1n / Cydia app.

    So here's what I did to fix it.

    -Reboot PC

    -hard reboot Ipad (Home + Power)

    -Install latest Itunes


    -Connect Ipad 3.2.2

    -Open Limera1n

    -Now update…

    For some reason it worked for me following these steps.. Good luck for those who don't get it to work. let me know if this method also works for you.

    • Mimi

      Check if you USB is 2.0. I failed many times until I read osasa's reply about plugging it directly to the motherboard and voila! Did it in the first go! YEAH! Thanks OSASA!

  • Ralph Goodman

    I am tottally new to this. What is ssh and when should I install it? Can you undo the jailbreak after the fact? What is cydia? I really want to do this but don't want to ruin a $500.00 device. Any help would be appreciated.

  • bengpe

    work on me first try on my Ipad 64gb 3g wi-fi v3.2.2 Model: MC497ZP
    tried it on itunes 9.2

  • osasa

    Worked perfectly> ipad 64gb 3g v3.2.2

    You should use USB 2 directly connected to the computers' motherboard.
    🙂 🙂

  • khalid

    i neeed sydia on my ipad plz helppppppppppppp me guys ihave itunes 10.0.1 and ipad 3.2.2 and nothing no sydia 🙁

  • iPad 16GB, model MB292LL SN: V5032LVRZ38, iOS 3.2.2 (7B500)
    After trying the Limera1n, no green raindrop, stays in recovery mode and cannot be taken out of it. Restored the iOS using iTunes 10. Tried tree times. The first time I tryed downgrade to 3.2.1 and it was unsuccessful. Somehow iTunes after the error took the iPad out of the recovery mode but there was no limera1n app. On next attempts the recovery mode could not be removed and did full factory recovery.
    There is no slot for SIM card in this model.

  • chris

    it doesnt work for my ipad 3.2.2 mc349LL. i hae tried so many times, it says it has been jailbroken but no icon ugh!!! i see that everyone here is having the same problem. Is it a glich in the program???? I NEED HELP PLZ ANYONE!!!!!

  • chris

    dear chrizn.geo
    i love u

    ipad 32GB 3G

  • Chrizn.geo

    *** IPAD FIX / Solution for Limera1n not working ***
    All IPAD 3.2.2 3G users frustrated by Limera1n not istalling and not raindrop showing….
    Take the Sim Card Out. I've bee searching the internt for 2 days and found nothing. I just thought what the hell and tried it without the SIM and BINGO! it worked…. Good Luck

  • christ

    im in the same situation.. three days trying so hard and nothing..i will try to install itunes 9.2
    ipad 64gb wifi.. always stuck on itunes logo

  • telis

    i have an 3gs 4.1 i put in the limera1n then i install the cydia but no cydia icon seems ……..

  • kraken

    it work first time on Ipad 3.2.2, after that cydia make update (i think for the boot) anyway after 1 day i have to restore my back up.
    after i restore i cant jailbreak as every one said nothing happen???

  • K.B22

    It doesn't work for me..
    I have IPad 3.2.2 model MB292NF 16Go Wifi.
    Windows XP and iTunes 10.
    Using Limerai1n….

    After DFU Mode, no limera1n logo on my iPad….

    Do u know any solution?


    • ssprod ssprod

      I have the same model, didn't work for me on XP, I tried Windows 7, she worked! Good luck.

  • sam

    For me, iPad 3g 64GB WiFi, OS 3.2.2

    Tried 5 times, even restoring twice, and no luck. With Win7 and iTunes 9.2.

    Then I upgrade my iTunes to 10.2 and retried again with Limera1n Beta 4.

    Voila, it works

  • ianvs

    Didn't work for me over and over again…

    And finally it did work out!

    iPad 3G 32GB
    Win7 32 Bit
    iTunes 9.2 –> (de-installed 10.x, then installed version 9.2, gives error on library file which is created in newer version, maybe this is just the trick, at least limera1n is installed by now)

    Happy again after 5 hours hell… 😉

  • sonic

    til now same not working on ipad 3.2.2

    limera1n beta4 🙁

  • Casval

    It doesn’t work on my iPAD 3G 3.2.2

    Model is MC497ZP

  • Unknown Name

    works for me 🙂
    I have:
    Ipad 32gb 3g
    Windows XP
    Itunes 9.2

    It worked for me 🙂 I hope it works for you too. Oh, and if your having a problem installing cydia, you need to unplug your iPad from the computer and then install it. Working great 😀

  • adrenaline_X

    works 4g 4.1 does not work on ipda 3g 64 gb

  • rexiaoa

    The key trouble for me is whether i should jailbreak my iPad ? I am very hesitating, as i heared that the Apple will released the new patent product which can recognition the jialbroken user and limited the iPad features , oh ,that is horrible at first , i just cared about the movie features and my Aneesoft ipad video converter , but if the IOS limited the features and i can't watch movies on ipad after Apple publish the new security product , what should i do ?

  • jrkangta

    worked the first time i tried. iPad 3G 64gb. white limera1n icon appeared to allow cydia installation.

  • addy

    tried on iphone 3gs, 4.1 it worked like a charm, but failed on Ipad 64g wifi, and ipad 32g 3g

  • dragon

    Not working for iPad 3.2.2. Tried it three times. its stay on the image to plug in to itunes and when i restart the ipad there is no app to run ????

  • Ceebee

    Just done my ipad 3.2.2 32gig 3g worked first time.

  • sizzle frizzle

    i've tried allllllllllllllllllllllllllll possible ways with an ipad 64gb 3g beta,2 beta4 with intiunes 9 itunes 10 in win98 mode witjh sim without sim, and it just won't work 🙁

    Butttt it did work on my 3gs with new boot rom first time :S

  • IAmMrB

    Unlocked my 3gs running 4.1 with no issues, but unable to get this to work on my Ipad running 3.2.2. It seems to get stuck at "exploiting". Only way to stop this is to either unplug the cable or hold power+home then I get the message to say its complete. No Limera1n icon though.

  • Tikkis

    how would you know the software jailbreaked the Ipad ? i can't see any app after jailbreak in my ipad . Could anyone please let me know how to make sure my ipad is jailbreaked ?

  • murilo

    hi there citizen and ssprod i had the same problem but then i moved the limera1n app to a page where there was room to make a new app(icon) then it installed the cydia with no problems

  • i fail to understand. How thery can release a version of Limer1n and say it is for the ipad 3.2.2.
    Tried this numerous ties and nothing. DOne some research and it lokks like there are others with ipad 3.2.2. and similar problems.

    Conclusion limera1n is a flop wait for the chronic dev release.

  • Hunter

    Not working for iPad 3.2.2. Tried it three times. Nothing has limera1n logo, no Cydia.

    • Angelina

      didn't work for my ipad 3.2.2 too!!

  • Adog

    Ipad 64GB did it 3 times, still doesnt work…! no limera1n icon at all to install cydia 🙁

    • henry

      same here. limera1n sux

    • gace

      me too

  • Gen

    I have an iPad and I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly for me. Thanks for all the hard work. I was waiting for a while. I would like to know how do you save the shsh in cydia so that I can be able to go back to this jailbreak if it gets updated to apples next firmware? I was not asked in cydia to save this when I first opened it.

    • kgar

      Hey. How did you get it to work? I have a 16g wifi and it is not happening for me. HELP!!!!

  • Itsra1ning

    Marco! Please tell me which model you have? Mine is MC947B. Don’t dare to try till I make sure I won’t end up stuck in DFU mode. Thanks!

  • apad

    Doesn't work on iPad 64GB WiFi.

    • henry


    • martyn

      its just a matter of releasing the home button at the right time,i had the same problem.only release the home botton when the box says exploiting,and the green rain drop will appear and it will work trust me,try it

    • jazy

      I already had limera1n and tried to jailbreak it but it didnt work, until I downloaded limera1n (again) and tried it and voila.!! IT WORKED!!

  • Harco

    Working like a charm on my iPad 3G 64GB

    • aaron

      how did you do it. i tried 50 over times and still failed….itunes latest version, limerain latest version. tried itunes running, itunes not running…. etc,,,,,


      Are you running xp or vista? Not working for me on iPad 3G 32.


      Do you have iTunes running after you press eject?

  • ssprod ssprod

    exactly the same issue here. any thoughts?? thanks

  • citizen_b

    Great news! But I have a 3GS – with Beta4, I go through all of the steps. When limera1n says its done, the device is restarted, but no change .. no cydia icon. I wonder if I'm just missing something, or there's something funky about mine that's preventing it from working.

    • Gussy

      u will see a white Icon with limera1n name, press it, then install cydia from the packages.

    • Unknown person

      Dude, is there a lime rain icon?
      If so, execute it. Click on cydia and install it

      • Jack

        But what if there is neither a limerain or cydia