iPad in-car Introduced For Mercedes-Benz

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 10, 2010

With Bluetooth connectivity becoming the norm in a large majority of production cars these days, the fact that we can step into a car and access our phone book, take calls and receive texts has now become almost second nature. However the integration of other devices into your transport is still relatively new.

Back at the end of last month we reported on BMW’s iPad docking system on display at the Paris Motor Show. Well not happy being left behind, Mercedes has introduced it’s own version. Mounting to the headrests the rear seat passenger can dock their iPad allowing it to be operated and charged.

Whether it’s for business use while your chauffeur gets on with the menial task of driving, or just something to entertain the children on those long journeys, integration of iPad for your car can only be the start of things to come. Engadgets only concern was the safety aspect, as the positioning of the device is in line with the passengers head, is the iPad’s screen crash tested for this type of application?

I’m sure these issues have or will be addressed, and with more and more manufacturers using Apple devices as selling points to their range, it wont be long before we are reporting on the next evolution of in-car entertainment.

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