Google TV Set-Top Box vs. HDTV With Software

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 10, 2010

This month has seen a few reports about the upcoming TV service from Google, such as the launch date, Logitech’s Revue device and four TV model numbers that Sony are installing the new service on.

An article written over at by Don Reisinger describes the reasons why he thinks that the future is to have the Google TV service in your HDTV, rather than a separate Set-Top box.

Many people want to be able to access all their content from one device; this would preferably be the TV with the integrated software. If you don’t have to upgrade and wanted Google TV, then buying the extra box might have to be your option, which could cost you around $300.

I just hope that other manufacturers follow Sony’s footsteps by equipping their future HDTVs with Google TV. Personally, I would rather have everything in one unit. Would you prefer Google TV in a set-top box or HDTV?

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  • loco

    Niether !

    Would rather have the software + system/Graphics/net requirements.

  • Doug

    It really depends on your need for a new TV. I have a full 1080p HDTV that is less then 2 years old and have desire to buy another set that will cost over $1000.