Google Car Update and Video

By Gary Johnson - Oct 10, 2010

We told you earlier about Google’s Toyota Prius which uses AI software to drive it. Now some other similar technology but in Germany has come to light.

Sean Hollister of Engadget is reporting that a team at Germany’s TU Braunschweig has developed a VW Passat which has managed to travel unaided along the streets of Brunswick. The vehicle used GPS and laser guided sensors to navigate its way around the town’s streets unassisted late last week. It has a way to go to beat Google who have seven vehicles which have covered 1,000 miles.

According to Google the technology is at least eight years away, so we have a while to wait before we can get driven everywhere by our cars. Below we have a video for you to view of the German teams VW Passat in action.

Do you want to see this technology on our roads?

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