Verizon iPhone 4: More Release Hints – Android Users will Switch?

By Alan Ng - Oct 9, 2010

Following on from the recent reports on the Verizon iPhone by the WSJ, we now have another article for you to read. It comes from the New York Times and they are also claiming that an iPhone on Verizon will be out early next year.

According to Apple Insider, the New York Times has spoken with ‘people in direct contact’ with Apple, and they back up initial reports by the WSJ that a Verizon iPhone will launch during the first quarter of 2011.

Miguel Helft is the author who wrote the article at the NYT and he believes that the arrival of a Verizon iPhone will help Apple retake the lead over Android in global smartphone sales.

Furthermore, he has cited various surveys which suggest that Verizon owners will switch from Android to the iPhone when it becomes available, taking information from a Needham & Company analyst.

What are your thoughts on this? It does look certain that a Verizon iPhone will arrive early next year, but will Android users really be willing to give up their Droid X, Droid 2 for Apple? We’re not convinced.

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  • Nada Lemming

    I personally prefer little green robots.

  • Jaques Hand

    I would never get an iPhone or encourage NE one to get one. They are restricted as to what music they can play-iTunes, they are restricted on apps-no Google Voice or Flash and just look at all the IPhone apps defecting to Android, they just now got cut and paste-I could do this with WinMo and Blackberry for years and Android still does it better, the iPhone camera just got video ability-slow, no storage card slots means you don’t have freedom to download or even put your own music or stuff on-you have to download all music you listen to with iTunes only. If you have ANY other music it won’t work and iTunes music can’t be used anywhere else-walled in garden, you have to use iTunes to buy apps and they won’t work on anything else-same as movies and music. NO choice. I prefer Android cause Verison has always been good and I ALWAYS have signal. Verison knew it’s customers wouldn’t be happy playing with Apples restricted locked down no freedom phone and gave us phones that can do anything and everything the iPhone does but everything better-Android. It’s called competition, something Apple robots don’t like!

  • The iPhone is boring and doesn't offer choices. With Android, you have a choice of different screen sizes, phones in a range of prices, physical keyboards or sliding physical keyboards and touchscreen or touchscreen only. With Android, there are choices.

  • Ural

    Apple can keep its iPhone.

    Why would anyone want a product there less advanced, has less useful apps and doesn’t work like a phone at all?

    Layar apps are more advanced on Android, gps apps are better, phone actually works, multitasking works ón Android not on an iphone. Swype us available on Android not on an iphone. Android have better processors, larger screens, brighter. Its more cost effective to use an Android. Voice to text on Android works, not so on Appke Translation works on Android, not so on an iphone.

    You want to play games, buy an iphone, for everything else Android is simply better.

    My condolences to those who decided to switch.

  • H.Morazan.

    I am looking forward to upgrading to an Android World edition despite the news about Iphones with Verizon. I also own an Ipad and enjoy it, and will look forward to using this as well on my Verizon account.

    The Iphone while nice has not impressed me with their service, especially when it came to the way they treated their customers about the antenna issue. I look forward to choices and hope that Android will continue to develop well thought out features to their offerings.

  • Greg

    It makes sense. Apple releases white iPhone 4 just before releasing it with Verizon. They call it a foolish, late move in the game when it turns out to be strategically perfect. Who wants it more than the faithful Verizon customer that wishes their Droid were an iPhone?