Own An 800mph Vehicle: Bugatti Veyron Just A Memory

Whenever we get the chance to talk about fast vehicles I just help but mention the Bugatti Veyron, but I think that it is time for the production car to concede defeat. The Veyron currently has a top speed of 267.81 mph, but that is something for a Sunday driver when compared to a car that was designed to go more than 800mph.

What we have here is the jet-powered car that was developed by the late Steve Fossett in the hope of breaking the land-speed record. There is now the chance for you to own this and have a go at breaking the record yourself.

There is the small issue of $3 million though, but worth the money if you have any plans to break any records. This is not a bad deal when you consider that the Veyron will cost you $2,635,000 for the Super Sport version.

According to Jason Paur from Autopia a General Electric J-79 turbojet engine powers the vehicle, and it is assumed that the 18,400 pounds of thrust could potentially propel you to more than 900mph, but that’s using the afterburner as well.

What would you rather spend you spare $3 million on?



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