Limera1n Jailbreak for iOS 4.1 Devices: Better than GreenPois0n

By Alan Ng - Oct 9, 2010

We have some exciting news for 3rd generation iPhone and iPod Touch users now, as iPhone hacker Geohot has returned with a brand new jailbreak called LimeRa1n, which he is claiming will jailbreak ALL iOS 4.1 devices.

According to this report from RedmondPie, Geohot has created a new bootrom exploit for LimeRa1n, meaning that the new version will support the iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod Touch 3G, along with the new iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G.

If you didn’t know, Geohot seemingly quit the jailbreak scene a few months ago, deleting his Twitter account as well – so this is definitely a surprise for everyone – including the Chronic Dev-Team who will be releasing GreenPois0n on Sunday.

For those who have doubts, LimeRa1n has already been confirmed by both the iPhone and Chronic Dev-Teams. We’ll bring you more details on this shortly. Give us your reaction to the news.

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  • Sonny

    Geohot is Legit, greenpoison is not.. now all we gotta do is get an unlock process for the new basebands :/ Geohot got this….. again

  • Theonethattalks

    Im having problems with jailbreaking my 2g ipod touch non mc, anyone know of compatibility problems?

  • Deadlinejon

    aw HEEEL YES!

    can I still keep my jailbroken apps?

  • iPod touch 2g user

    Is this jailbreak also for iPod touch 2g?????? Please reply.

  • Ipod touch owner

    Is it going to jailbreak ipod touch 2g?


    Do you forget ipod touch 2G MC model? Or your hacking knowlegde couldn't do this!!!!!!!!!!! i'm very very ANGRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY F*CKED JAILBREAK

  • juyjuy

    Geohot is the king of JB land

  • Iphone4 virgin

    Iphone 4 limera1ned no probs running ace thanks!

  • h4x0r1337

    Geohot – I love that man.

  • Burak

    do you know anything about 'unlock'ing with limera1n??

  • Brian

    This is great news, Greenpois0n was sounding so great till the last minute and it was only for 4G models. Still thou thumbs up to the teams for working on this. Being a 3G owner it was disappointing, but when one door closed another will open and in steps Geohot. Hope this all works.

  • John

    hmm, really???

    Maybe we have to wait some time, I think, if this is come true, then I can run flash on my devices on the go without the help of iFunia video converter to do the video converting too? Well, Im a totally movies fan, and always get some flash videos from internet or somewhere.

    Hope really do work, this is make sense, isn’t it???!!!

  • Steve page is now up for you crying wolves. I stick with the Greenpois0n. Good luck to all. Greenpois0n is on 1010 1010 1010 and Limera1n will be on 1010 1011 1010

  • nice 1 glad 3gs is still worth holding onto , gr8 stuff cant wait, please shed more light than the greenp0ison team , cheerz

  • @Adam Bushell & Chris

    I believe it will be a jailbreak because it is a botrom exploit

  • hateit

    yes permanent and both greenpois0n and limera1n is using the same boot exploit found by comex to make both programs a untethered jailbreak! hurray! the bad part is they are burning two exploits at once so expect it to be harder for next gen devices ie, iphone 5 ipad 2 and ipod touch 5 etc2

  • Rob

    My understanding is it will still use the same userland jailbreak as greenpoison, so will be unterthered!

  • untethered jailbreak?

  • Joe

    What about ultrasnow carrier unlock it's worked on limera1n??

  • Chris

    Does anyone know if this is going to be an untethered jailbreak where you can shut it off or not?

  • Lis mehan

    Ur all a bunch of thieves! Instead of waiting to steal free software why dont you all GET A JOB and BUY the apps you like?? I'm reporting you all to Apple HQ…. They will zap ur iPhones and teach you all a lesson

    • ThisIsNotMe

      We DONT jailbreak to get free/cracked apps form the app store, jailbreaking just allows u to install 3rd party software that apple rejected, they are still paid apps.

    • P1xellat3d

      Get out of here~

      You only come on these boards to troll.

      We don't need your opinion.

    • tex

      Hey, it's legal, read the court papers!!!!


      Lis – there are lots of reasons to jailbreak. I personally don't want to pay for films through Itunes etc. If you are not going to jailbreak what are you doing looking at this page. Good luck with getting Apple to "Zap" the phones especially as its legal to jailbreak. Why don't you take your idle threats somewhere else – MAYBE TO YOUR BEDROOM, I'M SURE YOUR PARTNER WILL BE SCARED.

  • Kevin

    i was waiting for greenpois0n for 4 weeks and i just found out it doesnt work for the ipod touch 3g yesturday. i was so pissed until i found out that limera1n is going to be released. Thank you Geohot.

  • Geohot supporter!

    Hummmmm. I trust Geohot more then i trust the dev-team. I will most defiantly be waiting for his jailbreak over theirs and I have and iTouch 4.

  • Rick Bub

    Is this gonna be permanent? If this is a boot rom exploit, I assume so… right?

  • greenpoisonwhat?

    Yes,.. eat this Greenposion

  • peter_the_great

    limera1n is due to release on 10/11/10 exactly one year ago when blackra1n was released. happy anniversary Geohot and thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frederick Williams

    Geohot is the man I was pissed off earlier but now I’m happy because it will be a simple jailbreak like blackra1n…….. Thanking Geohot can’t wait for Monday……Monday is actually funday not Sunday for the 3GS users 🙂

  • joe

    Well once I heard that Greenpois0n was not going to unlock 3g or 3gs, huge let down, as I just got a 3gs that came pre-loaded with 4.0.2 and no way of jailbreaking or unlocking.,
    But now, if I'm reading correctly, there will be a program to jailbreak non iphone 4 phones?

    • Alan Ng


      Yes…Limera1n will jailbreak every device out there, according to Geohot!

      iPhone 3G/ 3GS/4G iPod Touch 3G/4G iPad: Not sure yet..

      Hope this helps!

      • P1xellat3d

        But greenpois0n is supposedly going to jailbreak the iPad, so shouldn't there be no concern? (Since there is only one generation of iPad as of now)


  • Speechless. It's like Christmas!

  • Puff the dragon

    Awesome, this will finally fill the gap for the rest of us.
    Jailbreak for everyone! can't wair

  • mIKE


  • steve

    how about a jailbreak for 2g mc model?

    • Muhammad

      it will work on 2G models… we just need to wait a little while. go to to check on the beta updates.