GreenPois0n Vs LimeRa1n Jailbreak: Release Date Conflicts

By Alan Ng - Oct 9, 2010

While the news of GeoHot’s latest jailbreak has been met with celebration amongst iPhone users across the world, it seems as if Chronic Dev-Team, the guys behind GreenPois0n are not too happy about his latest move.

If you haven’t heard, Geohot has come out of hiding and announced that his new jailbreak Limera1n will be available on Monday 11th October, just a single day after GreenPois0n is released.

Talk about stealing someones thunder. While everyone patiently waited for the Chronic Dev-Team to announce a release date for GreenPois0n, little did we know that Geohot was waiting to pounce. Could he of known that GreenPois0n would only support the new iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4 months ago?

The Chronic Dev-Team only announced supported devices recently, which was met by global disappointment due to the fact that users were under the impression that GreenPois0n would jailbreak all devices – enter GeoHot.

Just hours after Chronic Dev-Team announced a 10/10/10 release date for GreenPois0n, Geohot announced that Limera1n would be available the next day and that it would jailbreak ALL devices with a new bootrom exploit, i.e the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

Obviously, those of you with an iPhone 3G or 3GS are delighted by the timing of his jailbreak, but I doubt the Chronic Dev-Team are. What are your thoughts on this? Are you still going to download GreenPois0n tomorrow, or are you now going to wait until Geohot releases more information on LimeRa1n?

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  • Kashan

    Dear Friends,

    i red all the comments and found one question 3 to 4 times, but didnt find any proper logical answer from you, the same question i would like to ask.

    i have iphone 4-32gb with OS 4.1, i jail break successfully in after 5 to 6 times try using greenpois0n. but it’s done and working normally, as i think as i didnt use so much.

    i met with my friend yesterday he JB his iphone4 through limera1n and advise me to do it thorugh limera1n, as they are professional team and greenpois0n team is new and also they have some problems in installing through cydia or some apps or it’s asking some times to restart iphone4 when i installed some times and app more then 4 to 6 mb likewise.

    so my question is, we accpeted both methods are capable to JB iphone4, but what is the difference between greenpois0n and limera1n? what are the advantages and disadvantages, and finally which methode should apply on iphone4.

    please make sure my iphone 4 already unlock (mean i can use any network anywhere) i have done jailbreak only to install free apps.

    please reply your comment at

    Best Regards,


  • biohazard1150

    Kind of a reply to funkyfresh and also just general comments…

    But it's not really dirty when you know what geohot has been working on. He never really stopped the PS3 dev, and once the code was out there for everyone (only a few weeks ago) it would've freed up time for geohot to work on the 4.1 exploits. Also, previously geohot has done JB's in a single day for a new version, so with the release of greepois0n's support list, maybe geohot just decided "hey, let me see if I can do it" and honestly, it's great that he did, he used a different exploit for his, and the chronic team can keep their SHAtter exploit for the next revision, which we'll probably need.

    Hats off to both sides for hard work either way. I'm extremely happy I can theme my iPhone 4 as I did my old 3G. As of april 2010 there has been 51.15 million iphones sold worldwide, I'm sure all of your hard work is making A TON of people happy. I only hope some donations come your way guys!


    while GP Is for the iphone 4 Limera1n for the 3g 3gs

  • Sr

    Great job Geohotz!

  • Corey

    I attempted to jailbreak my iPod touch 2g today using limera1n but it didnt work why is that is there another way I can jailbreak

    • bob

      maybe limera1n does not support ipod touch 2g? but it hsould work some say dont turn it off at the beinning thats what my mate and i did!! anyways just keep trying and plus its still in the beta stages the proper one is not out yet with no bugs, there might be a bug stopping you?

  • GreenMind3d

    Definitely I will inject tomorrow a GreenPois0n into my iPhone 4

  • Steve101010101010

    use limera1n at your own risk. it has been untested and geohot screwed over @comex who trusted him to wait.

    about 3 hours ago from web


  • gary

    limera1n is out alreayd

  • cmcnabb

    iPad with 3.2.2 successfully jailbroken. 😀

  • Beto

    wait for limera1n is way better and supports more idevices..thats wut i would do..

  • osito67

    I have a 3gs on 4.1 and off course looking forward to Limera1n. But do anyone no if the Limera1n will also unlock my 3gs for use with any operator?

  • Aart

    Well I just think it is great that everyone will be able to enjoy their iphones now, be it who ever made the jailbreak for us users..

  • Steve

    Geohot likes to play solo, but you are 100% correct that the dude does not mind making a wrong move. Still, we owed this to the Green team. Congratulations to 3GS owners by the way. Read the below carefully

    The iPhone Dev Team member MuscleNerd noted on Twitter account that Limera1n jailbreak might lead Apple to shut two low-level bootroom exploits with next update. Apple did the same by fixing the 24kpwn bootrom exploit iPhone 3GS. 

  • Orangera1n101

    After waiting days upon days for greenposi0n they announce that not all models are supported! Iv stayed loyal to geohot and when I heard he was retiring I had no choice but to look for other jailbreaks I knew he would make a comeback and look here we are today thank goodness cuz I wasn’t having any luck limera1n all the way man

  • lovie

    You all don’t realize what this means…. GP uses SHAtter which allows unsigned code to be run down at the processor level, this means your A4 processor devices are jail broken for LIFE! Limera1n is just another bootrom exploit, one that apple will patch with 4.1.1 in two weeks then apple will stop signing 4.1and all of you will beg geohot to update limera1n. Use GP if you have an A4 device because you won’t ever have to worry again about losing your ability to jb, use limera1n if you have to, then save your shsh files IMMEDIATELY in case you accidentally update and lose your jb.

    • this helped me make up my mind but i was tempted to make it rain.

    • Leftieswillrule

      Uhh i thought they said bootrom exploits can't be patched without replacing the hardware…

  • Louis torraca

    I think I waited long enough for GP I might as well use the one I’ve been waiting for! Ad for geohot, I thought he was sick and tire of all the people bugging him and didn’t want to be bothered? What an attention getting g drama queen

  • Guest

    Well obveously everyone with a 3G or 2G is going to use limer1an because greenpois0n doesnt jailbreak them!

  • Funkyfresh

    Pretty dirty move by geohot!! Allowing chronic to take heat for weeks while he quietly did his thing. To only release it one day later! Problem now is greenpoison should be held as to not waste another bootrom exploit for apple to fix. Yet you feel bad those guys did all that work almost for nothing now. This is a bad move all the way around…. Geohots move is wrong, but I’m sure 3gs owners won’t see it that way!! Why don’t iPhone hackers communicate better. With each other and us on what is and isn’t working.

    • CamelwLk

      Well said. Can't we all work together here. Oh and happy birthday John lennon!

  • Tim

    I'm gonna take Limera1n!

  • anonymousssss

    gotta love geohot 🙂

  • Speed

    ipod touch 2g onn iOS 4.1 canbe jailbroken with snowbreeze 2

  • Steve

    I am going for the Green team. This is my way of saying thanks to the Green team. After all, the green guys have been working their butts off just to fulfill our desperations. I am confident that the greenpois0n has been well tested for bugs free. Not sure what Mr. Geohot was up to. The dude is making the other side looks bad and I don’t like that. 1010 1010 1010 is the date for The Geenpois0n.

  • Kinkose

    Yes!!!!!!!!! I can jailbreak my iPod touch that’s not 4th generation!!!!! I love you limera1n!!!! I was zoo mad that I had been following chronic dev team for weeks and then I found out that it wouldn’t jailbreak my iPod. I was so mad! Now I am overjoyed that there is a jailbreak for my iPod touch 2g running iOS 4.1!

    • nick duBb

      there’s been a jailbreak out for itouch 2nd gen for quite some time now. and btw limera1n doesn’t jailbreak touch 2nd gen. google sn0wbreeze bud

    • Shiva

      ha ha it dont work on second gen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • james

    dont you mean the 11th of oct 😛

  • Leemo

    Will LimeRa1n unlock as well?

    • travis

      yes it hacktivates

  • Jim

    Which one should be better? Im new at this and dont know which one I should use. I have a 4 running 4.1. Too many darn choices!

    • jessersu

      greenpois0n is the better choice if you have an iphone 4. it will unlock your phone also. Also another wise choice, is that on ebay, people are buying jailbroken iphone 4's for about 700-1200, it's something to look into. you could sell your iphone 4 on ebay, make your money back plus more.

      • Mike

        how does greenpois0n unlock my iphone 4?