COD Black Ops: RC Car Batteries and Prestige Edition

By Peter Chubb - Oct 9, 2010

Back in August we mentioned that the COD Black Ops Prestige Edition – which is to also come in 3D – was to come with an RC car, well we do not know how to tell you this but here it goes; it seems that the car does not come with any batteries. I know that you think that this is not important, but it is when we tell you that you need 12 of them.

Six of these will go in the car and the other six in the RC controller. However, the one saving grace is that gamers will not be using the RC car much, they will be too engrossed in the Call of Duty: Black Ops game.

David Scammell, from GamerZines learned about this issue from HMV, who failed to tell him what kind of batteries the car and controller would take. If there are any RC car fans out there, maybe you could let us know what batteries they take?

Scammell is not too happy about having to pay out for batteries, as gamers would have already parted with £130 of their hard earned money. Do not think that this is an isolated case, how many times have you seen a child open a present, only to find that there are no batteries included – try finding a store open on Christmas Day.

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  • Chevelle

    hey, i got that car it takes AA, but my car won't even move, the video and audio work, but the tires don't move, can't get it to turn or go forward or backwards at all. it don't do nothing but feed audio and video to the controller ?. does anyone else's rc car from COD black ops do this or does anyone know why ? email me at,

  • slasher

    batteries drain like hell and I only had like 2minutes of cam, now I dont have videofeed anymore, didn't ran into anything, or is it just the poor quality of batteries I used?
    did'nt want to use the $15 kind, maybe that has come back and bit me in the ass..

  • trav

    i gotta say im really peeved at this. the guy sold it to me, and i asked him if i came with batteries, he said yes! i got home eager to give it a spin and went off the handle when i found out i had to go out again and drop another $30AUD for batteries, after spending over $200AUD on the product in the first place! wankers!

  • RC owber

    Well, i've got it it's AA and the batteries from the RC car only last 2 hours!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlie

    @slayer its just a bit bigger (width and length ) than a normal dvd case but its 10 cm high so im presuming AAA batteries all around for controler and car either way im still getting it and im getting a few cheap packs of AA and AAA just incase im wrong 🙂

  • Slayer

    How big is it though? I mean, i dont want a little small RC car. Because in the picture it looks like its smaller then the game disc.

  • Which ever battery choice they go with, its going to be 7.2 volts (6 batteries * 1.2v ea). Gonna dump a 2sLIPO which should see 8.4v fully charged, while being smaller and weighing less than the standard alkaline batteries and last a whole lot longer.

  • mike

    They're probably AAA batteries, not too bad.

    But anyway, it doesn't bother me. I wasn't planning on driving it around more than maybe three times — it comes with a display stand, and I-will-use-it. Right beside the Hardened Ed. medal, and in front of my pre-order poster.


  • jakeT

    As for what kind of batteries it will take, i would safely say it will most likely be ran off of normal AA or AAA batteries seeing as how the night vision goggles from modern warfare 2 used AA's. And if it were larger than AA batteries, they wouldnt be able to fit on the car with 12 of them. If you look at pics of the car, it isnt really big so i couldnt see 12 D cells fitting onto this car lol

  • harryhap

    After about 2 days no ones really gonna care about some cheap plastic toy car that they payd 50 bucks for. my advice get special edition if you are into cod

    • jakeT

      This isnt just a toy car lol. I would feel the same if the car only drove around but I cant wait till november to get my car lmao 😛

  • w a y

    I always thought it was a conspiracy of some sort with battery companies and high battery drain toys.

    • Waleed

      ill always agree with you