BlackBerry Torch Cases: Protect Your Investment

By Peter Chubb - Oct 9, 2010

Your contract period is now up and you decide to purchase a new handset, so let us say that you decide to upgrade to the BlackBerry Torch; the first thing that you need to do is protect your investment. I am not talking about insurance here; I am suggesting looking at the range of cases that are available for this RIM handset.

I thought I would look at four after-market cases for the Torch that I feel offer the best solution. The first that I have for you is PDA Skins PDA Plus, and the great thing about this case is that it can also protect other BlackBerry handsets as well. The price for this is $39.95 and offers three different ways in how you can wear this drop-down case; more details here.

Next up with have the extensive range of Golla Bags for BlackBerry Torch. Prices start from $10.95 and go up to $16.95, and the one thing you will not be able to say is that these cases are plan and boring. See the complete range here.

For those of you who would like to have a leather case, then the horizontal holster case could be just the accessory that you are looking for. Not much to say about this case, as it is just a standard product designed to protect your BlackBerry Torch; price is just £4.75 for those of you living in the UK. This item is available on Amazon UK.

On of the best cases that I have seen is the FoneM8, not only is this case the cheapest it also offers easy-access openings. The price you pay is just £1.95 from Amazon. More on this offer here.

These are just four cases, what case do you have protecting your BlackBerry Torch?

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