AT&T: Early upgrade fees for smartphones raised

By Gary Johnson - Oct 9, 2010

AT&T customers, who decide they want a new smartphone while their contract is still running, will have to pay a lot more to do so now. This will be on top of a new 24 month contract price.

Christina Warren of Mashable is reporting that the early upgrade fee has gone up from $75 to $200. This is when you upgrade before 18 months in a 24 month contract. An AT&T internal document stated the new pricing policy was due to the rising prices of smartphones. The new policy does not affect the iPhone.

The network provider used the BlackBerry Torch as an example, as this costs $199.99 with a 24 month contract, and is now $399.99 if you want to upgrade early. Buying the device contract free is $499.99 so customers save $100, but have to extend their contract to do so.

Customers who lose their phone or have their device break down are probably the ones to be affected the most by this new policy, as a lot of people should be fine keeping the same device for 18 months.

How those this new policy affect you?

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  • lola

    According to Bloomberg Businessweek on December 29, 2010, last June, AT&T hiked early contract termination fees from $175 to $325, giving users a reason to think twice about switching.

    What else will AT&T come up with to screw its customers out of their hard earned money?