White iPhone 4 Release: Non-Mover on Apple Store

By Alan Ng - Oct 8, 2010

We have yet more disappointment for Apple fans hoping for an update on a release date for the infamous white iPhone 4, as Apple continues to keep users in the dark on when the model will be available to buy.

As SoftPedia reports, Apple has just updated the US Apple Store with improved shipping dates for the standard black model. If you head over to the store now, you’ll see that the iPhone 4 now ships between 5-7 business days, which is an improvement on previous shipping estimations.

However, those hoping for the same treatment for the white iPhone 4 are going to be disappointed. You’ll still see the listing for the device, but again, you’ll also see the “White iPhone currently unavailable for order or in-store pickup” message.

We can’t understand why Apple fails to give the slightest indication for when the handset will be due out. Are they really trying to push their customers away with the lack of updates?

Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • cgw11

    apparently this is why I don't have a white iphone!

  • blerim kurtishi


  • hazel

    I think that the HTC phones are a real contender for the iphone. There's too much faffing about with Apple, people don't know where they are with them. I'd have liked the 4G but there's still too many problems with it – I'm going to check out the HTC I'm to tired of waiting…………….

  • veronica

    there is no iphone 5…it will be iphone 4s…

  • Brad

    Hmmm. I like the white iPhone! I was excited when the new ipwn4 came out! I could not wait till the white one!, it never came. Now I am stuck with some questions!? I am still going to wait for white iPhone, I have 3GS in white and love it! But when they release the white iPwn4, saying they release by the end of November, do I jump into a new 2 year contract with the ipwn4? when the ipwn5 will be out either 6-7 months later? If it would have released a month or so after first take off then i would have been all over the ipwn4. But now I am thinking? Remember 3G vrs 3GS? The performance difference? I'm thinking now that apple might have saved me money in the long run if I wait for the ipwn5!! So I guess I need to thank apple for saving the thousands of people that wanted the white ipwn4 at 299$ for 32gb when the ipwn5 will of course be better and all the bugs worked out! And I won't be pissed about waiting and buying the ipwn5. So cheer up! I was close to getting a droid at one point but I love apple products and I have had ipwn since it first came out! Time to just buy a new zagg cover for the 3GS and move to June next year!!! 🙂

  • Alex

    It seems apple is too preocupied to pay close attention to customer needs. I think apple is preocupied with increasing market share building on their i-pod/phone/pad success. When companies expand rapidly capturing market share they often run the danger of loosing touch with their customers… While capturing market share is usually a great idea, loosing touch is not.

  • Matt

    My guess is that they'll be an early release to the 5th iphone with the antena fixed. My reasons for coming to this conclusion are: 1. Apple's rep. doesn't need a 2nd defective product and they can't just fix the antenna in the white iphone 4 because it's the frame of the phone. To change it would make the white and black models have a different shape, thus being different phones. 2. If they fix the antena another way with the white iphone then the die hard apple fans who bought the back one soon as it came out would be outraged since most of them are now bound by their 2 year contract. If apple offered to replace the models they'd become over booked causing more frustration, and therefor loss of customers.

    • Choco

      You are forgetting 1 thing;
      what about everyone waiting for the white iPhone 4?
      Apple would lose at lot of them when they find out they have been waiting on nothing; there will be a lot of customers like me; already bought a case which would look great on the white iPhone (grovemade.com), but in this case would would lose this investment if the next model does not fit.
      Besides, I can't imagine that Apple would not tell their customers that they have given up on the white version. I think marketing handled this – ánd antennagate – in the worst possible way, but skipping the white iPhone 4 without telling its customers would be plane stupid. in addition, I see no reason to follow your logic; Apple stopped giving free bumpers, because the antenna problem is even less serious than previously assumed.

      So I think it still has to be about color, light leaking, camera/flash/proximity sensor not working correct because of reflection of the white paint (and paint thickness) and last but not least: flaking paint.

      According to sources at Walmart (US) and Rogers (Canada) the white iPhone 4 will be available soon, let's hope this is true.

  • Ed

    Brilliant. Steve knows people want what they cant have! It is funny because I have been right there with everyone else getting the updated iPhone (gen 1 to 3G and then 3G to 3GS). I got the white 3GS mainly because I liked it but the fact that I got it in 3 days instead of 6 weeks also factored into the equation! EVERYONE wanted the black. Now that the white isn’t available we are all waiting to upgrade until we can get the white. I know I am. I am also hoping the antenna will be fixed. And while I am on my tangent, can I get a 64 gig????

  • shishi

    I'm waiting on the white one as well. I love the color white. But my phone plan is over in mid October, &I need to get me a new phone w/my new contract, plus my phone now is broken &I can't take calls so idk what I should do. I was thinking about getting the blackberry torch, but I just really want this white iphone.

  • John

    Apple will not release the white IPhone as with it’s attenna problems expect the iPhone 5 to be released early in the new year .Both white and black will available at that time

  • Jennifer

    I think if you want to wait for the iphone 4 in white might as well just get the new one when i comes out i been wating since they started talking about it checking up about it on the internet every 2 weeks or soo.. Talk arounfd the state say the white iphone 4 is out in canada so hopefully its on its way here … but who knowss dam apple for making us so wait so damm long we cant wait forever.

    • Meli

      Not out in Canada!

  • Hope

    i wanted the white iphone4 as i prefer it to the black one but because apple have takin so long to release and give any information it has put me off them. was planning on waiting for the iphone 5 but my mobile at the moment is old so have decieded to get the blackberry torch instead!! Apple r going to lose their customers.

    • BIGMOMMA805


      • Willy

        I am doing the same thing. i am getting the blackberry torch instead. i am tired of waiting and at this point its really unfair. Im already bored of my 3GS so i am deciding to go with blackberry, after all i really missed physical keyboards :]

  • Bored of whingers

    Its a white iphone. Get over it, if you want iphone 4 get one, they are great. If you want to wait, then wait, but stop whining like children, it will arrive when it arrives.

  • cgw11

    I am also starting to think I should wait for the iPhone 5. I am really disappointed as I was eligible for an upgrade 7 months ago but I held off for the iPhone 4 – I am still waiting. Normally I would just have gone for the black but the white was so much more 'apple' and as a first time iPhone going into a 2 year contract I did not want to settle.

    Last week I decided I would not mind the black if it meant I actually had an iPhone. After reading all the reports on-line I am also starting to think it is more that a colour problem and wonder if hey are they fixing the antenna problem. So my predicament is now is why buy the black if they are improving the white? Why buy the white iPhone 4 when in a few months I can have an iPhone 5?

    Why can't apple produce a white iPhone 4 when other DIY companies can produce apple like parts and modify your black one in something like two days? I assume apple have been working on the white since the black and white were prototyped and I understand the long production time due to the fact they need to be produced in a clean room (or so I've read) but they have had since before the launch date. These other companies only go their hands on the iPhone 4 a few months ago and already have the parts they need.

    • Ashley

      Wow, same here… so when does the iPhone 5 come out anyway?

      • cgw11

        I think it is July 2011.

  • bud

    So the news about white iPhone 4 is that there's no news? Hey, thanks guys.

    • mohammad


      • Kitsune

        PR News just trying to farm some more hits by flogging the dead White iPhone horse. Nice hack journalism there lads, you should be proud….

  • Joe

    I decided when the iPhone 4 came out that I'd wait for a white one because it looked so much cooler. I've waited so long now, it seems silly not to wait for the iPhone 5. Bad Apple!

    • Neil

      same here

  • Joey…..

    This update came out days ago …The sad thing is apple can do what ever the hell they want and we as the customers say we hate it blah,blah,blah and then we go right on and buy the iphone 4 when ever it comes out ……instead of everyone saying the heck with apple and show them a lesson……hurt there sales…just the way it is

  • cheesy charlie

    apple realized that the white iphone was a stupid idea and this is just their way of saying so.
    if it was really manufacturing problems, it would have been sovled by now. you would think that right? how hard could it be to have the phone be white instead of black?

    • Kingpin

      this is a marketing stratgey. To have something every half a year. haven you thought of that before. 1 year onces compare to half a year something new.