Verizon’s Nokia N8 vs N900, Droid X and iPhone 4 (4G)

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 8, 2010

It’s not easy being top dog, and Nokia has been sitting pretty for years with that title for cell phones but this reputation is increasingly coming under pressure from both Apple and Android. The new Nokia N8 is their flagship device, and the fantastic range of features show staying power for the N8.

Nokia N8 vs. iPhone 4 – The Verizon Wireless device has been reviewed by all the major players, and the performance looks promising, but how does the N8 stack up against the N900, Droid X and iPhone 4G (4th generation)? You can see the Nokia N8 vs. iPhone 4 in this post, which focuses on the camera. Intomobile have also compiled a nice collection of photos from both devices, and they found that the N8 won in the image department. IBTimes has also looked at the N8 versus iPhone 4, and their detailed review looks at the key selling points for both devices.

Nokia N8 vs. Droid X – If you’re trying to decide between the Nokia N8 and Motorola Droid X, this article from Big Phone Fight may be helpful. They take a look at both Smartphones and how they compare in size, connectivity, screen / keyboard, camera, battery life, performance and more.

Nokia N8 vs N900 – Some people would have already pr-ordered their Nokia N8 and could never dream of keeping the N900 instead of the new flagship device, but ITProPortal has gone so far as to list 6 reasons they feel the N900 is better than the new Nokia N8. We find this a bit extreme, so check out their reasons here and let us know if you agree. What do you like more, N8 or N900?

You can also see the official Nokia N8 website here at How do you rate the new Nokia N8?

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  • Greg

    I just tried to order a N900 directly from Nokia. The sales person said they no longer sell it, and instead tried to suggest the N8. I asked what the specs were – he went down the list – and shockingly, it sounds the like the N8 is inferior in nearly every way to the N900 (the only exception seemed to be the camera resolution). I stopped him halfway through and asked "Why are you trying to sell me an inferior product in place of the N900? Why do you no longer have N900 available?". He could not answer that question. WTF is going on? Why has Nokia taken a step backwards in going from the N900 to the N8? Are they retarded? or think we are?


    Hola! Soy de Argentina….cambie mi N8 por el N900…..Es una Computadora!…Verdadermaente increible….no hay nada como el Nokia N900

  • johnny

    i am using n900 passed 2yrs it is really good and it got ever thing in it ,you can say it is almost like a pocket computer

  • Abdul Saleem Khan

    i have n900 and i love it. i have seen iphone 4 and moto x and n8.
    they dont have a chance with n900.

    reason are many. free application. no virus or hanging issue. wifi is the best. more ove N900 is not just a mobile, it is a computer on ur plam.

    jai ho N900

  • RENC

    YO….N900 IS A BOSS.